For Winchester: There is a breach, an open door. It is “Longings Unfulfilled”

I have a dream (May 29) that I am with family at the Home Place.
We are there to serve others and we are all taking our stations.
I look at the family and tell them I will keep watch and host.
Then I ask for a drink, some rum.
It’s alcohol and I know its strong, but I need it to keep calm and stay in control.
Then through the door comes Temptation.
He’s tall, dark, handsome and he wants me.
I know I can’t have him. He’s not good for me.
He will try to seduce me but I must resist.
He sits down beside me and wants to drink with me.
My desire for him is strong.
He is wearing an overcoat of influence and affluence
   and his presence is overpowering.
I struggle with avoiding his gaze and his affection knowing my family is watching.
Then, he manages to steal a kiss.
I feel the kiss of his mouth and it touches me deeply,
   it’s taste reaching into my soul…
But this isn’t right.
I begin to walk away, but he follows me knowing my struggle to resist him.
…I wake up.
The fear of The Lord grips me as I consider this Tempter coming so close and being so strong.
What is this? Who is this?
What is this attraction that is so appealing yet so wrong?
How did he get here in the first place?
As I pray in the Spirit I realize this is not about a person,
   but about a city, a community.
I hear The Lord speak to me about Winchester…
You know you are to keep watch. I have called you to this.
You are a community of faith and family and are watchers for the Valley.
You are faithful and true, yet you are vulnerable.
There is a Counterfeit Lover that seeks your affection.
He comes to appeal to your senses and need for influence, power
   …and intimacy.
His pull is strong and his temptation real.
The strongholds of alcoholism and addiction in this region are but a crutch to calm and soothe hearts that are lonely and troubled, struggling to find meaning and resist the enemy’s advances.
But, I have not designed you to focus your energies on keeping him out.
You must consider why he was allowed in.
Where is your Rightful Lover?
Where is your Betrothed, the One who fills your soul with true and lasting love and affection?
Where is He who should be standing watch with you?
There is a breach, an open door.
It is called Longings Unfulfilled
This enemy of your soul comes not as an evil darkness,
   but as a deep desire that has gone unmet.
Do you recognize it?
Do you see the unmet desires in your heart that he is pulling on?
I am your True Love and I have placed within you
   that longing and affection that you feel.
Don’t give it away to a counterfeit.
Don’t settle for the taste of a shadow when I have so much more to give.
Virginia is for Lovers and I have created you for love.
There is a desperation of soul that is more powerful
   than desperation for provision or health.
Become desperate for LOVE.
Allow the hunger of your hearts to become desperate for My Love for it is in this place that I will manifest my presence and come.
“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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