Supernatural Grace is coming to those walking in dark places…

If you are going through challenges and trying to work things out on your own, don’t waste your time. There is angelic and heavenly assistance there to help you, as well as supernatural grace to get through …if you choose to walk in it…
In a dream, I was on a journey trying to figure out which way to go. I was “shopping” for advice and going through the aisles trying to vigorously sweep a rug with a frazzled straw broom. As I turned a corner, there was a man already there using a blower, easily taking care of the dirt. He was actually a clerk in the store and showed me some high quality shoes that he was selling for half price. They were very “cushy” with thick heels. He had a bright pastel pair, size 5, which he wanted me to try on. They fit perfectly and I remarked how surprised I was since I usually wore a size 8. Then, I told him I really needed a black pair, which he found for me.  But, they weren’t on sale – they were $300! I was about to put them back when my husband insisted on getting these for me. Not only did he get them, but the clerk sold them for half price…just because he wanted me to have them.
Many believers are seeking a deeper walk with the Lord yet struggling with personal issues.  They are trying to “clean up their act” through their own efforts (sweeping the rug).  Though their heart is in the right place, they are working things out in the flesh. This self-effort is ineffectual compared to the supernatural grace that is available to us (man/angel with the blower).  The number “5” means “grace” and it is this supernatural grace that the Lord wants us to walk in, for it will bring us much joy and peace (pastel-colored shoes).  God is telling us that He has already paid the price (my husband bought them for me) and that He delights to impart this grace.
This grace is especially for those walking through dark valleys right now (black shoes). Though my normal shoe size IS 8, the Lord was showing that this walk will not be “normal” – it will not be our usual way of dealing with things through human reasoning or striving. This is a supernatural walk – a Spirit-led walk of divine grace. It will become a reflection of His extravagant love for us and the value He places on our journey ($300 shoes!) Where this walk through trials and tribulations may seem costly to us, His grace will take the enemy’s pressure off of us (half off price) and we will enjoy the Father’s favor. If we simply RECEIVE HIS GIFT to us and keep our eyes fixed on Him, He will clear the path for victory (with a supernatural blower!)
If you need extra grace for a trial right now, know that your Father is delighted to give you exactly what you need. Stop striving and trying so hard. Position your heart in faith to receive His finished work in you and begin to walk by the Spirit doing things His way and in His time. Enjoy the journey! He has already assigned angelic assistance to prepare the way and He is glad to do it!

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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