I am Holding Back Time for you to Get Ready

Prepare the way, believer. Prepare the way for Me to come. Remove every roadblock and hindrance that would keep you distant from My presence. I tell you I am coming soon and I am holding back time to give you time to prepare. Satan has asked to sift you as wheat but I have prayed that you would remain strong and courageous. The battles you see in the natural only mirror the eternal battle that rages for you. Be more concerned with the war for your soul than the wars between nations. I have already overcome the world, but I desire to overcome you.
I long to come in my fullness but you must get ready. You must fix your eyes on me and not get distracted. You must clear the clutter and compromise. You must pursue me like never before. Time is short and my heart longs to see you face to face.
Seek the low way for it is in the low place that you will find Me. There are many who seek me in the public eye making their journey to Me a ministry rather than a mystery. I look for those who are small in the worlds eyes but large in Mine. I delight in simplicity of faith and purity of heart that needs no validation from others. It is in the secret place that I reveal the secrets of my heart to those who’s only goal is to pursue me.
There is no time left to build individual kingdoms. There is only one Kingdom and one goal. It is to reveal Me and My glory to a world that is dying. It must be done as One. One body, one Church, one Bride that does not seek reputation or the gaze of others adoration. My kingdom will only be displayed through a Body that is united together on their faces in the place of rest and My presence. Do not look for Me on billboards or in social media. Do not look for Me in the crowds or arenas of popularity. Do not look for Me to market myself to religion. Though My presence will invade every one of those areas, it will start in the secret place with you; one person, one soul, one who has given everything else away to seek Me.
Who of you is willing to give up your personal ambitions and dreams in order to seek only Me?  Now is the time to join together as one expression, to become carriers and living demonstrations of my glory. Your gifts were given to glorify Me, not yourselves or your vision. I cannot share my glory with another. Use your gifts to serve one another and seek Me in the quiet place.
Prepare the way. Prepare as one. I am looking. I am watching. I am waiting for you to prepare and get ready. Then I will come.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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