Stepping into The Darkness

I was inside my house getting ready to go out for the evening, finishing last-minute preparations. I was alone in the house and could see the darkness outside my windows. Though I wasn’t frightened, I was reminded of the big open space and unknown territory right out my front door. Even so, I had an appointment and needed to get going. I finally turned out the light and stepped outside closing the door behind me.
At that moment I saw lights begin to flash to my right. I looked and saw over the hill numerous police cars lined up with their headlights shining.  I hadn’t seen them before and wouldn’t have noticed since they were hidden behind the hill. However, more lights began to turn on and I saw more emergency vehicles begin to line up in formation facing my house. One by one they moved into position in a straight line; police cars, secret service detail, 911 responders and even two huge fire trucks which pulled up with their lights flashing. Though there were no sirens, I could hear the noise of the engines and the radio calls going from one to the other.  There were so many of them and it was obvious that they had been there all along.  They were on an assignment and it seemed that their assignment – was me.
Then I woke up…
Whoa! What was this? Who were these guys and what were they doing with me? What happened that this sea of police escort was on a stakeout in front of my house? It wasn’t until I started writing the dream down that I caught it: “…they had been there all along, but it wasn’t until I stepped into the darkness that their presence became known.” I immediately thought of Elisha’s servant whose eyes were opened to the great and mighty angelic army that was gathered on the hillside when he and Elisha were outnumbered by a formidable army (I Kings 6:17). The Lord wanted to reassure Elisha’s servant that someone else had their back.
When the revelation hit me I felt chills. The Lord was opening my eyes to the same reality of His supernatural aid and assistance available to me.  There was a detail of angelic hosts that were already positioned in the spirit to back me up on my assignment, ready and fully equipped on my behalf. This thought was both alarming and overwhelming.  I also realized that they only stepped into action when I STEPPED INTO THE DARKNESS.  Had I not stepped out that door into the unknown, they would not have been called into position and I never would have known they were there.
I believe this is a picture of what the Lord wants to tell many of us who are feeling “in the dark” and facing overwhelming challenges or assignments.  In the dream I knew I was alone, but I also knew I had to get somewhere. I had an appointment and I was determined to make it. This is what faith is like. It requires courage and conviction to step out in what God has called us to do. Though we may be heading into unknown territory, we choose to trust in HIM by stepping into that situation believing that He will back us up.
The days we are living in are getting increasingly dark and outright evil.  The works of the Enemy are becoming more and more pronounced. I believe many will be called into places of darkness to be light and life to those living in bondage. As followers of Christ, we must be ready to do that which our gifts, abilities and human reasoning can’t do. It’s only when we realize that our natural abilities, strategies and even spiritual maturity won’t accomplish what’s needed.  God is calling many believers to fulfill assignments that can only be accomplished with supernatural aid. We cannot walk in fear but must be ready to step into those dark places and trust that heaven is right there with us.
This will also require an absolute confidence of His Word and purpose for this hour.  We cannot presume anything nor can we flippantly get into situations without proper preparation. In addition to wearing the full armor of God (Ephesians 6), but we must also pursue a consistent, daily time in His presence. This is no longer a “nice idea” for those who “have the time”, but it will become a necessity if we are to overcome the darkness.
God’s promise is clear. He has heaven’s special ops team ready and waiting to assist us and help us in our assignments. He is looking for each of us to step outside our doors of comfort and safety and trust His Word that He will meet us in the darkness.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Wanda’s dream has given me confirmation,something’s shifting. I feel it. A few weeks ago Pastor Bobby had a powerpoint picture on the screen behind him as he taught. It was a picture of wooden steps going up in to the sky. The higher up the bridge went the less visable and sturdy the bridge seemed. I need to walk on that bridge.It’s time to step into darkness… Pastor Ron visited Crossroads a couple weeks ago.He changed his planned message, or rather, God did.What I received from this message is that we are to be experiensers(sp??) not just believers.Also that we need to position and posture ourselves through Faith and Love. Not from fear. Another well respected author wrote that we should equate fear with a thief. Stealing time from us and our relationships.I need to let the Word get me and “step into the Darkness” God will be with us , His timing perfect.
    God Bless

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