Cults, sects and terrorist groups know the power of covenant agreement while the Church flounders in disunity and self-preoccupation.  We may know Who we’re dying for but we don’t know what we’re living for.  Have we lost our Cause?

The power of covenant relationship is being used against the church of Jesus Christ. The spirit of Islam has grown because of the covenant agreement among its members to fulfill their mission at all costs with death as the highest reward.  They are a unified and powerful force that is growing because of covenant bonds that produce power in the spirit realm.  Jesus said that if two or three agree on a thing, it has power (Matthew 18:19).  Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  God has created a principle of agreement intended for good.  However, it can also be twisted and manipulated for other purposes. The Enemy knows this power and is using it to advance his cause, not only in Islam, but in other cults and false teachings.

In Freemasonry, members are taken through an elaborate initiation taking oaths and vows that not only bind them to this false religion but promises severe spiritual and emotional penalties if they don’t follow through.  As a result, this underground movement has its foothold in most every city across the nation and even in many churches, slowly and silently sucking the Life out of our communities.

But, the power of covenant agreement doesn’t just touch cults or false religions. Even in community organizations and educational programs, the power of commitment is expected and enforced. Alcoholics Anonymous expects their members to attend all meetings with repercussions for those who don’t follow through. Sports teams and music groups at our local schools produce faithful membership due to written obligations, dues and the threat of expulsion if the parents don’t enforce consistent participation.

Everyone else seems to have a Cause worth a cost.  Yet, what does the American Church do? We fuss about having to go to church every week. When we get offended at the pastor or don’t like a certain message or worship style, we simply find another church. We get “burned out” and take a break from serving the Body because of involvements elsewhere. We skip small group meetings because we’re too tired or “need to chill”. The cost of being a committed member of the Body of Christ is foreign to us. The great American way of freedom and independence has crept into the Church and we have embraced an entitlement attitude that tells us we deserve a break today! As a result we are fragmented, unorganized and have no voice within our communities. Even in these Last Days of prophetic fulfillment, there is no unified Word of the Lord to the Body of Christ. We are disagreeing over biblical interpretations while other ungodly organizations and agendas continue to gain momentum and influence in our culture.
The Enemy can’t create anything.  All he does is counterfeit what God made. Satan knows the power of covenant agreement and he uses and abuses it to advance his cause. Yes, he does it through fear and manipulation. He deceives and controls to convince these blind followers that their cause is worth the cost. When will the Church wake up to realize that this very principle is the one that could advance the cause of Christ and HIS kingdom?

God has given us an authority and power through covenant relationship that we have underestimated and thrown out the back door believing it has no relevance anymore.  Because of the abuses of a few, most Christians believe that commitment to a local body means control and a perceived loss of “freedom in Christ”.  We have been totally duped! Not only have we believed a lie, we have produced a reputation in this nation as being irrelevant and lacking power.  We have traded our inheritance for a easy ride in the park and have ended up emotionally exhausted, relationally starved and spiritually dead.  We need to get our Cause back!

In Acts, the believers met together on a daily basis for communion and worship (Acts 2:42-47). As a result their numbers increased DAILY. They gathered, not because they “had to” in order to follow the protocol. They met because they lived with and walked in the reality of a Relationship so profound and powerful that they were willing to give everything else away. They had a common purpose, a united goal and had died to any personal “destiny” or ambition.

Terrorist cells aren’t successful because the leader wants to form his own network. Every leader and every member is entirely devoted to the One Cause. Unfortunately, many believers have limited the local Church to a place where they “get their needs met” and have missed the opportunity to be a powerhouse of heavenly authority in their community.  God has called us to covenant together as a family to demonstrate the authority of heaven so that our prayers are powerful and effective.  Things are beginning to turn around, but until we understand and walk in the power of covenant relationships, our prayers will be in vain.

God is looking for a community of believers who embrace commitment without fear; a church family that perseveres through the hard times and sticks together no matter what for the cause of Christ. He is looking for a people who are passionate to see HIS dream fulfilled, not their own, willing to give themselves to one another even when it costs. He is looking for leaders who have sacrificed reputation and recognition in order to serve those whom God has entrusted to them.  When He finds a community or city that demonstrates this kind of covenant relationship – watch out.  The resources of heaven will be poured out and all counterfeits will be overshadowed by the bonds of Fellowship with a Holy God.

We have a Cause worth living for, not just dying for. It’s time we embrace covenant and true freedom in Christ.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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