I Will Pour Out Stored-Up Glory for you to Finish this Race!

I see a race that many have been running. You have been running towards the goal of Spiritual Awakening in your cities, your regions and this nation. Many started years ago and have been running steady and true. Others have joined as the baton has been passed. In this race many have gotten tired and they have felt the pain and cost of running such a race.  Even so, most have hit a manageable stride that may be tiring but keeps pushing them towards the reward of seeing the Spirit of God cover their cities and regions.  It is this goal that has kept them going, pushing them to their limits and causing them to continue through the pain.
The Lord has also been watching this race. He has seen the cost and weariness of those who are running, especially those on the last leg.  For these on this last leg who have been specially called, anointed and trained for this race – these are the ones who are straining to finish.  As the finish line is close at end, however, the pace is changing. Just as we see the goal ahead, so do our opponents – the enemies of the Lord. They see that same finish line and have begun to pick up the pace.  Though the strain and intensity is high, a new surge of energy begins to kick in to reach the finish line. Just as they are picking up the pace, so must we.
I tell you, saints, it is time to pick up the pace and DIG DEEP in order to cross the finish line!  Yesterday’s strength and anointing will not do. We must throw off EVERYTHING that hinders us from completing this task and finding a strength that is not ours…
God has been watching and waiting for this last leg for a long time. He has seen it and been preparing for this finish. He has been planning and preparing an entire generation of reformers, revivalists and intercessors for such a time as this to take the Church across the line for that final Victory Lap. Though many of us are a part of this generation, the enemy saw this years ago and began to abort this mission and killed many of these generational change agents in the womb.  Where heaven had a destiny awaiting them, the enemy tried to stop this rising army of world changers by taking them out before they got started.
But – the Lord would say this:
Do not be discouraged or think that there is not enough strength or power to cross the line. For just as there is a tipping point to prayers and intercession, so there is a tipping point to my GLORY. I have been saving up my glory for such a time as this, for it is this supernatural strength and empowerment that will take you across the finish line. The enemy may have killed the vessels through which my glory was to run through, BUT HE HAS NOT KILLED MY GLORY! There has been a portion of glory awaiting those who would run the last leg. Though some were taken out prematurely, this glory is STILL WAITING TO BE POURED OUT.
I tell you that glory is still being held out for this time. The glory that was to be poured out through the millions of world changers that were aborted has been stored up for THIS leg! It is not just for the Victory Lap – it is FOR THOSE WHO WILL TAKE US ACROSS THE FINISH LINE. I will pour out this gathered supernatural portion of my glory to those who persevere to the end.
Do not give up and do not look back on the past glory for there is another level for you to receive even before you see the fullness of Awakening. As you press into ME and my presence in and on your life and position yourself rightly, I will pour out My GLORY to you to push you across the finish line and run that Victory Lap. I will do this not only for the young ones, but for my chosen saints who have run for many years – those who think they won’t see that Victory. I tell you – there is a physical strength and preservation I have for my seasoned saints that will enable them to remain strong in order to finish what many of them started.
Look for it, but stay in the secret place with me for that is where it will be poured out. Not in the public square, but in the hidden place with Me. PURSUE ME, RUNNERS AFTER GOD! Keep your eyes fixed on me and know that I will pour out a stored-up glory upon you to finish what you started. It will not be natural – it will be a foretaste of the glory that I will pour out upon ALL who come to Me. You will be My first-fruits of this Awakening. Run IN my GLORY and see how I will blow you across the finish line to enjoy the rewards of Victory!

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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