God Wants to Heal Family This Holiday Season

As He prepares us for a greater spiritual awakening corporately in the Church, God is awakening families to healthy relationships and right priorities before the end of this year. There is an order in the Fathers House and his heart is zealous for healthy marriages and healthy families. His blessing and anointing always flow strongest when relationships are in order. He is bringing the family back into its proper place in His kingdom and He is giving increased grace to focus on family.

Relationships that are broken will be visited this season and given opportunity for restoration. Those who have not known the Savior will be drawn, some by crises, to seek His Truth and salvation. His heart for the lost will increase within believers, especially for family members who do not know The Lord. He is calling the prodigals home.

Be alert to circumstances, conversations, and heart openings that weren’t there before.  God has heard your cries as you have interceded for your families. He is waking up hearts and an awareness of eternity in order for new decisions to be made. Be ready to listen and follow His directives as He provides open doors to demonstrate His love and kingdom purposes. The past may be revisited, not for condemnation, but for redemption.  As the past is reviewed, new perspective will be available to see it as God sees it. Invite the Holy Spirit to heal broken hearts and re-ignite lost dreams.

Allow His heart to invade yours. Allow His love and compassion to fill your heart for your family. Allow Him to call you back home and put things in order so that He can build upon a solid foundation. The shaking of kingdoms will increase in the coming days and more and more separation will occur between those in the Kingdom of His Light and those living in the darkness. Be alert. Take this time to pray, listen and love on those whom He is calling home.

1 Comment on God Wants to Heal Family This Holiday Season

  1. virginia ericson // November 25, 2013 at 9:50 pm // Reply

    Something hidden about my family for many yrs. came to light yesterday. It is a serious heartbreak. I want to follow the wisdom from your post in order to handle this in a Spirit-led, Love-filled way.


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