Impartation of Grace to Overcome Fear

I was going into surgery with Dr. King and an attendant. He asked me if I was afraid of what I was going to face, knowing that the sight of blood made me light-headed. I admitted I was anxious. He looked at me and the next thing I know, I feel something come on me as I sink to the floor. I begin to receive an infusion of peace like an anesthetic coursing through my body. I feel it especially in my feet. Dr. King simply looks on as I continue to receive what is needed before going into surgery.
Even as I awoke from this dream I could still feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit going through my body. I had received an impartation of grace in my sleep. As I listened to the Lord, I knew that He was demonstrating to me a level of grace and anointing that He is giving to many in the Body of Christ whom HE is taking through a season of spiritual heart surgery. Some of the trials and tests we are facing have been designed by the Lord to refine and purify us, to remove and cut out everything that hinders us in our pursuit of intimacy with Him. But, there is nothing to fear because He is KING.
He is also a loving Father. He delights in giving His sons and daughters everything they need to make it through the tests of life. He knows that we get faint-hearted when facing any kind of pain. He understands our uneasiness about the unknown. But, He has not left us without hope! There is an anointing that is available to us that acts as a spiritual anesthetic! It helps to “take the edge off” because it’s the GRACE to overcome.
Prophet Bob Jones wrote in his Shepherd’s Rod 2014 that this year would be “…a year of paralyzing FEAR from the past coming to test man so that he could overcome this fear once and for all.” I have seen many believers going through this very test in recent weeks. Though the situations differ, the underlying Fear is the same. The spirit of fear causes us to second-guess God’s love and blessing for us. Until we settle this issue, FEAR still has an opening to our hearts. God is teaching us how to overcome this spirit by HIS GRACE.
Two years ago the Lord gave me a word that CANCER had already been taken care of in the spirit. The reason that so many were still struggling with it was because of the underlying spirit of FEAR that kept it alive. He said if we could overcome THIS spirit, cancer could be overcome. Time and Testimony will verify if this is the case. Regardless, I have been praying that we as believers could learn how to face our fears and see the LIE that it truly is. I have been asking the Lord to reveal the GREATER TRUTH of His LOVE for it is His perfect love that casts out every fear.
This is the flavor of GRACE that He is offering to those who ask for it. Though our tendency is to want to be delivered FROM our trials, He is asking us to go THROUGH them. The reason I felt the anointing especially in my feet is because He is PREPARING US FOR THE WALK THROUGH OUR TEST.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4)

Interestingly, my dentist’s name IS Dr. King. Teeth in dreams usually indicate the need for wisdom (wisdom teeth). Even as the Lord is imparting a grace to overcome, He is giving us the wisdom needed for the journey. He is giving us eyes to see and ears to hear what the SPIRIT is saying and doing – NOT what the Enemy is saying or doing! Our faith should be fixed, not on just WHAT we believe, but WHO we believe. Our faith should rest in His unchanging love, mercy and GOODNESS that overcomes ALL the lies of the evil one.
I pray that everyone who reads this would receive the same impartation of GRACE I received in my dream. May you receive this grace to REST in His love and to know that He is the one taking you through your trial or test. He is not unaware or unprepared. He is fully able to strengthen you, empower you and fill you with His love and peace to TAKE YOU THROUGH. There is nothing to fear for His love is greater.

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  1. Wow, this post really resonated with me and also really encouraged me. The fear thing is really right on! I receive the grace and rest!

  2. I had a dream recently that was a fear dream. When it ended. . .and just before waking, I heard a female voice sing to me: “Grace to you; Grace to you”. Then I woke up.

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