There is either a HOLY priesthood or an UNHOLY priesthood in control of your territory. Which is it? You can tell by the headlines in your newspaper, reports on the street and the fruit in your homes and churches. There is no question as to the rise of passionate intercession on the increase in this nation. There are also pockets of revival and spiritual awakening taking place in various regions. But, we are not just talking about “breakthrough”, we’re talking about TAKING THE LAND and KEEPING IT.  Regardless of what the Church does, the enemy WILL continue to establish unholy altars in our communities that will draw the forces of darkness. If we don’t step up and counter these ungodly altars, we will be giving over our communities and cities by default.

In their book, “Prayer Altars”, authors John Mulinde and Mark Daniel, describe the need for prayer altars to be built and established in a community in order to have the needed spiritual authority to take the land and hold it. There is a biblical principle of priesthood and the establishment of holy altars. Whichever priesthood is strongest in the land will rule the land (Hebrews 7:12). The author’s state,

“There is no such thing as neutral spiritual ground. Either there will be a predominance of holy altars drawing the presence of God or unholy altars drawing the powers of darkness…the altar that is MOST ACTIVE will CONTROL THE TERRITORY and will influence everything in that territory.”

Altars are gateways to the spiritual realm and can be established anywhere that someone draws the attention of spiritual forces – good or bad. Abortion clinics, streets of disrepute, corrupt establishments, cultic and New Age businesses, ungodly leadership, etc. All these are forms of unholy altars that draw the presence of evil into a community. UNTIL the priesthood of believers establishes HOLY ALTARS to counter these ungodly gateways, the darkness WILL PREVAIL due to the number of unholy altars built and maintained.

“When the altar of the Lord is not being maintained or is in disrepair – not functioning properly or even not functioning at all – altars of darkness start to come into the land to fill the void…The only way to turn things back around is for SOMEONE in the land to REBUILD THE ALTAR to the Lord and draw the people back to the altar so they are once more focused on God, communing with Him, ministering to Him, and experiencing His presence carrying their lives forward.”

This means CONSISTENT MAINTENANCE OF THE PRAYER ALTAR through people who give themselves to prayer, worship, confession, prophetic decree and walking in holiness as unto the Lord. This is not just another prayer meeting, but an intentional drawing of God’s manifest presence to displace the dark forces at work. This cannot happen through special services, one-time events or Sunday morning services. It cannot happen in one congregation or under one leader. (If that would work – we would have seen changes by now!) This is a call to a lifestyle to build and maintain prayer altars of HIS PRESENCE throughout your city and throughout the week, both personally and corporately.

In order for transforming revival to come, the spiritual atmosphere and authority of the city must change.

The number of unholy altars in many cities continues to increase – weekly. New “churches” are being established void of true biblical authority. New Age “counseling” agencies and “healing centers” are increasing and being promoted. Spiritists and Mediums are counterfeiting supernatural phenomena drawing worship from innocent seekers. Drugs, alcohol and other addictions are becoming accepted forms of entertainment and medication. Alternative lifestyles are being celebrated and advertised in the media. Integrity of leadership at every level is at an all-time low.

This news does not negate those who HAVE been faithfully praying through the years. It simply serves as a reality check as to the true and present condition of our cities and nation. As long as we continue to see an increase of the enemy’s influence and prominence in our communities, it means the UNHOLY PRIESTHOOD has greater authority. The answer is not necessarily more “prayer groups”. We are not talking about NUMBERS, but FOCUS. We are talking about people who know how to draw GOD’S MANIFEST PRESENCE on a consistent basis. If we truly believe it’s not about “might or power, but the SPIRIT of the Lord”, than we must be more unified in our approach and goal.

Do we, as churches and believers truly know how to DRAW THE MANIFEST PRESENCE of the Lord?
Are we trying to draw people to our own ministries or congregations, or have we laid our “destinies” on the altar for a greater purpose? Are we willing to pursue His presence at all costs?

God is looking to establish a PLACE OF HIS PRESENCE in homes, churches, cities and regions. But, we must work together to build HOLY ALTARS that burn with PURITY and PRESENCE. This means pursuing God not as a spiritual discipline but with a passionate heart-cry, pressing in through worship and prayer UNTIL His presence settles on us. It’s THEN that we even have the authority to pray effectively.

God has not called us to fight the enemy. Criticizing his works and decrying his schemes won’t change much except to give him attention. There needs to be a shift of authority. All God is asking is that we build a place for Him to come and dwell. Let’s not lose our territory to the enemy by default. The longer we work apart, the more ground we are yielding to an illegal intruder.

Check out a great book that inspired this post, PRAYER ALTARS (Amazon)

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