Clear Communications are KEY to Victory

The Lord has been speaking very specifically to me about the need to pray into spiritual and physical COMMUNICATION LINES. After experiencing an increase of miscommunications and misunderstandings with others, an increase of technical glitches and shut-downs and a general feeling of being disconnected a few months ago, I realized something else was going on. Through a series of dreams, the Lord has been leading us to pray into the area of communications – both physical and spiritual. 

In any kind of warfare, the ability to communicate with your allies is central to any victory. Effective communication passes on vision, strategy, timing and counsel in order to be effective in any given mission or assignment. Airwaves must be clear in order for good communication to happen. Call it “air supremacy”. For intercessors, it is authority in the spirit, and it’s this tactical strategy that will determine who wins a battle.
I had a dream in January of this year where I was being chased by an enemy at nighttime. I began to fly to get away and escape. This is a common occurrence in dreams, especially for intercessors, since flying often symbolizes intercession. Only in this case, for the first time, the enemy followed me! In every other dream like this I have had “air superiority”. But, this time, the enemy not only followed me, but blocked me. He flew right in front of me and stopped in a distinct posture of threat. He did NOT want me to get any further. Right before I woke up, I realized that we had stopped right in front of a POWER LINE. The enemy had stopped me right where the power line was established. 

I knew the Lord was calling us to pray about this BLOCKING spirit. The enemy was trying to shut down our lines of communication with one another in order to stop the flow of spiritual POWER. We saw this happen many times in subsequent weeks and it was obvious that our communication grid was being tampered with. This is how the enemy is working behind the scenes – to block or interfere in our communications with each other and with heaven. 

I had another dream several weeks ago where I went on another flying mission, but this time it was behind enemy lines. I knew that the mission I was on was high security and was being coordinated with ground forces (pastors, specifically). The interesting thing this time was that as I landed, I was draped with a flag with a swastika symbol. I knew the Lord was giving me a hint. After some research about that particular symbol, I found it used in World War II. In WWII the Allied forces won DUE TO AIR SUPREMACY. Rather than focusing on strategic bomber attacks or ground forces alone, it was the fighter pilots IN MASS that opened the way for victory. 

Our assignment as praying believers is to dominate the airways with kingdom declarations! 

We can certainly rebuke and bind the enemy’s interference, but BETTER YET, is taking our rightful place as SEATED IN THE HEAVENLIES with Christ Jesus, FAR ABOVE all the other rulers and principalities. We need to SPEAK OUT LOUD God’s SOVEREIGNTY in the Spirit. 

This is not a time for petition, but PRAISE. This is not a time for debate, but DECLARATION. This is not a time for giving in to Intimidation, but RISING UP in Faith. “YOURS is the Kingdom, YOURS is the Power, YOURS is the Glory, forever, amen!” It is through our own mouths that God will establish His sovereignty in our lives and spiritual authority in the land. 

There is power in agreement. We will not win this spiritual war without being properly connected to one another through clear communications. As we acknowledge this strategy, we can pray more specifically about our communication lines and speak blessing and power into our spiritual connections with one another and with heaven. 

In like manner, we have the authority to interfere in the enemy’s plans! Just as the Lord threw the enemy into confusion when Joshua was fighting for Israel (Joshua 10:10), so the Lord can INTERFERE in the enemy’s communication lines and thwart specific assignments and attacks against us individually and corporately. This is the authority we have in prayer. We can declare confusion in the enemy’s camp, disconnection between opposing forces and a cutting of communication lines that seek to interfere in the Lord’s plans. We can speak blessing on the coordination of heaven’s hosts and the Chief Commander’s plans and purposes to be accomplished. 

This will require ALL HANDS – and VOICES – ON DECK. God is calling all the troops to active duty. Everyone is needed. Let’s raise our voices and let the SOUND of the BRIDE reverberate in the spirit so that every foe can hear the coming army of the Lord. The activities and battles in the second heaven will no longer take center stage in our lives and dreams, for victory is sure. Jesus is King and He, alone, has power and sovereignty in every realm.  

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this message and for guiding us back to the importance of our continual time in the presence of the LORD.

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