Why Are You Waiting for Something Which has Already Been Given?

Heaven has already responded to your prayers for help. The heavenly host are standing ready with gifts, callings and assignments in their hands, holding them out for someone to TAKE HOLD AND WALK IN THEM. Why do you continue to sing “…waiting here for you” when I’M the One waiting for YOU.
You have hesitated and let the Intimidator keep you back from your birthright. I have already called you, empowered you, given you all you need. It’s YOUR turn to act.
Do you know MY voice and MY call as your Shepherd? Have you responded to my words already spoken? Do not hold back but respond quickly for the hour is short and time is near. LOOK and see what is already in place. SEE how I have prepared you and provided for you. Step out in faith and know that when I call, I give grace. Where I give grace, there is authority and power. Do not wait to “feel ready” for then you will walk in your own strength.
I am calling to you UNFAMILIAR territory, places you have not walked before. This is for my glory and for your strengthening. It is in these new places that I will pour out my Spirit in increased measure that you have not experienced. This is not based on your gifts, talents or natural abilities, not even your experience. This will come as a result of your OBEDIENCE to my voice. If you are willing and OBEDIENT, you WILL receive the BEST in this coming harvest. I am calling you up higher. I am calling you to remember who you are.
You have determined your identity based on your past experiences, both good and bad. That is not what determines who you are. I am the one who determines your identity and you are first and foremost my sons and daughters, born at THIS time, in THIS hour for a purpose which I ordained before you were even born. All that has come before has been in preparation. Do not disqualify yourselves or shrink back in doubt.
For those who choose to follow me and trust in My goodness, HEAVEN WILL BACK YOU UP. You will know it is my voice and call because you will see those signs and wonders FOLLOWING YOU. If you do not see them, stop and listen again. Realign your beliefs and mindsets to mine. Throw off everything that hinders. Fine tune your hearing to my whispers. Humble yourselves and determine to walk in absolute surrender and obedience. Take on the mind of Christ to walk in the reality of your kingdom birthright.
If you remember who and WHOSE you really are, you will walk in heaven’s authority and SEE the increase in your life. You have everything you need from my heart and my hand. So, again, I ask…
Why are you waiting for something which has already been given?

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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