Are we Nullifying our own Prayers?

Do we understand that the very things that are happening in our country could be the result of our prayers – not an attack against them?
If we are praying for America to “wake up”, why are some praying that the shaking would stop? If we are asking the Lord to expose the darkness, why should we be surprised – or fearful – when the darkness comes out of hiding, even to our own front doors? If we truly understand God’s larger redemptive purposes in the shaking, our prayers should reflect the heart of a loving Father. If we can look beyond the immediate crisis and into His eternal plan, we can see how He is at work in very powerful ways.
However, there’s a truth that we must be clear on: God’s ultimate goal is not our happiness or even our deliverance. His ultimate goal is to REVEAL HIS GLORY.
We see this truth demonstrated in the Old Testament story of the Exodus from Egypt. Consider these facts, and interesting parallels to our own nation at this time:

  • God’s people were in bondage and began to cry out for deliverance.
  • God carefully orchestrated and prepared godly leadership to bring them out.
  • Things seemed to go from bad to worse for a period of time.
  • God chose not to deliver His people immediately….ON PURPOSE.
  • God not only used the ungodly authority in the land…He hardened it!
  • God’s people were freed only AFTER He sifted and purified their own hearts and lives of the idolatry and compromise that had infected them.

It has been suggested that every one of the ten plagues that God released upon Egypt corresponded to one of Egypt’s “gods”(click here for related article). As a loving, Heavenly Father, God saw the condition of the people’s hearts. Their lives had been corrupted by Egypt’s influence and He needed to cleanse them of the infectious beliefs and customs they had begun to embrace. Though they were crying out, “Rescue me!”, the Lord was saying, “Believe in me!” The people were only concerned with getting OUT. The Lord’s concern was getting them FREE. Through every plague and disaster, He was cleansing and purifying their hearts and beliefs. In so doing, they were not only being prepared physically, but spiritually and mentally, for the freedom that was to come.
“But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart and he would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had said to Moses” (Exodus 9:12 NIV). Every time Pharaoh said “no”, God had another opportunity to DEMONSTRATE to His people just how powerful He was. In every plague, His power overshadowed the principalities and spiritual rulers over that nation. He was showing His people, by example, how His power and love was greater than the foreign gods they had begun to embrace.
You took me out of Egypt now take Egypt out of me. You delivered me from Pharaoh, now set me free from me. Let my heart become a promised land where the desert used to be. Lord, you took me out of Egypt now take Egypt out of me” (“You Took Me Out of Egypt” by David Baroni).
Our national gods of greed, power, humanism and independence are being shattered and exposed for what they are – meaningless counterfeits and corrupted copies of God’s intended blessings and rightful inheritance for His sons and daughters. If we can see through eyes of faith, we can see a loving Father who is disciplining His children for our well-being and for His glory.
I’m not suggesting that the current president or administration is God’s first choice. I am saying that He will use WHATEVER IT TAKES to set us free. Our freedom is not just a national anthem. It is a spiritual reality that must settled and secured – whatever the price. By the time the Israelites left Egypt, the fear of the Lord was upon every surrounding nation (Joshua 2:9-11, Numbers 14:14, Exodus 15:14-18). The glory of the Lord was known and feared because of what He did through the trials of Israel. THAT was His ultimate goal and plan. He demonstrated to the world that He is able to deliver and set free from every kind of bondage and redeem all things unto Himself.
So, how do we pray and “agree with heaven”? I’d like to suggest several things:

  1. Settle the fact that God is in control and is not worried. Let your prayers and praises reflect His goodness and total ability to redeem and restore ALL things (Colossians 1:19, 20).
  2. Do not give in to Fear. This is the enemy’s ONLY power and we cannot afford to give it to him. Freedom from fear will only be experienced when put to the test. Just as Daniel’s friends went into the fiery furnace, so we must be prepared to face the fire. This will test the level of our belief in a powerful God – not by avoiding disaster, but facing it with absolute confidence in His supernatural ability to show up!
  3. Prepare for the worst, but believe for the best. Yes, we must be realistic and plan for whatever “plagues” might strike. At the same time, we can respond in faith, not react out of fear. There’s a huge difference.
  4. Know the power of God’s Presence to displace the enemy. There is more than one way to get delivered. The Church has been trying to “bind” and “cast out” the enemy for decades. So, how’s that workin’ for ya? NOT! Its God’s Presence and glory that will SQUEEZE out and totally displace the enemy. As we become carriers of His glory and goodness, the darkness cannot and will not stay!

My prayer is that believers will rise up in faith and be the light we are created to be. Speaking the truth is one thing, but being and displaying the power of His Truth is even greater. Instead of praying to be rescued, we should be praying to be vessels of His glory.   Sure, the darkness may increase, but that’s only because His kingdom is advancing and His glorious light is overpowering the works of the enemy and the enemy is having a fit! You and I, my friends, are the carriers of freedom. Let’s rejoice in the fact that we have been chosen and prepared for this hour when all the world will see His glory revealed.
It’s totally worth the shaking.

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