The Lord May Let the Enemy Get in Your Face!

The Lord has a very specific and divine strategy to win back His Bride and it’s not what you may think. He has been telling me to look past the seeming victories of the enemy. There’s a divine strategy at play and He is calling us to look deeper, think higher, and act more quickly.

In a dream I saw an ancient and wicked Indian chief being tied up and bound by a woman. A sword was being placed by his side, which I thought was very foolish! Sure enough, the next thing I see is the woman being bound up and a sword about to come down over her head. But then, things change again and it turns out the woman knew all along what was happening and always had the upper hand. A fierce spiritual battle broke out with her victory assured.

The Lord was showing me the reality of the spiritual battle we are facing in this nation. There are ancient roots of witchcraft in place that are being overthrown. It may appear that the spiritual wickedness in high places is winning, but the Lord is the one who is allowing this to happen! (One of my last words was hearing Jesus telling the Father, “…whatever it takes!”) He has the upper hand and has a purpose in his battle plan – to wake up the sleeping church and empower believers in their God-given authority to defeat every foe that stands against a holy God. Just yesterday my daughter, who is on a 3-month assignment in Haiti, emailed me with a nightmare she had 3 nights ago. In the dream, she was in an army unit, driving through the darkness, when they were ambushed by natives practicing witchcraft. She heard a demon cry out, “YOU BETTER RUN, AMERICAN!” She woke up with a tangible spirit of fear in her room which she quickly stood against, declaring God’s peace. As we prayed into this together, we sensed this was a spirit of Fear and Intimidation at work – not necessarily a prophetic warning for Americans to run! I found it very interesting when she told me this: “As soon as the demon yelled at me, I woke up with fear. I turned on worship music and closed my eyes. All of the sudden I saw my guardian angel and a couple others come into my room. Then I saw the demon’s face looking at me. I thought at first it was an angel, but I had this mixed feeling and as it came closer I said, ‘NO! You are not from God!’ And, quickly my guardian angel took his spear and killed it.” This is precisely what deceiving spirits do – they cause you to think they are from God when they’re not! It’s hard to discern because there’s always an element of truth MIXED with lies. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize this. As we processed this more, she added one more interesting note, “I think the Lord was saying to me that I need to use my discernment more. Some things we think are good are not and it’s NOT UNTIL THEY GET RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE that you see it’s not from God”. Wow. What my daughter learned is what God is asking us to do. We need to use discernment and LOOK WITH OUR SPIRITUAL EYES – not in fear, but faith. What we are facing now as a nation and as believers is that the Lord is allowing the enemy to get right in our face – letting it get personal – so we can realize who he really is – and who WE REALLY ARE! If we are not growing in our knowledge of the Truth we will fall prey to the enemy’s lies. If we allow Fear or Intimidation to rule our hearts, we will not be able to rightly discern what is True! The woman in my dream is a picture of the Bride of Christ using the God-given authority He bought for us at the cross. We have the power and authority to bind the enemy of our souls. If we ever hope to have a corporate authority to defeat principalities and regional strongholds, we have to win the war in our own souls, first. We must learn to quickly dispel Fear and Intimidation and rise up with the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT in our hands and the Word of God in our hearts. We should be able to declare, “YOU BETTER RUN, FEAR and INTIMIDATION!” The Bride of Christ is rising with identity and authority! The best is yet to come and I do not fear your presence!

“I said I would scatter them and blot out their memory from mankind, but I dreaded the taunt of the enemy, lest the adversary misunderstand and say, ‘Our hand has triumphed; the LORD has not done all this.'” They are a nation without sense, there is no discernment in them. If only they were wise and would understand this and discern what their end will be!” (Deuteronomy 32:26-29) NIV

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