Though she rises and falls, there is One whose glory will break the fall…
A group of us were looking through a doorway trying to rescue a “woman” outside. She seems to be self-destructing. We see her being catapulted into high places only to fall to the ground with a great crash. Fireworks are happening all around her, much commotion. We had been pleading for her to stop and come to safety, but to no avail. Some had even run to save her. Three times we see her being catapulted into high places only to fall again. The 4th fall, we prepare for the worst, believing this is the final fall before the end. However, as I turn and bow my head to prepare, something happens. A huge flash of light, golden in color, consumes everything. Something miraculous takes place and all is transformed, everything changed. What was supposed to be the final blow turns into the greatest victory.
I believe this dream reveals heaven’s perspective on our intercession in this hour. Many believers are watching and praying for America. In the last several years, “she” has risen to heights of power and influence, only to fall and crash. The current leadership of the nation has created much commotion and attention and all are watching. Believers are increasingly concerned for the nation and pleading for her to “come home” to its Christian roots. In an attempt to rescue the nation, there are those who are running for office (“…some tried to run to save her…”) to try and save America. Though this is not wrong, it is incomplete. There is a Higher Power watching and listening. As believers turn their gaze away from the commotion and humble their hearts (bow their heads) in prayer, heaven will respond. The glory of the Lord will consume everything and all will know He is the Lord. The “4th Fall” is significant and will signal this breakthrough.
I believe the purpose of this word is to remind intercessors to stay in the place of prayer and not get distracted by all the commotion and “fireworks” of politics. Another recent dream I had dramatically portrayed this problem of giving more attention to what’s happening in the darkness rather than looking deeper for the Light. It doesn’t take prophetic insight to see the madness. What’s needed is prophetic clarity to see what HEAVEN is doing and respond accordingly. We cannot “help” heaven by human intervention, good works or even Christian government. These all have their place, but are not primary. It’s not by might or power but by His Spirit that true transformation will come.
There is a timing of the Lord, but it is determined by the prayers of those who can stay focused on HIS kingdom and not the kingdoms of this world. Do not despair or let fear and hopelessness rule. Do not get caught up in highlighting all the chaos. There is One whose glory far exceeds our expectations and He WILL have His way, even if it seems to come in the final moments.  Stay alert, stay focused and speak of His Truth both in prayer and in testimony. It is evident that our prayers are key. His glory IS coming.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Amen Wanda! This echos what we are hearing in Augusta County from our leaders and in the intercession group that is growing here. Keep listening.

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