There is a Part That Only You Can Play

Various leaders have abdicated their assignments, giving in to the Spirit of the World and her threats. The Lord is calling you back. Face your fears. Do not let the spirit of the world rob you of your part in history…
Prophetic Dream March 6, 2015:
I know I need to confront “her.” She has taken my Lover and moved in with him. I had feared her, but I finally overcame my fear and knew I must face her.
When I knock at the door and she answers, she is shocked to see me standing there. She is even more dismayed when I calmly, but assuredly, look into her eyes and tell her I’m coming in. I see the fight within her and her defenses begin to rise. I do not change my demeanor or back down. Even as she backs into the room, I simply walk in with my gaze fixed on her with an authority I had earlier given up. I wasn’t going to let her intimidation affect me this time.
I have come with my family. We used to sing together all the time but I had caused them some shame and they had gone on without me. Though I was a key singer, they had learned to make up their own arrangements to make up the difference. There were various seats situated in the room, each divided by a partition on each side of the seat, as if each seat had specific immovable boundaries. Instead of sitting alone and separated to keep a safe distance, I chose to sit right by my family. It may have been a smaller seat, but I wanted to be close to them.
They began to sing. What was supposed to be four-part harmony starts out as three. But, they sounded good; even skilled and creative. But, as I listened, within me arose that harmony that I knew was mine alone. I chose to honor them and didn’t want to assume my role as a lead singer. I simply started blending in with them. But what started as a simple added harmony grew and became more prominent. Soon, I started adding that part that only I could sing. It was forceful, strong, and unlike the parts they had, improvising from my heart, releasing the song within.
Though they looked surprised at first, they quickly yielded, realizing that, at last, all the original parts were in place, and I was leading them out in a song that no longer sounded copied, counterfeit, or borrowed. It was powerful, inspired, and original. I didn’t take over; I simply added the only part I knew in the way I had been made.
We quickly finished, and then my Rival was seated next to me. She was in awe. Instead of accusing me or lashing out in anger, she yielded. She realized things had changed. It was no longer a contest. It was obvious I had won. She pointed out three things that caught her attention, the last and most important one being that she saw I didn’t take any credit for what I had just done. She knew I was the real thing and she yielded her place.
I sat there shaking, feeling humbled, yet validated. I had only done what I was created to do.
The Church desperately needs her leaders right now. Where the Spirit of the World has taken the Church captive, God is calling back his leaders whom He has called, chosen, and rightfully equipped and prepared for these days. It’s time to face this counterfeit lover and start leading. Raise your voice and add that part that only you can add. Don’t let intimidation, fear or shame hinder you. Be who you were created to be. This is not about how large or small your place is. It is not about taking credit. It is about obedience and fulfilling your destiny. It is when the Church is truly one that the enemy will be displaced and the counterfeit exposed.
Add that part that is yours alone and see what God will do.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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