Close the Breach!

There is a breach that has been opened over this nation. It is a breach in the Church that the enemy is coming through to steal, kill and destroy the purposes of God. It is the divide between the Spirit and Word that has created a breach in the body of Christ.
The Spirit and the Word must come together.
The Spirit reveals the supernatural expression of the Father. He is One who cannot be understood and is beyond our comprehension, plans or objective mindsets. He is forever moving and speaking, yet unchanging in purpose. The Word is eternal, foundational and fully true and trustworthy. It is the Word that establishes the unchanging nature of God and it is both written and spoken.
But, these two must come together. One cannot exist without the other.
There is a tension between these two camps of the Church that has created a breach. Whereas they are to work together, the church has divided over these issues. It is through this breach that the enemy has a foothold in this nation.
The breach must be filled!  Stand in the gap and intercede for this breach to be filled.
You cannot do this on your own, however. As you stand in the gap and reach out your prayers to the Spirit on the one side and the Word on the other, it will create tension that human flesh cannot withstand, for you can never reach far enough to bring things together. It is only when you invite the eternal Intercessor to stand in the gap with you and for you that this breach will be closed. He is our Mediator and the only One who can reach far enough, deep enough to close the gap within the Church.
It is not about objective versus subjective truth. It is not about preferences or doctrines. It is about the fullness of Jesus being revealed.
HE, Jesus Christ is the CENTER. HE is the one who stands in the gap to bridge the walls of division. HE is the one who has accomplished all at the cross and has been forever interceding for His Church, His Bride to be ONE, just as He and the Father are one. The Spirit and Word are expressions of Christ and HE ALONE can make things one.
NOW is the time to stand in the gap and intercede. It is critical in this hour. But, not in your own flesh or your own understanding. Do not criticize those you do not understand. Do not condemn those who are a different expression of the Godhead. These distinctions have caused separation in the body of Christ and we must come together. Honor, esteem and submit to one another out of reverence for CHRIST who is in all, through it all, above it all and the center of everything we do.
This is the season for signs and wonders, when heaven will manifest fully on the earth. But, the Spirit and Word must be ONE in order to receive its fullness. Die to self. It is only in the CRUCIFIED LIFE that you can withstand the pressure of the gap. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit being lived out through dead men and women – those who have died to their own preferences and opinions of how things should take place.
Yield your rights and sense of entitlement to revelation. Give up your need to prove your level of revealed truth and allow The Truth to come and reveal Himself through a crucified vessel.
Stand in the gap! Close the breach! Jesus will work in us and through us and bring all things together so that the Spirit and Word reveal the fullness of the Father and all He has planned from the foundation of time.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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