With all the prophetic signs manifesting in the natural realm (blood moons, weather patterns, media headlines, etc.), the question isn’t whether or not heaven is saying something, the question is if we know how to interpret them correctly.  Instead of interpreting them as signs of looming darkness and impending judgment, we have an opportunity to see God’s plans and purposes for His coming kingdom.  We forget that the enemy loves to counterfeit. He can’t come up with anything original so he takes what God intends for kingdom purposes and twists them for his own. Many of the signs that have caught our attention in recent months are actually revealing kingdom realities – IF we can see them.

On December 21, 2015 I had an open vision in a dream. It was the second such open vision in a dream in the past 3 months. Both had to do with signs in the skies…

I saw the heavens open up and a portal had opened that acted as a gate. Out of this gate I saw 3 things come out, one at a time. The first was a blood-red moon. It stood there for a while and then moved off the screen. Next came a round time-piece that was transparent and had numbers on it. I noticed that the timepiece was reversed, but I could see the number “2012” written on it. Soon, it moved off the screen and out came a moving scroll of hieroglyphics. On this moving scroll were Egyptian symbols that were moving and pulsating. Unlike the other two signs, this scroll never stopped. It continued to come out of the gate and never ended.

At first, I didn’t think much of it because the signs were not necessarily new – the blood moon prophecies already rampant, the Mayan prophecy from December 21, 2012, and the Spirit of Babylon that is invading the earth. However, as I have continued in prayer, I believe the Lord is asking us to go deeper. Notice that these prophetic signs have usually been interpreted as negative consequences and indications of bad things to come. Well – they ARE signs of what is to come – but not necessarily what the enemy is doing, but what GOD is doing – and ABOUT TO DO.

Blood Moons:  There WILL be more signs in the skies – literally. We need to look up and not so much look around. He wants us to look for HIS signs. Just as the Star of Bethlehem pointed wise men to the coming of the Messiah, so will there be heavenly signs that will reveal God’s coming GLORY. This next “coming” will not be the physical appearance of the Bridegroom, but an awakening of kingdom realities – an outpouring of heaven’s glory and power revealed through the sons and daughters in His kingdom. This will be to empower this final generation to bring the Bride to her fullness before the wedding feast.

Mayan Prophecy of 2012: On December 21 of 2012, there were many in the prophetic camp considering the implications of this date. If I hadn’t had this open vision, I wouldn’t have thought about it again (my dream was on December 21!) However, as I probed deeper, I discovered the subtle, yet powerful, SHIFT that took place on this date (to read more, click here). On that date in history, there was a REVERSAL of things (thus, the numbers on the time piece being in reverse). A “new age” and “new order” was initiated by those who are of another kingdom. Even so, they are simply confirming what God wants us to know – there HAS BEEN A SHIFT in seasons – in TIME. The number 12 represents government – December 21 is 12 in reverse.
clock in reverse
The good news is that WE are the ones who have the opportunity to walk in the new realities of His kingdom power and authority. Just as those in the enemy’s camp believe their “global consciousness” can awaken this new world order, so we in God’s kingdom can awaken a global move of God’s Spirit pointing to JESUS CHRIST.  The reality of what it means to be of one heart, one spirit, and one mind, is being manipulated by the enemy (Philippians 2:2, Ephesians 4:4). Yet, the oneness WE have in the Spirit is so much greater and can reverse what the enemy has planned!

The Spirit of Babylon: The Spirit of Babylon and all her cohorts (Leviathan, Jezebel, Ashteroth, etc.) HAS been unleashed – and it’s not going to stop. However, our prayers should go beyond just rebuking them, to OVERCOMING THEM. The truth being revealed is that HIS KINGDOM WILL NEVER END (Isaiah 9:7)!

As we rightly interpret the signs He gives us and reverse our worldly mindsets to kingdom realities, gates will open and His kingdom will enter and the increase of His government will never end! 

As the realities of God’s kingdom get closer, we should expect the supernatural to increase – not only in signs and wonders, but in counterfeit words, headlines, and interpretations. Yet, the enemy is only showing GOD’S HAND in what He has prepared for those who believe. Regardless of the threats of martial law, political chaos, and increasing Christian persecution, His kingdom is advancing. His power is increasing. His anointing is coming closer. Instead of fearing what the enemy is doing, we are to celebrate what God is revealing. NOTHING will stop His coming and NOTHING can overcome those who know who they are in Christ.

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him – THESE things, God has revealed to us through the Spirit.” (1 Corinthians 2:9-10, ESV)

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  1. Wow! Nothing lately has quite excited me as much as this post. I’ve always believed that December 21, 2012 did not mark and end of the world in the physical sense, but return to renewal in the faithful. This is where the realities diverge.
    The last Blood Moon of this latest Tetrad also brought us to a significant date: September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement. It all points to a process of regeneration and salvation.
    Babylon may be appearing in an unceasing stream, but an even greater power is emanating from Christ through His followers to more than meet it. Sensing victory?

  2. HOW do i do more than bind and then loose the goodness created already by GOD?
    What else can I do but intercede? and Share JESUS ? His truth and love?
    i am only one elder lady.. I am seeking GODS Will to be done, HIS kingdom come..
    Thanks for this article! It is thought provoking!

  3. I have returned now several times to continue chewing on this post. Thank You Wanda for mining these revelations.
    You said “Soon, it moved off the screen and out came a moving scroll of hieroglyphics. On this moving scroll were Egyptian symbols that were moving and pulsating. Unlike the other two signs, this scroll never stopped. It continued to come out of the gate and never ended.”
    I believe what you were seeing is the little book referenced in Revelation 10:18. You saw it on it’s route to earth from the throne room.
    If led to build this out more Ezekiel was also led to this same event in chapter 2&3.
    The dry bones he is confronted with later in chapter 37 are in three places.
    One in the human condition of the “Sons of Israel”,(which is key as this is the premier biblical reference to them.
    See a physical manifestation peering out through the natural here:
    Two is that the dry bones are also representative of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It has changed as previously mentioned 26 times.
    Our bibles have all been sealed( read copy write) per Daniel 12:4)( have more back stories on this that I can share)
    This is all part of the Ezekiel 8 narratives which are responsible for this sealing process and much more.
    And third is that they are also on the wall of New Jerusalem as defined in Ezekiel 40. Each letter of the alphabet when correctly assembled will when completed contain a message to each of the tribes.
    With the introduction of the little book a synchronized sequencing of the original alphabet( which is derived from an Egyptian based alphabet) will enable the wall and temple( read sons of Israel) to be built.
    The alphabet letters are 3 dimensional, so each of them will contribute to both the rebuilding as well as the overall message to re- align them to their their identity and eternal purpose.

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