Election 2016: It’s Not About the WHO, but the WHAT

In this upcoming election, everyone is so fixated on the “who” that we may be missing the “what” of God.  Where we are focused on a man, God is looking at His people. This is not so much about electing the right president but praying in the right president.

There needs to be tremendous prayer for this next election. There’s a shift that God wants to bring but it’s dependent on the people. God will give us a king that matches our prayers. Do not be quick to judge WHO would be the best fit BUT PRAY THE BEST FIT. This is not about backing a man but backing a principle. I want to give you a surprise. I see a picture of America gritting its teeth saying, “…we have to put up with this…?”  It was not making the nation happy, as a whole, but it seemed that God slipped it in.  (Prophet Dale Mast, March 24, 2015 speaking to the staff at Intercessors for America)

This word was given last spring before many of the current candidates were even finalized.  It would seem that God is not surprised at who is running.  Rather, it is a call for the people of God to partner with Him in the shaping and molding of a man for the office of President.  Notice: not to simply pray that the office fits the man, but that the man fits the office.

It’s not – right now – about the WHO. It is about the WHAT. There is the “what” of God and the agenda of heaven that God wants to accomplish in 2016 that will manifest the “who”. (Prophet Hank Kunneman on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”, posted on YouTube, January 30, 2016)

These two words, totally unrelated, are suggesting the same thing. Notice that the agenda of heaven will “manifest the ‘who’”. In other words, what we see now is not the final word! Do not judge by what we see at this time, for our prayers can make the difference. “God will give us a king that matches our prayers.” It would seem that there may be more at work than simply making the “obvious” choice. This is not a personality contest, but a sovereign process where the Lord is inviting us to change history through our prayers.
Are we simply looking for someone to make righteous laws, or is there more? WHAT will it take for the Church to rise up and engage in every aspect of culture to change ungodly mindsets and values for future generations? WHAT does the kingdom of God look like on this side of heaven? WHAT kind of leader will it take to stand boldly against the powers and schemes of tyrants, dictators, and practitioners of one-world agendas? More importantly, what will we, as believers, do after the election? Regardless of who gets in office, how will we stay involved and actively pursue the full expression of His kingdom here on the earth? A godly government should be the fruit of a godly people, not the precursor to it.
I believe God is giving us an opportunity, in these few months before the election, to help shape and form the right man for the days ahead through our prayers. Regardless of personal preferences, there are strengths and weaknesses within each candidate. IF we pray unto heaven’s agenda, I believe the Lord will make it more and more clear who His hand is upon.  The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will (Proverbs 21:1, ESV).
The man best suited for the office may not be popular with everyone and he may not be ready – yet. But, God can make him ready – if we pray.

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