For Those Who are Waiting and Wondering

Are you waiting for a promise of God to manifest? Are you getting weary of waiting for breakthrough?
The word of the Lord to those who are waiting and wondering is that He is not being slow, nor is He putting you off. In fact, He is storing up His goodness, even now, and you will soon be surprised at the extravagant outpouring of favor on your life! He is not distant or uninvolved; He is actually building up a storehouse of blessings to be poured out on those who trust Him to be a good Father.

“Oh, how abundant is your goodness (superlative concretely, the best) which you have stored up (hidden) for those who fear you.”  (Psalm 31:19, ESV)

This word has been quickened to me in my own season of waiting as we recently sold our home and have been looking for our new “dream house” for weeks. The process of looking and waiting, and looking and waiting, has been daunting. There have been numerous occasions where we have been tempted to “settle” for less than what we had dreamed of and hoped for. Even so, the Lord has been clear to be steadfast in hope and persevere in our faith, believing that He is a generous Father who wants to show off His goodness!
At one point of frustration in our house-hunt, wondering if He was really going to fulfill the desires of my heart, He spoke to me very clearly, “I’m not hiding the house from you; I’m hiding it for you!”  This is exactly what God is doing for many right now. What seems to be inaccessible and invisible is, in fact, being hidden – FOR us!  The word for “stored” in Psalm 31 means “hidden”.  It means that if you are walking in the fear of the Lord, honoring His Word, and totally yielded to His purposes, He is storing up favor, blessing, and honor on your behalf. He often hides things; not only to build our faith, but also to keep His purposes hidden from the enemy. It’s His protection that often keeps us in the dark, but only for a season and I believe that season is about to end for many of us!
In Psalm 27:13-14 the psalmist describes the keys to walking out this process. He declares, “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage. Wait for the Lord! FAITH is the foundation of this process as we hold onto our assurance of His love and goodness. His desire is to prosper us and make us a blessing. He is a generous Dad who looks forward to revealing His love and goodness to His sons and daughters. The psalmist declares this assurance and says he WILL SEE the Lord’s goodness – not when he’s dead – but while he’s still alive!
Then he describes the next key and that is to WAIT. It’s the hardest thing to do and yet the most critical. This is where we are tested the most. Our impatience will often short-circuit our own blessings and breakthrough because we aren’t willing to wait for the BEST outcome. This is a life pattern for me in that I didn’t get married until I was 28 – an age I NEVER would have imagined when I was 13 and told God I was “willing to wait for the right one”! Though it was extremely hard, I was determined to not settle for anything less than God’s best – and my life has been forever changed and blessed as a result.
The verse then says to “be strong”. This is where we must stand on God’s Word in order to see the fulfillment of the promise. It’s not only His written Word, but also the word of His Spirit that often comes in unexpected ways to our inner man. We are strengthened when we remember what He told us, knowing that He is always true to His Word.
Then, the psalmist says to “let your heart take courage”. This is where we must encourage ourselves through worship and praise, continually giving thanks to the Lord for the answer we have yet to see. Regardless of what circumstances, other people, or the enemy may throw our way to divert our hopes or cause us to doubt, we must take courage and not give in to unbelief or fear. Our Father is FOR us and is working in ways we cannot comprehend.
Notice that at the end of the verse, the admonition to wait is repeated. This highlights the challenge we have when it comes to trusting in the Lord versus trusting in our flesh. In a world that tells us we have a right to have what we want – when we want it – it goes against our human nature to wait. Even so, the Holy Spirit is doing a deep work in our heart as we continually yield all control to Him. Step by step He is building our faith, not only for the current breakthrough, but for ones to come! It’s our absolute confidence in His ability to come through for us that will take us from “glory to glory” for the greater things yet ahead.
Do not be discouraged if you are waiting. Do not give in to doubt or fear. Your Father is working behind the scenes to bring the desires of your heart to pass. He has been storing up His goodness for you and it’s about to be poured out. Our part is to trust Him, walk in the fear of the Lord, and look to Him as the source of EVERY good thing.  I believe He is even more excited than we are and can’t wait to show us what He’s been hiding for us!

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. This is a very timely word! My wife and I received a revelation from the Lord a while back that started us walking in the truths you’ed shared. Very hard to walk in the midst of trying circumstances, but all along a word here and there establishes us fresh. Thanks! Don

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