I Want to Know HIS Passion

This post is a personal note from me to those who have been following my blog for a while. I am writing to ask you for prayer.
The Lord has called me on a 12-day Fast beginning tomorrow, December 1 through December 12. It is a 12-day Fast because 12 is the number of government (as well as completion, authority, order, etc.). Not only do I feel led to pray specifically for the government mountain right now, but I am also asking the Lord for personal breakthrough in my own assignment. To make a long story short – I am weary and feeling a bit lost. I desperately need clarity for the days ahead.
They say that a prophet can more easily discern what God is doing in others around them but can’t always discern themselves. I know this can be true. I have always valued the input and feedback from others and am a total team-player. I only see in part and am only one voice among thousands. Sometimes I wonder what difference I can really make when there are so many other qualified prophetic voices out there. Even so, I want to do my part and do it well. I am at the point in my life and ministry when I’m tired of trying to build something. I don’t have the energy to build a ministry, create a following, or pioneer a project. I’ve already written the book, recorded the album, and planted the church. In fact, I have actually seen God fulfill EVERYTHING that He has already put on my heart to do. It’s been amazing. So…I am now at the point where – praise God – I’m at the end of myself. Good thing – right!
What my heart and spirit long for – more than anything else – is to simply KNOW HIM. There is a realm of the Spirit that I have yet to access. I believe it is in this realm of the Spirit where greater revelation lies for the days ahead. There is a kingdom government that overshadows our earthly government and it is this place in the Spirit that believers need to access – not just by faith, but by encounter. My spirit is being drawn like never before to access this reality.
Ever since an angel came to me in 2002, I have had a gift of revelatory dreams. Most of the prophetic words God has given me through the years have come through dreams. Several years ago, I began to ask the Lord to take me deeper – take me higher. Dreams are actually the lowest level of revelation because they can be so subjective. Visions are more reliable, but face-to-face encounters are the best! Ultimately, my desire is to be like Moses who saw Jesus face-to-face (Numbers 12:6-7). My challenge is to get past all the media distractions and information in order to feed my spirit to this end. This is what I am praying through in my fast.
I also have learned through the years that I LIVE the Word of the Lord before I release it. Everything that I have released about this past election came as a result of a personal journey the Lord took me through this summer where I lived a process that mirrored exactly what was going to happen at the national level. It is still unfolding and everything I experienced is coming to pass. It is for this reason that I believe what I am feeling and experiencing is not for me alone. I carry the heartbeat of the body of Christ in this nation and I know many are feeling lost like me. (I’m certainly not the only one who carries this heart – I’ve just come to recognize that not everything I “feel” is personal, but corporate.) We are at a huge transition point as the church in this nation and there is no road map. I am praying that whatever breakthrough I can experience personally will open the door for others.
The one revelation the Lord has given me which I want to leave with you is this: This next season is not so much about our passion for the Lord, but His passion for us. The focus of much intercession in this past season has been to bring us all to a place of desperation and hunger for the Lord. It has focused on how much passion we have for Him. I truly believe that what the Lord wants to reveal to us in this next season is His passion for us. In Isaiah 9:7 it says that the increase of His government will never end and it is “…the zeal of the Lord” that will accomplish this. That zeal is His passion – for US. I believe there is a level of His zeal and passion for us that He LONGS to pour out. This is what I long to know personally. I grew up under a huge Religious Spirit and have fought it all my life. The enemy has haunted me, always telling me I’m not doing enough to prove my love for the Lord. I have stood against those lies and found much freedom. Yet – I know there is a greater revelation of His passion for me that I have yet to truly know.
If you’ve made it this far in my post – thank you :-). If the Lord puts me on your heart in the next 12 days, I welcome your prayers. I also welcome any insight or word that the Lord might give to you regarding this fast. You can comment here on this blog, or email me at wandaalger@ifapray.org. I have been so incredibly blessed by those who have chosen to “follow” me on this journey. Your comments inspire me and have encouraged me to keep pressing in. I pray that YOU might know Him and SEE Him like never before. He is such a good, good Father.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Wanda,Oh, how this has touched a note deep within me. As you are talking re: the mountain of government it encourages me in my walk where I am at this time.I want to encourage you in what you are doing with the 12 day fast and seeking the heart of the Father.Excerpt from your email: “It is a 12-day Fast because 12 is the number of government (as well as completion, authority, order, etc.).” Not to draw attention to myself, but I would like to share an experience I had on Oct. 29, 2016 at a “Dream Retreat” through “Empower 2000” and pray that it gives you encouragement and maybe insight. Teaching by Dr. Theresa Phillips,was re: the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. Rev. 21:19-20.Jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth & amethyst.The 12th foundation is amethyst and represents “Royalty & Leadership” as well as government. (We are of a Royal priesthood & leaders). It is also the birthstone for February-my birth month. My birth date is 24 (2×12).Dr. Theresa anointed each of us and had us walk under a canopy and declare; “I’m taking my mountain.” Without her knowing the above details, when she anointed me she reached up and touched my face and said; “You already have your mountain, it’s the mountain of government.” At which, I began to weep realizing the land assignments that I have recently been involved in are related to governmental authority. Two days before on Oct. 27 at the retreat we took a very large key, “The Key of David,” Rev. 3:7 “. . . He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens.” We each too the key and symbolically used the key to open a door and walk into what God had for us, giving ourselves to Him. This was powerful to me. “Lord, I give you all that I am, all I will be and all that I have.” The next day, Oct 28, I was talking to a gentleman in attendance by the name of Bruce. I didn’t know this gentleman, who is from Canada, but when I talked to Dr. Joseph Peck re: what Bruce had said to me, he said; “Well if Bruce said it you can count on it.”This is what Bruce said to me. Last evening when you were turning the Key of David, I saw above your head; “Recognized.” I asked him to elaborate. He began by relating to the court system of the US. There are the lower courts and then there is the Supreme Court. Most anybody can go into the lower courts, but in order to go into the Supreme Court they have to know who you are; not just anybody can enter. He then began to talk about the Courts of Heaven, which I have studied. He said; “In the Courts of Heaven you are “Recognized,” because of your Intercession.  Though, I, like you, have felt weary and lost; God gave me a profound revelation that He has seen, knows and values my time before the Throne.I know that you know this same truth, but I do want to encourage you than in all you have done and all that you are doing, He will honor this time and He will honor you as you enquire of the King & The Kingdom for all He has for you in the next stage of your life. His passion is that we LOVE as Jesus Loves. To know His heart as you are desiring.  I bless you as you pursue Him and honor you for your heart the is seeking hard after Him.I pray divine revelation to be poured into you.I am hearing 1 Jn. 2:27 “But the anointing which you have received of Him abides in you, and you do not need any man teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and even as it has taught you, you shall abide in Him.” Please know that I am encouraged also. As you talk about a realm of greater revelation that we need to access for the days ahead, not just by faith, but by encounter. I know that on Oct. 22nd I along with 4 other women had such an encounter here in Culpeper. A shift took place that was felt. We witnessed a completion of a birthing in the spirit here that one of the gals, a seer, saw an afterbirth come down from heaven, then God’s hand come down and laid His hand on top of the placenta and the on top of that was a “scales of justice.”We were dealing with repentance and forgiveness for the atrocities of civil war in the land, First Nations and slavery.The scales of justice has been served here in the “Cradle of America.” He has completed a work. (The completion & authority of the # 12.)There is so much more to this story that started when I was still living in MI when He told me we were entering the “Birthing Room.” I too believe, that what we walked through here had a significant bearing on the election as we also encountered several persons that were doing similar things at strategic location around the US in relationship to the governmental mountain by being at and completing assignments at historical sites; Dutch Sheets, Neigle Bigpond, James Nesbit, John Hamill & others as well as ourselves at about the same time. God had told us that it needed to be done before the election. All of this brings back the realization that when I read your post on the Elijah List where you were introduced by Bill Yount and knew that I needed to get to know you; that it was truly a God ordained introduction.Would love to hear your journey through this time of fasting and revelation. Bless you my dear sister in Christ.Mary Webb

  2. Wanda, your post resonated deeply with me. I recently read a book in which the author told the story of the Lord’s visitation to him, in that visitation the Lord asked him what he wanted and like Solomon of old he said wisdom; the author stated he was so surprised he couldn’t think of anything else to ask for. I’ve considered that question since reading that book…what would I say if the Lord asked me that question.
    I believe God will answer your prayer to know His passion during this fast. He wants you to know. But as you’ve probably discovered before during fasts, the unexpected can happen, like wonderful treasures from the Father. In Sept I started a 40 fast for my daughter who is currently a prodigal. A couple of weeks into the fast God worked on me…a wonderful work, something I wasn’t expecting or asking for.
    I look forward, with much anticipation, to read what God has done for you during this fast in your future posts.

  3. Pretty deep stuff here re Govt of God and the politics of God. This template runs throughout the book of 2nd Kings. There were those in the royal lines of Kings and Prophets who followed God’s politics( just a few) and those kings who did not.
    Those who did his bidding on land over the cities and the nation( destruction of high places, temples of foreign gods were justly rewarded. (All of these places of geography are listed in their order of significance in Proverbs……’Wisdom is in the gates, center concourse and high places’. The one which refers to wisdom building either her or the house( depending on the bible one reads) is the most difficult for us mortals…. even Solomon to grasp. This is cuz we think of the house in our life time however the house is being prepared for us on earth as it still in heaven. As he continues to mature his house here on earth and in heaven( those walking in his governance) which is very tricky and even Leviathaninac( word?) doing as the democratic culture would have us do democratic ‘ Christian based things’like exercise our ” rights”. These things are unto them selves a form of default away from his govt to man’s.
    His govt is being matured on earth as it is in heaven toward his ultimate fulfillment when “the house shows itself to the house” as stated in Ezekiel 43:10 as His eternal inheritance begins to see the pattern pointing to New Jerusalem.

      1. As it was written my spirit was animated by the Holy Spirit which led me to share.
        I look forward to learning about you’re inspiration and revelation.
        Perhaps it may ignite a sharing of revelations?

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