A Watchman Dream: There’s a Mole in The House!

In a recent dream, I see that something is happening in the foundations of the land. Something is destroying things from underneath. I go look outside my house and see a hole in the ground. I know it belongs to a mole. I know that a mole is what is causing the destruction. Sure enough, I hear some rumbling and soon after I see a mole race out of the hole into the field.
There is talk of moles inside the White House. A mole is “… a spy who achieves, over a long period, an important position within the security defenses of a country.” Moles are dangerous because they are illegal intruders seeking to wreak damage from the inside. Any suspected moles in the White House pose a major threat to the safety and security of our national government. But, in my dream, this mole was inside MY house. It was not easily detected, but it was there. As I prayed through this, I felt the Lord was giving insight for many believers right now as we are praying into the foundations of our country. Without solid foundations at home, any national foundation will surely fail, and there is a mole that must be dealt with personally before we can address it corporately.
The spiritual mole that is wreaking havoc in the foundations of our lives is FEAR. As uncertainties arise across the nation and constant foreboding lingers in the air, there is a mole called FEAR that is trying to destroy the foundations of our faith. It is the fear of the unknown, fear of disaster, fear of civil war, fear of hostile take-overs, fear of being alone, and many other fears that are trying to cripple the corporate conscience. And, these fears start at home.
Do not allow this mole access! It has gotten in due to HOLES in the foundational thinking of our homes and families. Do you believe that your future is SECURE regardless of social and civic unrest? Do you trust the Father with your family, without reservation? Can you stand in absolute confidence of His protection and provision, even if the “signs” say something else? Even as national and natural catastrophes increase, is your faith in His love and care sound enough to withstand the tests?
If these matters are not settled in your heart and spirit, this MOLE will continue to burrow in your spiritual foundations and weaken your FAITH. Get into His Word and get into His presence so He can bring you to that place of confident assurance of His GOOD plans for a good future.

But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life (Jude 20 ESV).

Close up the holes of doubt and disbelief and strengthen the truth that you are standing on. The enemy will cause all manner of signs to occur in order to shake your faith. Don’t let him do it! Do not allow that which you see and hear to rob you of your confidence in the Father of Lights and Life. Regardless of the tests, He will make all things good for those who trust in Him and do right. Regardless of the shakings, He will remain firm and steadfast in His purposes and promises to bring forth a kingdom of His glory that will surpass the longings and imaginations of all who trust in Him.
The Lord is also highlighting the necessity of being joined with family – spiritual family. In another dream I saw and experienced this urgency of families being together in order to strengthen one another.  Now is not the time to try and stand alone. It is a corporate faith that will stand strong in the midst of trials and tests. It is the encouragement from other brothers and sisters that will strengthen the body as every part works together.
For some, it’s time to GO HOME. There are those who have wandered from home trying to find their own way but the Lord is calling them back to the House from which they came. It’s time to circle the wagons and come together. The Lord is raising up Houses – families – called and set apart for this season where each one can be strengthened, encouraged, and empowered in their faith.
Establish your house, secure the foundations of your trust, and repair the holes of doubt. The weight of His coming glory will need secure foundations on which to land and rest. Displace any fear with faith in The One who has already settled the matter and is working EVERYTHING for our good as we continue to listen, follow, and obey.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. ONE more wise counsel.. 100 % This is the time to fill up and destroy mole holes Thank you! VivH

  2. I’m always blessed when the Lord gives a word of encouragement and truth and Confirmation. I didn’t have a vision but a dream with bread and foundation in August,2016. I was sitting outside and it was evening because it was dark outside. There was someone sitting in front of me but sideways. We were in front of this building that use to be my elementary school. But we were waiting and watching. I turned around and behind me was a brother in the,Lord I knew and proceeded to tell him to come and look at the foundation. He looked at it, and I said to him, the foundation had a deep crack in it and looks like someone tried to hide it by patching it up. He just said hmmm, ok! and sat back down. I looked at the man who did not say a word, but he had white hair and sat there. I wondered if he was Holy Spirit. Any way I proceeded to eat a piece of bread, (the word of God) from bread that happened to be in my hand, and the dream ended there. I do believe that we do have to do as wanda shared,to listen,pray,watch,follow and obey to establish our homes, repair the damage of doubt the moles have created and or are trying to create, and secure our foundations by removing fear. You said that the enemy will try to weaken your spiritual foundation so stay in the word and in his presence, yes so true, Amen and Amen! Confirmation!

  3. This word is amazing the Lord had confirmed to me today that the BIG issues in the house are the foundation! Thank you

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