I have been feeling the Zeal of the Lord on the increase regarding the prophetic movement. He is taking many in the Body of Christ through a period of DISCIPLINE. He LOVES those He disciplines (Hebrews 12:6) and He is passionate about our maturity, depth of understanding, and godly wisdom in Kingdom ways. However, some of our ways are not kingdom-centered but rather self-focused. We have been swept up in marketing traps and ministry mindsets that are distracting us and poisoning His heart and purposes.

The Lord wants to UPGRADE the Prophetic movement within the Church. There is an increase of FALSE PROPHETS and FALSE TEACHERS that are mesmerizing many sincere believers. Their gifts and “anointings” have become a fascination with people and we have forgotten how to discern what is TRUE and what is of the HOLY Spirit. The only thing that will ultimately defeat this is by starting to ask more questions and knowing the REAL THING.

Even as there are legitimate prophetic voices arising, so there is an onslaught of counterfeits speaking “prophetic words” and “revelations” that have no weight of the Spirit and no Christ-like character to back them up. Many of these self-appointed prophets have no accountability and are seeking notoriety, fame, and a large ministry more than they are seeking the heart of God and HIS Word. What they speak in public is not backed up in private and their personal lives are often in turmoil.

I hear the Lord saying He is about to TURN THE TABLES OF THE MONEY-CHANGERS in the Temple Court Yards! He is exposing the UNDERSIDE of many who have taken advantage of the gifts of the Spirit and are using them for their own means. They have been PROSTITUTING THE PROPHETIC for their own PROFIT. What is supposed to be a humble service to the Body of Christ has now become a marketplace ruled by MAMMON (Matthew 21:12-13). The Temple Courts were to be set apart for true worshipers who were preparing a sacrifice for the Lord. The money-changers instead opened the gates to anyone who wanted to pass through in order to increase their business. Their greed for “increase” desecrated the Holy Place. This mixture has to stop. The Lord’s passion for His Father’s House and the expression of His Father’s heart is burning hot.

This TURNING OVER of THE TABLES is a work of the Lord because of His ZEAL and PASSION for TRUTH and integrity. We have allowed a mixture of holy and unholy, of flesh and the Spirit, of Kingdom and the World, and He says ENOUGH! Counterfeits are a mixture and they are deadly.

As I have continued to pray into this and watched many who are “speaking” through social media, the Lord then brought to mind the children’s fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. He showed me that this is how many in the prophetic movement are operating. There are prophetically gifted people who are parading around in the public square wearing their gift and anointing in hopes that many will follow their supernatural gifts. Because of personal ambition and pride, even though they are gifted and called, the posture of their heart is EXPOSING THEIR NAKEDNESS before the Lord. What they think is an amazing gift has actually become a fraud, a counterfeit, and is exposing their own weakness. Without a life of integrity and personal character to anchor their spiritual authority, these “profiting” voices are leading sincere followers astray. Unfortunately, just as in the fable, most believers do not call this out for fear of being called judgmental or critical. In the fable, it took a child to point out the obvious and break the spell.

Thankfully, the Lord is drawing out sons and daughters of the Kingdom to address the counterfeits of our day. He is clearing His Father’s House of these profiteers and preparing the way for another generation to demonstrate the purity and power of His Word with authentic spiritual authority. There is a hidden remnant of holy, sanctified, and righteous prophetic voices that have been humbly waiting in the wings. They are hidden under the shelter of the Most High and have been prepared for this hour to come forth, ushered in by the Presence and Power of God – not by man. Because their hearts have been right and they seek only to serve and live honorable lives for HIS glory and fame, the Lord’s favor has been growing on them and around them. They may not have large “platforms” on earth, but they are known in heaven! There is going to be a changing of the guard in the prophetic by true sons and daughters who have sought to please the Lord and not man.

Regardless of our gifts or supposed anointing, God’s priority is ALWAYS about the HEART. How we live and walk AT HOME, IN OUR MARRIAGE, and IN OUR COMMUNITY is the true litmus test of our prophetic purity and accuracy. It is we who read all the prophetic words and revelations that must be diligent in discerning and testing these words. Rather than simply accepting words because they are “positive” and make us feel good, are they maturing us, challenging us, and calling us higher into sonship? Are they simply promising us provision and promotion or are they sharpening our senses and shaping our character (Hebrews 4:12)?

Perhaps if we started asking more questions, it would be a start in stopping this trend. Do we know the person who is speaking this word? Do they have a healthy marriage and family back home? Regardless of their online following, what is their reputation in their own community? Are they a part of a local house of worship where they are getting accountability and oversight? Do they honor spiritual authority? Has their ministry born time-tested fruit that reflects Kingdom values? Have their previous words come to pass!? Are they asking for payment for your next word or insight? Are they drawing you to their own gift or ministry or pointing you to the Lord?

The only way to address these issues is for sincere followers to pay more attention and be willing to ask the tough questions. This is not being judgmental or critical. It is properly judging a word and calling one another to a higher standard of righteousness and integrity (1 Corinthians 14:29; John 4:1). Too many orphaned leaders are reproducing orphaned followers, unable to receive correction or reproof. It is time to grow up.

May we learn to walk as a prophetic people with integrity of heart and character “…until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ (Ephesians 4:13-16, NIV).”

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


8 Responses

  1. Thank you very much, Wanda, for this critically important warning. I am in total agreement with you and have discerned this grave danger as well. Ours is an age of great deception. We must be sober and vigilant, continually studying to show ourselves approved so that we may rightfully divide the Word of Truth. God bless you!

  2. thank you wanda. I have questioned some on social media who are asking up front for offerings. I’m of the old school that you trust the Lord if you are stepping out. His calling is His equipping. I was happy you addressed that if you question these things are you being judgemental? I sure don’t want to be called “critical”. I do want to have good discernment and wisdom in how to address things that I question. I appreciate your sweet gift!
    Karen Anderson

  3. Dear Wanda,
    Thank you! Thoughtful evaluation through your questions is very helpful. I’ve been wondering what to use as good guidelines. Thank you for sharing; may GOD bless you and ALL you hold dear.

  4. It is about time this word came forth! God is faithful to His children & we need to be faithful to Him! No more tickling peoples fancy & time to tell the truth! There has been too much lying! Too much backbiting! Too much self!

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