Need Help Interpreting Your Dreams?

Every week, I get emails from folks who have had dreams and want help in understanding them. God loves to speak to us through dreams and it’s always an invitation to draw closer to His heart as we discover the clues He gives us.

Back in 2003 I had an angelic visitation in the middle of the night that was totally unexpected. I was awakened (awoke?!) from a sound sleep to see a bright and glowing angel coming towards me from the foot of our bed – and he was moving fast! It seemed he was on a mission – to give me something. It only lasted for about ten seconds but this Presence filled my room and I was totally shaken. Though I didn’t understand it at the time, from that time forward there was an increase in my dream-life and the spirit of wisdom and revelation began to operate at high levels. Ever since then it has been a journey of discovery as God has revealed Himself to me through dreams. I have journaled my dreams for years and have learned much from seeing the fruit of the interpretations and greater prophetic insight into the language of the Spirit. I want to share some of these discoveries with other dreamers!

We just released this 4-hour CD Audio Teaching Set on DREAM INTERPRETATION that I taught at Crossroads to a group of inquiring dreamers. It’s full of simple, yet practical tips in interpreting and understanding what God might be speaking to you in your own “night parables”.

Here’s a sample of some of the teaching:

Session 1: The Language of Dreams – Revealing the Father’s heart; Night Parables; Types of dreams; Spiritual warfare in dreams

Session 2: Interpretation and Application of Dreams – 4 steps to dream interpretation; Preparing your heart and mind; Common themes and symbols; Interpreting disasters and negative elements

Session 3: Practicing Principles of Interpretation – Review of principles; Examples of interpretation; Questions and Answers; Tools of interpretation

Session 4: Nightmares and False Dreams – Discerning the source; Overcoming the spirit of fear; Watchman and warning dreams; Empowering children to overcome nightmares

You can order from our church, Crossroads Community Church, by CLICKING HERE to see the Product list, or CLICK HERE to go directly to our “Quick Give” option. Use the “Resource Books” Fund option for your suggested donation of $23.00. Indicate the title of the DVD series in the comments box. (Note some of the DVD Prophetic Teaching series we also just released).

Blessings to you as you journey with the Lord through your visions in the night!

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  1. Thank you! I want these; dreams come to me that I need to understand, Thank you! Viv


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