I had this dream on March 17 and thought of this upcoming eclipse on August 21. I have purposely avoided reading too many other opinions so as not to be swayed by others. What I share on the eclipse is simply the PART the Lord has shown me. It is not in response to what anyone else has said. If it confirms other prophetic voices – praise God. If not – discern for yourself:-). My assignment from the Lord has always dealt with the condition of the CHURCH so this dream seems to speak to that.
I will note that though this eclipse on August 21 is an amazing phenomenon, it has been expected for years. It is not a sudden “miracle” or “wonder” (we can scientifically explain it) but God will often use “markers” in the heavens to confirm His dealings with man.

This was the essence of my dream:
I had just settled onto a lake property to enjoy the water. I saw other people who were getting ready to go swimming. But then, two things happened simultaneously. The BUGS began to come out in droves and it suddenly turned dark. I knew it was an eclipse. I saw all the people looking up at the sky wondering what was happening. I then said, “Are you waiting for it to suddenly turn light again?!” 

The next thing I know, the clouds are departing, the light is returning, and I see, hanging in mid-air, a HUGE SHIP! It should be in the water, but it is LIFTED UP in the air. Then, it starts getting lower and at the same time it starts to flip, nose down first. It happens so fast, but all the sudden this huge ship is right on top of the house I’m standing in. This huge ship is now rolling over the house I’m in and I realize I will be crushed if I don’t MOVE! I wake up in a panic to get out, knowing it cannot be stopped. 

What’s my interpretation?
Just as an eclipse blocks out the sun and obscures the light from the observer, I believe the spiritual darkness that has covered this nation has obscured the true Light of the Son to be seen. The underlying demonic stranglehold in governmental spheres has drawn out all the BUGS of corrupt leadership, forcing many believers to retreat in order to find shelter. Many are asking for The Light to return!
The ship represents the Church. Where the Church was originally designed to be in the water of humanity, in the midst of a great harvest of fish, it has been LIFTED UP IN PRIDE. It was never meant to be a spectacle to behold, but a force on the ground that serves and battles on behalf of those lost at sea (the ship was a battle ship). The people waiting to go swimming represent many in the church who have simply been “playing” in the sea of humanity rather than being fishers of men. For many, it is only a result of what they’ve been taught to do and accept as “normal.”

But, the Light of His Glory is about to reveal the true nature of things! There is coming a brightness of His Light that will expose the underside of the Church and it will be HUMBLED. Just as the nose of the ship was the first to come down, those who have been operating in deception and self-promotion, are about to be brought low. (The nose usually symbolizes discernment – or lack thereof). He is turning over the tables of the money-changers and those who have prostituted their gifts and anointings for their own gain and glory. Things are about to be FLIPPED. (This is a corporate exhortation, not taking away from many leaders and believers who ARE humbling themselves and following His lead! His desire is for the collective body of Christ to operate this way.)

This TURNING OVER and humbling of the Church collective will result in a flipping in the Spirit realm, as well. The way we have seen and known church is going to be TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. The change will be so dramatic as to force us OUTSIDE the current walls of our organizations and into the streets. This is unto a massive harvest where believers will operate in a totally new way from previous generations. In the dream I had on a new bathing suit. Everyone noticed it. I believe this represents a new “clothing from on high” of spiritual power and enablement. We will not DO church, but BE the church. We will be mantled with a new level of grace and zeal of the Lord to complete the great commission. This sudden TURNING OVER is NOT unto “the end” but rather “the beginning” of a new season of unprecedented signs and true wonders from above! As believers humble themselves and allow Holy Spirit to come in fullness of power and authority, we will see and experience things that have NEVER been known before!

I can share this with confidence because of several other dreams I’ve had in the last three years with the same message – that of the Church being turned upside-down and inside-out by a crazy move of His Spirit. I don’t know how, when, or where, but I believe this is Gods heart. I believe the Fear of the Lord is about to show up in a way that will shock our system. For those who believe, it will be glorious. For those who don’t, it will be a time of reckoning.

How do we respond? Pray that people would embrace the Fear of the Lord as a GOOD thing and not something to be avoided (Proverbs 14:26; 31:19-20). Search your own heart for any PRIDE you are walking in and surrender to how the Lord wants to use you for HIS glory in the coming days (Psalm 139:23). Pray in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, and be led by the Spirit (Romans 8:6-26; 15:13; 1 Corinthians 2:11-16). Walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT (2 Corinthians 5:7) and expect the unexpected.
Get ready to be clothed from on high once again for heaven IS coming to earth and we will be partnering with the angelic host to bring in many souls for the kingdom! Give Him praise, honor, and adoration, for He is God and rules it all. Even the heavens respond to His will. Let’s pray we do the same.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Sister,
    An amazingly revealing dream…A good deal of confirmations.
    I will post it on the Kingdom Age site if that is okey.
    _________________________________ I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever!

  2. Hi Wanda,
    Thank you for sharing. God often gives me similar prophetic dreams about the church. I couldn’t agree with your interpretation more. I believe it’s right on target. May we truly humble ourselves. 💗

  3. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Wanda Alger’s dream and interpretation is offered for my readers to weigh with the Lord. (It sits well in my spirit and accords with several prophetic words on the state of the church.) Thank you Wanda and Tony for the link.

  4. Hi Wanda, for the past 30 years the Lord has been leading me to a totally scriptural way of doing Church, I did not decide that myself that I should go in that direction, He did. What started it all was querying Him on the best way to do the 5 fold ministry. He then led me step-by-step very gradually to where it is today.
    The 5 fold Ephesians 4:11 thru 16 cannot be done within the present structures of the Church as it based on the top down structures, and consequentially it affects all thinking on how to do Church.
    The Lord gave me this epigram to understand how the Godhead operates –
    Corporate responsibility with Individual freedom of function
    Individual freedom of function with Corporate responsibility
    You can check from Genesis to Revelation, and that is exactly how things work, and it can be seen that is how the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit operate, and how heaven operates.
    There is obviously a great deal more to it than just the epigram.
    Sorry, this comment is so long but it ran away with me as I began typing.
    If you wish to pursue what I have said, please email me on and I would be glad to share from what He has shown me, and shows exactly what you have said in the above posting of yours, and provides detail for your prophetic comments.
    Blessings to you and yours

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