To Women Who are Feeling Enslaved by the Enemy

God’s heart is on His daughters these days and many prophets have been giving words of encouragement to women. Several weeks ago, I had a series of four dreams in one night – like chapters of a book. They formed a message from the Lord, giving instructions for women who are feeling trapped and bound because of the hooks of the enemy. Though the principles can apply to both men AND women, it was a woman represented throughout. He is showing us how to get free and stay free!

Through this message, the Lord revealed women who are being “framed” by a Task Master who has brainwashed them into thinking enslavement is normal. He has placed HOOKS in their flesh to keep them bound. However, the Lord wants them to remember not just the POWER of His blood, but the PASSION of His blood that has already set them free! If you are one of these women, you are not alone. You have a brother, a co-heir, and One who, not only understands you but has already paid the price for you to be free of this enslavement. He is inviting you to REMEMBER what He did for YOU and to come home to freedom.

In the first dream, I saw a woman being bound by her hands, hanging in a dark basement. Though she should have been restless, frustrated, and looking for a way out, she was reasoning with her captor, instead. This Task Master came down the steps talking of the HOOKS he was going to place in her flesh. I could see his plan, like that of someone pinning an insect to a board. This Task Master wanted to FRAME this woman as a TROPHY to look at. He was taking joy in it. Unfortunately, the only thing she knew to do was to try and appease him in hopes of easing the situation.

The Lord is revealing in this part HOW the enemy traps us. It’s through various HOOKS in our flesh that we get pinned down, bound up, and at his mercy. He cannot touch our spirits, so he attacks our flesh. These HOOKS can be ungodly beliefs, bitter roots of the past, heart wounds, unforgiveness, and unresolved issues in our personal history. The painful reality is that we so often try to REASON with our flesh instead of going to the cross. We cannot reason with sin or reason with the devil. We must renounce the hooks and rebuke His influence.

The second dream revealed exactly WHERE these hooks are coming from.
In the second dream, I saw a woman cleaning out her closet. She hadn’t tended to it for a long time. There was clutter and an accumulation of stuff from years gone by. There were even things that had been brought from foreign countries that didn’t belong. I knew it was several generations old.

I believe the Lord is revealing here the need to clean out our spiritual closets. The enemy will find anything he can to have legal access to our hearts, even if it goes back generations. There are also things that are “foreign” to God’s heart and need to go. In the courts of heaven, the enemy is like a prosecutor that goes to find evidence to bring against us. Until we take responsibility for that evidence and apply the blood of Jesus to it, he will have a legal right to harass us and detain us (Zech 3:1, Job 2:1-6, Rev 12:10). However, we have Jesus as our Mediator and Holy Spirit as our Counselor. The blood of Jesus speaks on our behalf and we can be cleared of all charges as we present our case to The Judge, who happens to be on our side (Luke 18:7-8)!

We cannot underestimate the power of the blood of Jesus. This is the climax of this entire message as this was the most vivid and colorful part of my dreams.

In the third dream, I was taken to an old theater out in the middle of a forest. It was an open amphitheater of sorts and it was huge. I could tell it had been abandoned and the immense silence was only broken by the gentle breezes that were flowing through the place. There were red velvet chairs lined up throughout the theater, carefully placed for eager viewers to see the stage which was framed by large flowing red curtains. They were waving in the breeze by some unseen force. I instinctively knew this was where THE PASSION OF CHRIST had been seen.

As I began to walk around this theater, I took in the sight of what “must have been”, but was also aware of a Presence that still lingered. As I was walking through this place, all the sudden, I am lifted up by this gentle wind. Before I know it, I am floating above the entire complex, looking down on what was once a glorious scene of triumph and victory. I can feel the LIFE that still resides here. It has lifted me up above the earth and caused me to FLY! I feel a freedom that, somehow, feels familiar. Even though it has been forgotten by many, the reality of what it represents is STILL ALIVE AND ACTIVE! I finally begin to see others trickle in, having the same experience I was.

THIS is the main message of these dreams. The Lord wants His daughters to know the PASSION of His love for them and what His blood represents. The enemy wants you to FORGET what He has already done through the shedding of His blood (Heb 5:1-3). Regardless of the hooks of the enemy, the lies he spews, and the pain of the past, Jesus has ALREADY dealt with it! He took your sins, the curses, the ungodly beliefs, the pain, and He nailed it to the cross – once and for all. All you have to do is APPLY IT in order to enter into His rest.

The power of His blood is there because of the PASSION in His heart.

It is His intense love and longing for YOU that drew Him to the cross in the first place. It is a glorious place of freedom and LIFE. When the work of the cross is specifically applied to these hooks in your life, you can experience a freedom that will lift you high above your circumstances and cause you to soar in faith. The key is to REMEMBER.

In the last dream, I saw a young woman who had just discovered she had a long-lost brother that no one told her about. She found out that he wanted to find her and she couldn’t understand why her family had hidden this from her. Even as she tried to reach out to him, there was another figure in the picture, trying to prevent this connection.

In Hebrews 2 we are reminded that Jesus became our “brother” in order to share in our humanity. This He did so we could be free from the enslavement of sin! Since the children have flesh and blood, He too shared in their humanity so that by His death he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil — and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death (Heb 2:14-15 ESV).

This is the glorious truth and message of the cross! Jesus, our brother, came in the flesh in order to nail our sins, weaknesses, and transgressions to the cross. We don’t have to be framed because JESUS ALREADY WAS! He was ALREADY nailed to a cross. He took that pain as He allowed Himself to be bound, held captive, and imprisoned by the Task Master. It is precisely because of what Jesus did, His daughters don’t have to REASON with the devil anymore. There is absolutely NO REASON to consider his threats or intimidation. There is NO REASON to comply to his demands and give him access to your heart. There is NO REASON to stay hanging in that dark place by yourself. It’s time to renounce the lies and rebuke this slave driver!

REMEMBER the passion of Christ. REMEMBER the power of His blood. REMEMBER the freedom of the cross. REMEMBER that YOU are His and have been given the right to, not only walk in freedom, but SOAR IN FAITH.

To those women, I say COME UP and COME OUT! May you come up and find this place of His passion and be lifted up in His presence. May you come out of the darkness and into the brightness where you were created to live. May you know the JOY that is yours and rest on the winds of His peace that will carry you through!

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf (Heb 6:19 ESV).

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