Alignment Will Unlock Breakthroughs!

Many people are seeing numbers in alignment in uncanny ways. Whether it’s “1111”, “222”, or “444”, I’m hearing that these types of number sequences have been on the increase in the past few months. The Lord reminded me of a word He gave me in 2013 and feel led to highlight it again. I believe He wants to encourage us to KEEP ON GOING! Don’t give up now – the breakthrough we are longing for is soon at hand…
I see a combination lock. It is the kind used on a chain and contains a row of numbers that have to be aligned before it can be unlocked.  The numbers are almost in line! This is what is happening in the Spirit.
Many are praying for breakthroughs, not only personally but corporately. Believers have been praying, fasting, repenting, and preparing the way of The Lord.  There is an increased hunger and longing for His manifested glory to be revealed in our churches and cities.
Yet, it will not be just one factor that will make the difference, but a combination of several.  Before He can come in fullness, there are things He has been bringing into alignment.  He is working on relationships getting in order. He is looking beyond repentance and is teaching us how to walk and live by the Spirit.  He is drawing us together as the Church. There is also a tipping point coming through seasons of perseverance and faithfulness to His Word.
Do not be anxious about not seeing the full manifestation of the breakthrough, yet! God is pleased with every act of obedience for it brings one more number into alignment.
Stay in tune with the Holy Spirit for there is a specific combination for every heart and every city that will ultimately unlock this next move of the Holy Spirit!  Step back to see the bigger picture.  Look for the alignment. It’s very close…perhaps only one more click away!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. We have been getting the number 444 a lot for almost a year now. The Lord revealed to us that it is from 2Kings 4:44 when Elisha’s servant fed 100 men with 20 loaves of bread. It was questioned by Elisha’s helper, but the passage reads something like this: and they ate and there was some left over, according to the word of the Lord. The operative phrase is ” according to the word of the Lord”. Through this number, the Lord has drilled into our Spirits that whatever He says, you can bank on it!

  2. i ve seen all the numbers from 555.444… to 111 and 1111 but lately the numbers the Lord is showing me are 37 and 73.and 74 and 47 please help me to understand what does it mean! Doea anybody see them as well? God bless you

    1. Good morning Vero, in mybpersonal experience I leard 5 is the biblical number for grace.
      37 is where in Ezekiel 37 ~ Breath from ADONAI YAH filled the dry bones. He is doing that in us now.
      If you Google ” what is the biblical meaning of numbers ” our Holy Spirit will teach you how it applies to your life.
      1,11 is very significant, so is the repeated number, means great emphasis on the meaning.
      47,73 and 74. I usually read psalms and proverbs if applicable sine proverbs only goes to 31 chapters.
      He promises to give us wisdom and in John 16 : 13 it is written the our Holy Spirit will teach us.
      Hope this helped. Remain blessed and anointed.
      Cheryl Anne

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