“I’m doing the same thing in the Oval Office as you are doing out here.”
That’s what Donald Trump said to my husband and another leader as they were riding together in a truck harvesting apples. And, yes, this was a dream. My husband, Bobby, had it two nights ago. Since I’m usually the “dreamer” in our family, when Bobby has a memorable dream, I pay attention.
My husband (a pastor) was sitting in the passenger seat while another leader was driving. Donald Trump was sitting behind them in his suit and tie next to a pile of apples they were harvesting. He was very conversational saying, “I am just like you guys, I enjoy this kind of work.” Bobby said Trump seemed very happy to connect with “ordinary people” doing their routine jobs and making a difference in everyday life.
As I asked the Lord “Why this dream?” and “Why now?” three things came to mind that should empower our prayers for the President.
The first is his heart and motivation in what he’s doing. For those who have had close contact with the President, the consistent take-away is his sincere desire to help people and his personal connection with citizens. This is what his adversaries are consistently trying to disqualify, and it is what we need to pray into so that the President can continue the work he’s been called to. IT’S HARVEST TIME IN THIS NATION and this President has been put into office to help this process, starting with the economy. Our prayers of blessing on this harvest can empower those who are called to bring it in, starting with the President.
Secondly, I took note that the church leaders were the ones driving the truck, not Trump! This is a call to those in the church to work alongside the President in doing their part in this harvest. This Presidents’ primary motivation is to empower the people of this nation to do what they were created to do. His boldness should empower us as believers to do our part. Where he is touching the fields of government and business, we’ve been called to reach even more fields for the kingdom of God. Where his adversaries try to paint him as a lone ranger with a big ego, the Lord’s desire is to use his gifts and abilities to embolden and empower others. We must pray that this goal is realized and celebrated.
Lastly, I can’t help but point out the parallel between apple harvesting and the ongoing goal of President Trump to deal with some “bad apples” in the high places of our government. Apples are picked by hand when the harvest begins. It is when they go to the factory that they undergo strict inspection so that the bad apples are dealt with. The ongoing investigations into corrupt dealings on Capitol Hill are taking care of these Bad Apples! We need to pray for this process of inspection to complete its purpose in maintaining the standards of integrity and truth in our governing system. It is not the President who will “bring them down,” but the laws of our land, rightly administered, that will bring proper justice.
Let’s continue to pray for President Trump as he pursues this needed harvest of righteousness in the land. Let us pray that we in the church will do our part. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9).

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. This is a very interesting dream and interpretation of the dream. I agree God will use Trump to bless America. But, I don’t agree with his approach to allowing lies to stand as truth and people in his administration agree with his lies. There is also the issue with people of color. I pray for the president and will continue.

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