NOW AVAILABLE! Oracles of Grace: Building a Legacy of Wisdom and Revelation

I’m so excited to announce my new book is finally here and available for you to order in time for Christmas.
A new devotional resource for the New Year to take you deeper in your walk with the Lord. Over 40 entries of prophetic insights and scriptural principles to build a lasting foundation in your journey as a Spirit-empowered believer. Each reading includes Scripture references for further study in addition to specific prayers to apply for your daily life. Consider it as a gift to others you want to encourage in their walk with the Lord.
Read what others are saying about Oracles of Grace:

“Oracles of Grace is a book to take you from where you are, in a straight line to where you want to be…to where you need to be… This is a book that draws you softly and carefully into that grace without the trappings of legalism.  You need to get this book.” – STEVE SCHULTZ, Publisher, The Elijah List

“Are you ready to fall into our Father’s heart through a passionate pursuit with greater power and results? I highly recommend this book to bring you into alignment with His heart and what He is doing on this earth.” – DALE J. MAST, Senior Pastor, Destiny Church, Dover, Delaware; author, And David Perceived He Was King

 “I can personally attest that Oracles of Grace was penned by one who knows the secret place from firsthand experience. Whether a novice or grizzled warrior, Oracles of Grace has the potential for life-changing breakthroughs with Him!”  BRIAN FRANCIS HUME, National Prayer Director, Awaken the Dawn

“I recommend this book very highly to those who wish to break free from the unending complexities and challenges of these times, to return to the simplicity of a life in Christ: simply knowing Him, and living out His grace in our lives. This call to authentic Christianity rings loud and clear throughout the pages of Oracles of Grace.” – SARA BALLENGER, Founder and President of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

Get one for yourself and think of friends or family members who are looking for a way to grow in their walk with God. Get several copies to give away.
I. An Invitation to the Secret Place
It’s All About Perspective – Eternity Is in Your Heart – Are You Willing to Get Uncomfortable? – Relationship First – A Lover That’s Bound to No Other – The Difference Between Believers and Lovers – The Chambers of His Heart – Getting a Heart Transplant – Faith Is the Fuel – The Promise Keeps Us
II. The Secret of a Sanctified Life
They Are Attracted to Holiness – Holiness Disarms the Enemy – He Has No Hold on Me – Come as The Angels Do – The Latent Power of Obedience – Who Are You? – The Power of Your Own History – Empowered Through Submission
III. Growing in Grace
You Have a Delightful Inheritance – The Task Master Called Performance – Sonship, the Highest Call – He Wants to Capture Your Heart – The Victory Is Greater than the Pain – Accessing God’s Grace – It’s My Word That Performs, Not You – Growing in Discernment 
IV. His Word is Like Fire
What You Believe Is What You Will Become – The Outrageous Possibilities of Prayer – You Are That Platform – Rise Up David and Speak to That Giant – They Must Come Together or Not at All
V. Pursuing His Presence
God’s Manifest Presence – What Happens in His Presence – Keys to Entering His Presence – He Is Passionate About Us – Shifting to a Presence Reality – God’s Glory and the Fear of the Lord – I Save the Best for Last
VI. Oracles of God
Be a Carrier – Close the Breach – Prepare the Way
VII. Additional Resources




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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.

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