God is Re-Setting the Bar for Holiness

Since when is being RIGHTEOUS being RELIGIOUS!?
God is re-setting the bar for what it means to be HOLY – AND HAPPY! Grace isn’t supposed to be a landing pad for compromise, but a LAUNCHING pad to make us Holy. That, my friends, is where true power lies. Watch this video clip for some prophetic perspective on what’s happening in recent headlines and how we as believers should respond. Be encouraged in the power of your prayers!
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Be greatly blessed, dear friends!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Hi Wanda. My name is Paula and I live in Colorado. I want to thank you for all the words you put out and your commitment to Jesus! I watched today’s video and also the one on stop fighting and stand still. So so good!

    I’m in ministry and been doing deliverance for about 25 years also. I so appreciate your stance on taking authority over Satan’s antics before ministry. I do the same thing. I’m primarily a teacher but minister a lot of inner healing and deliverance. Your beliefs are so much like mine and it’s so refreshing to hear the revelation God gives you in your posts. So many people just “put up with” whatever the enemy wants to do.

    I read you on The Elijah List and your own posts. Thank you for your commitment to knowing who who you are in Christ and for all you send out from that place! And I praise God for the revelations you release on the political world. Thank you.

    You are such a blessing to the Body!


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  2. Wanda, mistakenly posted a comment twice on your article. Please delete one. Thx
    Theresa Hill <  Emails:isaiah559@yahoo.comtheresa.hill@bemermail.comTHILL.21KCB@PRIMERICA.COMWebsites:Facebook: Theresa Hillisaiah559.wordpress.comSkype: theresa.hill Worshiping the Lord, Jesus Christ, as I pursue His destiny on my life.

  3. Wanda I’ve been reading your articles in recent months and am bearing witness to much of what you are saying. For some time I’ve been concerned about the lukewarmness of many of our churches. I know we need revival but judgement begins at the household of God. What does the church need to repent of since most believers have already repented of their sins before when they were born again?

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