I received a word several weeks ago saying, “Look for the alignment first, then the platform will come.” This was extremely beneficial as I was seeking God’s direction concerning my focus and where I should put my energies. It helped me see that RELATIONAL ALIGNMENT IS PRIORITY, over and above assignment or task.
The fact is, many of us may be trying to fulfill a word or promise that we were never meant to accomplish alone. We may be wondering why we’re stuck or things are taking so long, when in fact, we may be missing a key puzzle piece – someone else! There are certain things God has placed in our spirit that we cannot access on our own. It will take others to pull it out of us in order to achieve His ultimate purpose.
One of the keys in knowing you are with the right people is that THEY CAN BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU.  It may come through encouragement and affirmation, but it may also come through correction, critical feedback, or even confrontation. The part they play will be different than yours, but will complement the God-sized plan He has in mind for both of you. When we are aligned with those of similar kingdom heart and vision, they will stir and inspire us to dig deeper and draw from the well of the spirit and not just our own ideas (Romans 8:6-8).
Don’t worry if they see things a little differently than you do – that’s on purpose (1 Cor 12:12-20). It’s not about you as an individual or just one message. It’s about the BODY COMING INTO ALIGNMENT with the FATHER’S PURPOSE. One person, project, or ministry alone can never fully represent His heart. That’s why He will position you with others who will add to your vision and passion in ways you don’t or can’t see, yet. As you posture your heart in humility, seeking needed counsel and input from others, it will expand your reach and even have the power to stop the enemy’s attacks against you to limit his influence (Proverbs 11:14; 15:22; Ecc 4:9-10). That’s the power of coming into alignment!
Who you are in relationship with right now is essential to moving forward. This is especially true for independent-minded pioneers who are used to going solo. It is critical to look for those whom God is bringing alongside you. When relationships are in alignment vision starts to grow. There are greater resources to draw from and an increase of grace to “get the job done.” There may be differences of opinion and perspective, yet it is “iron sharpening iron” that will cause the gold to come forth.  You may not always agree or like the process, but you NEED each other!
Watch for who God is bringing into your life. Look for those God-selected people to start asking questions you’ve never heard before or challenging you on issues you haven’t dealt with before. They may not even realize what they are doing, but God will use them to bring out the BEST of what He’s placed inside of you. Together, you will see evidence of His favor and blessing on your partnership in the kingdom.
This CONVERGENCE OF RELATIONSHIPS will cause a supernatural alignment to unlock divine favor and influence yet unseen. It will impact families, churches, communities, and especially those called to lead new initiatives. When we are aligned with the right people we will be empowered to finish what was started. It will demonstrate the power of His kingdom through a synergy that only heaven can create. It will probably require some adjustment and personal change. Yet, it will yield greater fruit as we work together to fulfill the Father’s commission. Align with His heart and then align with those He has called you to. When those pieces come together, the bigger picture will finally make sense.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you and bless you for this Word that you have brought us. I receive it in its entirety. Lord, please surround me with the people you want to bring the message to the world of Who you are, and to bring the 5 fold ministry message call on my and my family’s life, to the world in the way that you want it.

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