For those who have been following this blog and/or my Facebook page, I have some exciting news to share! Rather than writing it all down, I’m sharing with you the video clip I put on Facebook this past weekend to tell the story. I covet your prayers in this next year as I focus on this strategic writing assignment from the Lord! If you’d like to start following my NEW Facebook page, you can find it HERE. (This is not my Personal Page, but a new Public Profile page. It will now become my main communication link on Facebook.) Though I write the majority of my words and articles here, I do share more spontaneous thoughts and editorial comments on Facebook. I have found that each communication platform serves a different purpose, so I am trying to steward each one of them well.
I also encourage you to follow Intercessors for America as I will be posting more videos and articles with them in the coming year. Specifically, sign up for the weekly INFORMER where I write a blog every Wednesday and Friday called “Your Prayers at Work.” They are not always original articles, but many of them will be. THIS COMING WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY (June 27 and 29) I will be sharing specific devotionals on WISDOM including a short video teaching where I lead you in prayer regarding the specific prayer points. This is a new venture (a 4-part series) we are trying and I am hoping it will inspire and encourage more strategic prayer for our nation. If you sign up to receive The Informer, you can start getting these weekly prayer alerts directly to your Inbox.
For those of you who choose not to go online, simply continue to follow this blog and I will post as much as I’m able in the coming weeks:-).  I am so grateful for all the emails and responses I get from those who share my passion for prayer, godly government, healthy leaders, and the local church. The Ekklesia is rising up and the kingdom of God is advancing. Thank you for sharing the things the Lord is revealing so we can strengthen and encourage one another. Many blessings!
WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP BELOW (If you’d like Closed-Captioning, just click the “CC” on the lower right). 

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Sounds wonderful and exciting, looking forward for this book.
    Praying for you and this project.

  2. Such a seasoned (beyond her years) and grounded voice! I have found comfort, logic and purpose in everything Wanda posts.
    God has grown a mighty warrior in Wanda, a friend He shares His secrets with. ⚡️????????❤️????????????????

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