I want to share with you two clips from the message I shared this past Sunday at our home church in Winchester, Virginia. I was speaking on the Practices and Principles of His Presence (click here to watch the entire message on our YouTube channel.)

This first clip challenges us to consider how we makes choices. Do we always look through the lens of God’s “goodness” or through the cross? There’s a difference.  The second clip is a word of encouragement to those who feel like you’re waiting…and waiting…. Be encouraged!

2 Comments on GOD’S GOODNESS OR A CRUCIFIED LIFE? (videos)

  1. So sorry I meant Wanda Don’t know what I was thinking.
    Carole Mates

  2. So very good, Sandy! Thank you so very much for your faithfulness to give forth abundantly!
    Blessings of His Power and Presence,
    Carole Mayes

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