I’ve had two powerful dreams this past week concerning leaders in the church and the need to be on guard. One was concerning pastors and the other about women. I’m sharing the one about women first as it coincides with a word I received from the Lord in 2012.
In the dream, I saw one of my spiritual mothers, who is a pastor, on a large stage with other women. I knew they were all leaders and influencers. They were on this platform as in a pageant, all dressed in various costumes representing their unique gifts and talents. My spiritual mother had the mic and was performing for the crowd. She was dressed with an elaborate clerics collar wearing the traditional outfit of a priest. Not only that, but she had “pipes” sown into her outfit as she paraded down the steps to the stage. It was obvious she was the center of attention.
As she continued to minister to the crowd, I then saw her from her backside as she continued down the steps to the people. She was reaching down to them, wanting to touch them. But, as she bent down, her underwear stuck out and you could see what she was wearing beneath her outfit. Though it wasn’t necessarily inappropriate, I knew she might be embarrassed or even criticized by this unintended breach of privacy.
In this dream, I sensed that these women were being used. My spiritual mother in real life has a true pastors heart and does not like the limelight. None of these women were intending to be put on display, and yet here they were. Their unique personalities were being displayed as trophies for the world to see. They were pawns, caught in a trap. Their call and gifts were being manipulated by SOMEONE ELSE with another agenda. I believe this “someone” is none other than Lucifer. The “pipes” that were sown into the clerical robe in the dream reminded me of the “pipes” that Lucifer is said to have within his very being.

The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created. “You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.” (Ezekiel 28:13-14 NKJV)

Lucifer continually sought glory for himself. He paraded himself around, seeking attention and honor. Ever since his fall, HE HAS WANTED THE PLATFORM! He has wanted everyone to look at HIM and how powerful he is. I believe it is this same spirit that the Lord is urging us to recognize, stand against, and overcome. The Lord is urging us as women to guard our hearts and minds and not allow popularity or notoriety to gain a foothold. The enemy wants to use our gifts for HIS benefit and draw our attention away from the Lord’s glory by focusing on our own.
Yet, the dream also reveals the very strength that many women have – vulnerability and transparency. As my spiritual mother bent down to touch others in the dream, she was “exposed.” Even in the dream, she was not thinking of how she looked. Her priority was to reach out to others and do whatever was necessary to touch them. This is the encouragement to women – be yourself and don’t let the enemy use your transparency against you to embarrass or intimidate you! Your honesty and compassion for others is a plus, not a negative. Where man may see this as a weakness and even criticize you for your sensitive nature, God sees it as your very strength! Your ability to share the depths of your soul with a pure heart is a threat to the enemy and He will try and mock this to shut you down.
In 2012, I received my personal commission from the Lord during a church conference. Part of this commission was very specific. He told me that the enemy’s time of “…prostituting the prophetic and WOMEN in the church IS OVER.” Where I had seen many sincere leaders fall prey to a greater reputation and fame, He cautioned me to keep my heart pure by not TOUCHING HIS GLORY. I knew He was forewarning me of the time when my platform would increase and I would be tempted to focus on THAT instead of pursuing HIM.
In today’s maze of online ministries and viral videos, it is tempting for any rising leader to seek a greater following. Yet, especially to the rising women whom the Lord is calling up in this hour I believe the Lord is saying…
GUARD YOUR HEART and do not allow your gifts and call to be prostituted and paraded around to be used and abused by some man-made Religious standard. Do not seek a platform but seek His presence.  Your call is to be laid down as a servant and handmaiden of the Lord. Are you powerful? Yes! Anointed? Yes! Having authority? Yes! But, NOT FOR A PLATFORM OF MAN. YOUR platform is best revealed in the Spirit – it may not even be evident on this side of the veil. It is a place that no man can touch. It has an authority that no man can usurp or manipulate. Your platform is one born of humility, honesty, transparency, and absolute surrender to HIS plans and purposes. It is the platform of the SECRET PLACE before any PUBLIC SPACE is given. Do not seek man’s attention or parade your gifts and call as a trophy to be seen. Even with the most sincere intentions, the enemy will use this against you to draw you away from the Father’s best.
I declare that the Lord will be your covering! He will go before you and the angelic host will surround you with favor and honor. I declare that your gifts of compassion and the ability to relate to others is a powerful tool in the spirit that will break off chains of oppression and bondage. The Religious Spirit will NOT have a say and will NOT place on you any YOKE that is not yours. Embrace being a servant-leader in the Body who does not care about appearances or platforms, but about the emerging sons and daughters of the kingdom. The Lord is going to lay out the red carpet for you! He celebrates your unique gifts and personality and will make a way for you, even when man does not.
Wait for Him. Be patient and faithful for the portion He has given you. Do not compare yourself with others or try to be someone else. Allow the Holy Spirit to raise you up in due time. He is the one who will give the platform specifically designed for you. Trust Him. Stay low. Make love your ambition and humility your heart posture. His yoke will be easy and His burden will be light as you guard your steps and celebrate HIS GLORY.

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I felt the Holy Spirit annointing while I read this message God bless you for your obedience

  2. Wow…such a powerful confirmation. Thank you, Wanda, for sharing this word of wisdom. You have answered deep questions that I haven’t even been able to adequately articulate. I am grateful.

  3. Speechless. This has been the song of my heart. I feel like I’m even resisting doing what I am called to do because I fear not just man’s rejection (that’s become normal to me) but man’s approval…which, in this age of relativity is kinda scary sometimes. The presence has become so private and so precious and so much happens in me there. I get so filled overflowing I know He wants me to release what He gives but gosh, my flesh knows life is easier in the comfort zone of the pit than out on the frontlines.

  4. Amen to that sister. Obedience. Humility. Focus on Him. The three ingredients for Godly ministry. It is interesting, Lisa. I have been in front of people for all of my Christian walk as a musician/singer. People’s praise no longer means much to me. But God’s approval, that means everything. Do I feel good when someone says something nice, of course. But it is extremely temporal. Do I need it now? Not really. But when God lets me know that I am his daughter and he loves me – that is like great pearls and I would do anything for that! I have seen ministries come and go. I have to agree with Christine Caine that you can entertain and parade, but is that anointed? Is that going to change this generation? Is that going to touch the heart of God? I think this is a really timely word. Thank you for sharing. If I never got to sing in front of another group of people I would be okay with that. If I never got to sing in front of God, I would be devastated.
    #HeartCalledMinistries #GodFirst

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