Given some recent events that are making national headlines, I feel compelled to share a dream I had in 2015 in which I had an open vision of the coming days. The weight of it’s message was clear and I believe we are getting closer and closer to a shift we could never imagine and a reality we’ve never known.

I was walking down a road with many people. All of the sudden behind my right shoulder, a huge golden beam of light from the heavens shone down and began to move across the sky in front of me from right to left. It was massive, and it was evident it was not man-made but from another realm. It began to engulf everything it touched.

At the same time, I looked up to my right and in the skies was a huge screen that opened up in front of me. On it I saw a map of the world. It was as if I was seeing and experiencing this phenomenon from two different dimensions. I saw this all-encompassing golden light start at the eastern part of the map near Australia and it began to slowly move west across the entire globe. The light filled the entire sky and was full of glory and power. It seemed to move across the center of the map, touching different countries at varying degrees. I knew that what I was seeing and experiencing was global and affecting everyone everywhere.

I heard myself shouting “It’s happening! It’s happening!” and my heart began to race with excitement. This light was multi-dimensional. It not only went across the surface of the earth but went underneath in varying degrees of color and richness. The deeper it penetrated, the deeper its color and impact. It was powerful, distinct, and moved with ultimate authority.

I was immediately overwhelmed with joy and awe and fell to my knees as I realized the immensity of what was happening. I cried out, “It’s a sign! Get ready!” I knew it was the weight of His glory covering the earth. Yet, even as I was filled with wonder and awe I could sense the fear around me, the uncertainty of what was taking place. Though half of the people were caught up in worship and adoration, the other half were on their knees in absolute terror. As people looked up, dazed and in shock of what was taking place, I shouted out without hesitation, “It’s coming! Yes!” I could see that for those who were not ready, it was bringing dread and fear. But, for those who believed…it was going to be AWESOME!!

I realized then that THE FEAR OF THE LORD WAS COMING IN GREAT GLORY AND POWER and everything in its path was going to be affected. Depending on the state of each one’s heart, this move would bring either worship and awe, or fear and dread. 

This dream not only signaled a charge on my life to sound an alarm to the Church, but fueled my passion to call us up higher in holiness so that we can see the Lord in His fullness (Heb 12:14). I see the Bridegroom, the Captain of the Hosts, standing in the heavens with fire in His eyes as He looks upon the earth. His heart BURNS with fierce love for His Bride and His absolute determination to cover the earth with the knowledge of His Father’s glory. He sees the sin, the compromise, the lack of holiness and righteousness – IN THE CHURCH! It is the zeal of the Lord that will compel Him to come in an unprecedented move of the Spirit which will carry the fear and terror of the Lord in such great power and presence that EVERYONE will fall to their knees.

“There they are in great terror, for God is with the generation of the righteous.” (Ps 14:5 ESV)

This is a move of the Spirit that will utterly change everything and everyone in such a way, we will no longer do life as we did before.

It will be a wake-up call, demonstrating the reality of HIS kingdom authority and power. It will not be like any other past moves of the Holy Spirit. It will not limit itself to a few hungry souls, but will permeate and saturate all in its path. He is set on revealing the full weight of His Father’s love, power, and holiness in order to energize and empower His Bride for the work ahead. This move will destroy all double-mindedness, self-righteousness, greed, pride, and self-promotion. This move will cleanse us, refine us, purify us, and deliver us from the evil one’s deception and trickery. It will expose those who are right with God and those who are not. It will shine the light in the darkness and all the rats and rodents of wickedness in high places will be scrambling for protection, only to find they have been utterly unseated and undone.

This move of the Fear and terror of the Lord will turn things inside-out and upside-down, for THE RULES WILL CHANGE. It will no longer be the kingdoms of this world that will determine the course of history, but the kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! His ultimate authority as King of the earth will be made manifest and those who serve Him out of a pure heart will be given even greater access, favor, and heavenly authority to rule in the midst of His enemies (Psalm 110:1-2)! That which was by faith will now be made visible and heaven’s justice will be executed on the earth as He makes our enemies His footstool. But, it will not come without cost.

Things that are taking place, even now, should serve as a reminder that NO ONE IS EXEMPT from trial, hardship, or pain. Being a follower of Christ does not guarantee an easy road or carefree journey (Matt 5:44-45). Those who are selling that kind of walk are peddlers and fools. The only “safe” place on this side of heaven is to be under the shelter of the Most High God (Psalm 91). The access to that place is through righteousness and a holy life. There are no short cuts. It is only as we rightly fear the Lord that we are kept from the enemy’s hold and assured of a righteous reward.

“Who is the man who fears the Lord? Him will he instruct in the way that he should choose. His soul shall abide in well-being, and his offspring shall inherit the land. The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant.” (Ps 25:12-14 ESV)

We must be prepared. When this move comes – will we be on our knees in worship, or on our knees in terror? Will we rejoice at the tangible presence of His power and glory or will we tremble in fear due to the sin and compromise in our lives? Now is the time to turn away from excuses and apathy. Now is the time to embrace the cross and lay down any sense of entitlement to our lives. The Father is calling for absolute obedience, surrender, and holiness. There are no grey areas in His presence. He is about to burn up all His enemies and utterly consume the lies, the strongholds, and the idolatry that is poisoning the Church.

There will be no doubt when this move comes and none will be able to deny His presence. The only question will be if we are ready. Pray that the Fear of the Lord would grip our hearts, even now, and draw us closer to His throne of grace so we can worship Him in awe and trembling at His glorious coming.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Amen and Amen! Bring it Lord! Your Love, Wisdom and Guidance through Holy Spirit will lead us through every situation and opposition! Thx, Wanda for your obedience in hearing and sharing Truth!

  2. I witness with your vision, Wanda. For the last 30 years the Lord has been downloading as time has gone on, detail after detail, from the base up, the structure of the end time Church. Some of it I have been posting on the Linked-in and Bebee formats. It has also been described in book form, and on video’s on You Tube. I can see from the responses, even with an on-going invitation to discuss the biblical truths presented, and every one of them is biblically based, so it is not my truth’s but the Lord’s, that it has been falling on deaf ears.
    I even got to the extent of asking the Lord why He had shared all of this with me, making point after point so that it becomes a coherent whole.
    The point is to come to understand that the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit ARE LOVE, and they long to pour this out on all of creation.
    So just one of the things that Church has to do is to change the King James English, in terms of believers, what was translated as fear, should have been translated as REVERENTIAL AWE, and from there a relationship of love flowing both ways becomes possible.
    But that was 1611, I suppose, and translators did not understand a lot of things.

  3. None of things we are asked to do in the scriptures are possible, except in a constant flowing of love, between God and ourselves, and ourselves and ourselves. The blockages to that have to be removed, and they are basic changes, and people do not easily handle that depth of change.
    Yes, Wanda, your vision encompasses everything, with His light pouring down in the manner you have described, the changes are going to massive, for believers and unbelievers.
    God the Father help us all to handle the coming changes, through Jesus, and flowing of the Holy Spirit.

    During a night vision in the midst of spiritual warfare a number of years ago I heard the Lord say, “The Church will be singing the “Song of Moses, and the Song of the Lamb” when Jesus comes back for his bride.
    In Revelation 15 the saints are singing this song as victory song before the Lord. I believe this will be a BATTLE SONG, sung by the church here on earth before it’s sung as a VICTORY SONG in heaven.
    After much study, I’ve come to believe that the “Song of Moses” equates to the “FEAR OF THE LORD.” Those who “Fear the Lord” also Love the Lord. The “Fear of the Lord” rules over and casts out all other fear.
    I believe this combined “Song” is a ministry of the Lord flowing from Heaven like two streams becoming “one stream” to his church while on earth. Jesus in coming back for a united Bride. Doctrine, theology, signs and wonders will not unite us, but His Presence poured out upon His Church in this Heavenly Ministry called “The Song of Moses, and the Song of the Lamb” will unite His Church as One.
    The “Fear of the Lord” will keep our way straight enabling us to walk in all His Holy Power while we pour out our lives in LOVE, just as the LAMB our Lord Jesus.

  5. Dear Lord,
    I have lost my way into the darkness. I cant sense or hear you. I have wandered off and I am long way from home. I am disconnected and I aimlessly going nowhere. I have cried out to you. I have repented. I have fasted. I have prayed. But I cant hear or understand your response. I received you at 5 and now I have lost my identity. You created me. You formed me. The bitterness turned into anger. My heart has been bleeding for years. I am numb. Lord you made it clear to Apostle Paul on damascus road. Make it clear to me Lord. I want to come home. I want to be your daughter and not your foe. Deliver me from this deceitful heart of mines. Deliver me from my childhood wounds. Deliver me from witchcraft (mind controlling spirits) You are True Light. Shine in me and through me. Restore my mind and my life. I want to be a servant of yours and a better mother. I have failed my kids so many times. Lord I need your precious blood to cover me and release me from this prison (being held captive in my mind). My kids deserve the best version of me. I forsake this evil pathway of darkness. You created me to live in you and through you. Lord nothing is too hard for you. I am asking you. You are all I have. Lord Jesus Christ turn my life around for your GLORY. I dont know how I actually got here but I am here and I need your Holy Ghost Power to fall fresh on me and shift my mindset to yours Jesus Christ. Even when I try to pray or worship I feel so dry. I want to be on fire for your Kingdom. The Kingdom Of God. I need your love so I can spread love. I dont want to be a hypocrite but actually living a believers life even behind closed doors. Lord please please please release me from the grip of the enemy and mysel and pour out your spirit on me and my children.

  6. This vision is thrilling. I have been praying lately asking the Lord to “shake it up, shake it all up. Shake it up in the UK and the whole world” It cannot go on with such complacency and flatness, but a change is needed to power and energise the new heart and spirit in each member of His Body. That change can only come from the Lord the creator of heaven and earth. I am waiting to see how He will Shake it Up and bring in a new and original move of power through the Holy Spirit.

  7. Last week, after reading about your 2015 vision, at our church we were treated with an incredible presentation by the youth of our church. They had just returned from “camp” on a different island. The previous summer when they had returned from camp, we saw a video of lots of games, bon fires and some beach activities. I was totally not prepared for what had happened this time. They had done a LOT of community work this time — everything from weed-wacking and painting facilities at a public park, restoring a fish pond, planting loi, interacting with the community to learn more about our Hawaiian culture and so much more. They had many GOD-encounters on the trip and many, if not all, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They returned ON-FIRE!! Their worship emanated from new hearts that had met the Living GOD. They were eager to share their stories with anyone who would listen and most of us were eager to hear. These are youth who previously had been somewhat self-centered and seemingly uninterested in worship and “bored” with Biblical messages. On-fire would not have come close to describing their relationships with our Precious Savior. That all changed DRAMATICALLY at camp.
    The reason i have gone into great detail is because as i was experiencing GOD’s presence and pleasure as these young people shared with great enthusiasm, i saw this as manifestation of His glory. GOD was literally radiating life through our youth. I got the impression that the glory we are going to see is people, especially young people, truly quickened in amazing supernatural ways — radiating and imparting GOD’s presence to those around them. Our little body of believers truly came alive as the youth shared — shared their testimonies, shared the hope and shared the hugs that flowed from their transformation.
    Sometimes we are looking for some “unusual” phenomenon and yet WE are the Light of and to the world.
    Our whole church is different. A whole different level of unity, bonding and caring has been initiated, as well as a new receptivity to things of Holy Spirit. It could have been said that EVEN IN SUNDAY SERVICES, we once were dead and now we are ALIVE in CHRIST! HALLELUJAH! May the glory of GOD continue to ignite and encourage others to SHINE!

  8. Dawn Latter and Lorraine We read the dream of Wanda and felt it was “spot on” . We had been praying ourselves for this “Great Awakening” to happen sooner rather than later for not only the US but the nations of the world. We are crying out for the out pouring the the Holy Spirit to touch all the people groups to open up eyes and ears to bring them to right alignment with the Father’s Kingdom purposes in the earth. Thanks for
    sending the dream Wanda received from the Lord, it is the first time we have read that prophetic word to come forth.

  9. Wanda, thank you for sharing this dream. I am sharing a link to a song, “ Reality” from our Intercessory Worship tribe. I don’t believe it is about rapture but about what your dream is conveying.
    Thank you for all you bring to the table. Love your new book. So good.

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