“You speak of ALIGNMENT, and I tell you – It is the FREQUENCY OF MY SPIRIT that I am aligning my Church to. I am FINE-TUNING you to be clear RECEIVERS of all I want to pour out in you and through you. The increased hunger in your heart and the deeper sense of My Presence is preparing you and tuning you to My distinct frequency. But, you must listen for it – and adjust to it, in order to open wide the portals of glory.
Even now, heaven is practicing for you. Can you hear it? You must tune in to My frequency in order to hear this NEW SONG. You must make the choice to ebb and flow in order to come into alignment with My frequency of sound and song. You will know it is Me when it bears the weight of My glory and rest. It is while you worship and wait that this sound is the clearest.
I call you as INSTRUMENTS of RIGHTEOUSNESS. I have been preparing you, even stretching you, in order to carry the song to be poured out. When new strings are put on an instrument, they need to be stretched before they will stay in tune.  YOU ARE BEING STRETCHED in order to be finely tuned – and stay in tune. This is not to frustrate or discourage, but to prepare you for the Song you will carry from heaven. 
Yes, you are my instruments that Heavens song will be sung through! It’s the song of deliverance, freedom, life, and liberty. It’s a song that is of a higher realm.  But, you must adjust the settings of your heart to perceive it. Listen. Stay alert. Adjust your ear and bend your heart in order to remain a CLEAR CHANNEL for My Spirit to flow. It will take practice. It will require flexibility. You cannot plan or predict how you will hear this sound, for the airways are constantly moving and changing. Yet, if you choose to RECOGNIZE MY SOUND and come into agreement, you will begin to receive an increase of My glory and My Presence.
Allow for this time of being stretched and tuned. Practice by being in My Presence. The sound of heaven is about to be heard and my instruments of righteousness are about to play the song that all eternity has been preparing for.”  

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Yes and amen! Stretching and fine-tuning, indeed. And, on our end, finding the optimum position for clear reception. Sometimes a slight adjustment in the position or location of the “receiver” will result in greater clarity.

  2. Yes and Amen! YHVH I ask for an increase in my spiritual and physical senses to know and hear You, The Sound.

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