One of our intercessors at Intercessors for America sent us this dream a few days ago and we believe it is a call to pray for President Trump as he continues to confront corruption and evil intent in the high places of our government.

In the dream, this intercessor saw President Trump preparing to speak at an event and waiting inside the house of a woman who was down-trodden and poor. Parts of this house were being remodeled as it was in shambles. The room he sat in wasn’t being fixed up and was horrible and dirty.

In the dream, this intercessor began to clean out the trash in a corner of the room when she found a “slipper” – a “house shoe.” It was torn from top to bottom and smelled awful. When she looked inside, there was flesh still in it and it looked like someone pulled their foot out, leaving their flesh behind. There were maggots crawling all over it. “In disgust, I threw it down hurriedly and it flipped toward the feet of the President. I ran over and got it and threw it outside and away from him. During this entire ordeal, President Trump was sitting alone in that room reading a paper and did not seem to be affected by any of this.”

We ask you to pray into this as the Holy Spirit reveals God’s purposes. I would propose to you that the symbolism in the dream represents the “swamp” that Trump is trying to clean out. The “house” that he is waiting in refers to the underlying structures of the “swamp.” The “flesh” found inside this “house shoe” could represent those sin and flesh issues that have made this place of government corrupt, thus drawing evil forces (“maggots”). Those who have served in this place have left a stench that needs to be cleared out.
Of even greater concern is the fact that these “house slippers” tried to get on President Trump. I believe this is the focus of our prayers. We know a tactic of the enemy is to find a weakness or crack in someone’s armor in order to attack and take hold. We must pray for President Trump to strengthen his own heart and soul in order to deflect any attempt of the enemy to take hold of him and cause him to “slip” in his walk. We must also pray that he becomes aware of these spiritual attacks and not dismiss them prematurely (in the dream he was alone and totally unaware of what was happening). The fact that Trump was even willing to sit in this crumbling house is telling.
Realizing that this can all be subjective in nature, we ask that you simply pray into this and ask the Lord to reveal His purposes in this regard. We know that President Trump needs prayer. We know that God is cleaning “house” and that enemy forces are seeking to devour and destroy us. I encourage you to use these scriptures to lift up our president and those he works with in this season of clean-up:

  • Pray that President Trump would be aware of the enemy’s schemes (Rom 16:17-18, 2 Cor 2:11; 11:3-4).
  • Pray that President Trump would put on the armor of God to withstand enemy attack (Eph 6:10-20, 2 Pet 1:2-4).
  • Pray that President Trump would not be swayed by flattering or deceitful schemes (2 Pet 2:3, Rom 16:17-18).
  • Pray for those around President Trump to rightly watch out for him and stand with him (Prov 4:23, Matt 26:39-41).
  • Pray for the Trump household, that God’s presence would overshadow relationships and family connections (Prov 4:23, 1 Cor 13:4-8, Col 3:12-14).
  • Bless the Lord for the work He is doing in cleaning out corruption in high places (2 Chron 19:7, Is 61:8, Rom 2:8-11).

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Wanda, I read this dream account last evening and also the proposed interpretation, and while the interpretation APPEARS valid based on what we know, I would like to share what I believe that this dream speaks to. In the past few weeks/months I have had several dreamlike encounters with THE LORD, and in them, I saw myself, I am a woman (in the natural). In these encounters, THE LORD showed me that as a woman/interccessor, I represented the church ( the Bride ), I believe that the house, in major disrepair, represents the church, some of it is being renovated/rehabbed, but much is left in disrepair and filthy ( filthy rags), the president is in a room of this “house” that the rehabbers haven’t gotten to yet, but the interccessor is there with him, starting the cleaning of this room.. He is sitting, at a table, reading and unconcerned with his surroundings. She is concerned and begins to sweep (praying) this room, she starts in a corner ( in the natural, when cleaning a room we start in a corner and move into the room, we don’t start in the middle), in her “sweeping” she sees a “house shoe “, it’s nasty and defiled with rotting flesh it stinks and the maggots ( hatched from flies – the enemies – demonic ) . The house shoe, identifies this house (the church) and it’s walk. The embedded rotting flesh that is defiled with maggots speaks to the “past walk” of the church…as flesh dies and purtrifies it stinks and falls apart and it it is to be thrown (cast off ) away. This casting away speaks of separating from ” the old, dead ways of walking” , yet, it’s flipped towards the president, but the interccessor grabs it and throws it away, before it can ” touch” the president, to defile him. GOD IS CLEANING UP HIS HOUSE, the president APPEARS “unconcerned and continues with his assignment, NOT aware of what is going, because, THIS IS NOT HIS FIGHT, HIS ASSIGNMENT IS NOT TO CLEAN UP THE CHURCH, THAT IS OUR ( THE BRIDES) ASSIGNMENT, AND THE WATCHMEN, THE INTERCESSORS ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE.

    1. Carol – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. While I totally agree about the reality of the Church, our responsibility to clean things up, and the intercessor’s part in that – I don’t see any specific markers in the dream that would point to the Church as the primary focus point. The house in the dream doesn’t really point to either the Church or even the government – it’s simply a house structure. That’s why I was careful to say it represented the “swamp,” which could indicate the swamp in both the Church and government. The fact is that there is no clear marker to say for sure, and for the sake of integrity, I don’t want to go beyond what the Lord is showing. If anything, my first thought was the House of Representatives (something I included in my first version, but later took out because it was more of a hunch than a clear word). Regardless, I believe the prayer needs we are both seeing are valid. Thank you for your insights and considerations – bless you as you continue to follow Holy Spirit in how He is directing you to pray!

  2. Wanda, just a thought. Perhaps the house slipper represents the “House” of Representatives that will try to restrain the work of the President. This midterm election is very important and the corruption in the House is very important regarding the ability of the President to accomplish his agenda. House slippers are those “slippery” folks…anyway, blessings on your work.

    1. Thanks, John. I actually included that thought in my first version of this (which Charisma is posting online!) I took it out later because it was more of a hunch than a clear focus. But, yes, this is a very real possibility!

  3. Having read Carol Bryson above I will not relate my take as it would,in all practical aspects, repeat her thoughts. I have, for a while been hearing references to the Mary and Martha story and we ‘the bride’ are faced with the choice to ‘busy ourselves’ with what we ‘see’ needs doing or to hear our Bridegroom Lord calling us to sit at his feet while He ‘puts things in order’ The paradigm has shifted!!

  4. Pride goeth before the”slip” and at the outset of DJT coming on the scene the caution given was as it was with Israel, so much winning made them proud of heart. He must be clothed forever in humility as with a garment. The humble seek the Lord from within and do not rely on blessings heaped upon from without. Surrounded with godly council/counsel but seeking and finding first and foremost the Counselor and Teacher, Advocate and Friend. It is not the outside that defilement but what is on the inside.

  5. Maybe the President needs divine discernment to see the rest of the swamp. Some of the swamp can be very familiar things around him and he might need supernatural discernment. It is like a smoker who cannot smell the horrible stench of smoke on his own clothes. Lord give President Trump eyes to see what You see and Your hatred for all of it. Give him Your wisdom how to tackle the rest of the swamp and do a God given clean up in Washington DC. We apply the precious blood of Jesus Christ over all of the areas that have already been cleaned up. Move Holy Spirit into areas of our government that have yet to be cleansed. In Jesus name, we dig up the fallow ground of all underling wickedness in our government. When Your time is right Lord, send President Trump into these wicked areas with Your powerful anointing upon him to do Your will, plans and purposes through him and others that You have delegated. We ask all these prayers, in Jesus name. Amen

  6. Maggots eat infection! Could be a sign that they are eating the infections that have invaded the souls of the corrupt government! Thus turning them to GOD ALMIGHTY! Opening their eyes to what the devil has done through them!😔

  7. God bless the President and Family may the Holy Spirit intervenes and guide our leaders in the right direction.

  8. My sense in this dream is based on the action of the intercessor cleaning out the trash and protecting the President from the infested slipper – the burden is on the intercessors to keep on praying and speaking God’s protection to our President as he goes about his many duties. We can pray according to Job 5:12-15 that “He frustrates the devises of the crafty so that their hands cannot carry out their plans. He catches the wise in their own craftiness and the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them. They meet with darkness in the daytime, and grope at noontime as in the night. But He saves the needy from the sword, from the mouth of the mighty, and from thirdhand. so the poor have hope, and injustice shuts her mouth.” And from Job 12:21, 22 – “He…disarms the mighty. He uncovers deep things out of darkness.” May He, in His great mercy, accomplish this in these days.

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