I recently completed a short sabbatical in which I took time away from social media, ministry assignments, and church involvement. It was a great time of reflection, refreshment, and rebooting for the season ahead. As a way to start engaging with Facebook followers again, I posted a video which highlighted some of the things the Lord revealed to me during the break. Some of them I’ve hinted at in some of my recent blogs and other things I saved to share in video form.
In this short clip I share some thoughts that may give you a different perspective on what God is doing in the lives of believers as well as the national collective. I address God’s timing versus our own, how Religious Spirits are leading us into self-deception, how God is revealing Himself through Trump, and how the power of redemption is about to manifest. We’ve been praying for the fear of the Lord to fall, and it is. But, it’s going to confront the believer before it faces the lost.
We are in a great time of transition. I am experiencing this personally which I share at the beginning of the clip. Some of you might be able to relate if you have felt dry or ineffective in a ministry or assignment that used to bring life. God is preparing us for the days ahead by handing out new assignments, instilling new gift sets, and issuing new commissions. He is changing things up to keep us fresh and totally dependent on Him. I pray we recognize what He is doing, embrace the change, and enjoy the ride!
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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us Wanda. Thank you for being sensitive to His desire and ways. John the Baptist knew that reduction is the way to Gods best. “ He must increase but I must decrease “. “ Before honor comes humility “. The call to come up higher quite often comes with qualifications. God will never reveal Himself to the casual passer by. G.A.K.

  2. Thank you Wanda for sharing this with us. It would seem you are being refined and sharpened internally as well to be on the “ cutting edge ‘ of His thoughts and feelings and how He desires to move and speak to the ear of the learned. The call to come up higher follows: “He must increase but I must decrease “. I’m glad you obeyed the call. Blessings and Honor upon you and your house. G.A.K.

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  3. Wanda, Thank you for your obedience and humility to share this with us. I have been going through an intense battle since the beginning of the year and shame has been a big part of it. I needed to hear what you shared here. Thanks again for your openness in this video! I really appreciate it. Be strengthened against all attempts of the enemy to try to undermine what you have shared here. It was necessary for many to hear. Blessings! Vince
    Thanks and Abundant blessings!
    Vince Viozzi “Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.” Prov. 37:5 ________________________________

    1. Thanks so much Wanda for sharing! The phrase
      “a rise in self deception” leaped out at me. Our enemy is a master deceiver. It is no wonder that any activity, even God relevant activity, can and will be used against us. Nothing should supersede our knowing of Christ! In knowing Him, the evidence should be a transformation of heart and thought to His eternal purposes and intent. Christianity has in many ways become an outward simulated activity without hearts being possessed by the Lord Himself. May the Holy Spirit continue to guard our hearts from this. God bless you for sharing 💞

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