Last night I woke up weeping for the lost. In my dream I had come to a street where a section of the sidewalk was lined with small miniature sports memorabilia placed there as a memorial for someone who had died. My spirit was immediately moved and I knelt down crying for the lost soul it represented. I felt deeply for this one who had given their life to worldly pursuits and idols without knowing Kingdom realities. They simply had not heard.
Then, I saw people quickly begin to gather around this same place, taking up their positions as if on cue. Men and women, each wearing plain nondescript clothing, each gathering around this same spot and beginning to pray. They knew they were called and it was their time. I could tell the woman in front of me saw me weeping. I knew her heart was fixed on me. She saw the burden I was carrying and was praying for me, just as much as for the cause I was drawn to. I woke up crying, still moved with compassion for those who do not know…
This past weekend at our church we had an evangelist come and minister powerfully to our people. He taught on the power of the Holy Spirit and the great need to share Christ with others. After preaching on the power of God’s Word to heal, he began to pray, and numerous people were touched and healed of various sicknesses and symptoms. At the end he prayed for everyone to receive the same boldness and confidence he had in praying for others. His passion to represent Christ and make Him known was tangible. I personally felt the Spirit of God touch me and I began to shake with the passion and zeal of the Lord.
He had shared with me earlier his sense that God was releasing the evangelists in this hour to not only pray for salvations, but to stir the body of Christ to reach the lost. My dream seemed to confirm this reality as I have never considered myself evangelistic or carried that level of concern for the lost. To drive the point home, my young adult son had a similar dream on the same night. He saw a stadium filled with people mourning the loss of many who had not known Christ. He saw many young people “falling through the cracks” as they were climbing walls of cables, searching for power but going nowhere.
I believe the Lord is inviting us to pray for the lost, as well as pray for those who carry this evangelistic mandate. As five-fold ministers, they are called of the Lord to impart this same grace upon believers to carry the Fathers heart and compassion for those who may be storing up worldly treasures but are losing their souls. The harvest is ripe and workers are needed. Just as many are being called up to duty as evangelists, so are the watchmen who are needed to stand in the gap and pray for this great commission to be fulfilled.

Evangelists, arise! This is your time and this is your hour to release the grace that is upon you. Your zeal for the Lord and for the lost is needed to awaken hearts and bring the dead back to life. Watchmen, get to your posts! If you are being called up, get into position. Open your eyes and look around. Watch and see who it is the Lord is putting right in front of you to pray for. You may not be seen in the natural, but heaven knows your name and is calling on your intercession to lift up those who are ministering in God’s grace to this generation of wandering prodigals.
Pray for one another that this world may know Christ and the power of His resurrection. Pray that we might respond quickly to the promptings of the Spirit and pay attention to where heaven is moving and God’s Spirit is stirring. Pray that our eyes would be open to see the need, the desperation, and the longing for redemption. Pray that no more would die without hearing the truth that can set them free.
The Father’s heart has been stirred. The evangelists are being called up. Watchmen, join in and take your positions. The harvest is waiting as heaven is about to be revealed.

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (Rom 10:1 ESV)

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I read your dream account concerning watchmen and evangelists and my spirit so quickened I felt I needed to share my heart. I pray you will pray over what I’m going to share and impart some guidance and insight to me if God so leads. Twenty years ago I had a dream and it is as vivid today as it was then. I dreamed I went to heaven. The first two people I saw was my daddy and my grandmother. I knew it was them even though they did not look like they did on earth. They were glorified, shining with a pure brilliancy I cannot describe. We embraced one another so happy to see each other and then I said to them that I needed to see Jesus. In the next moment I was in His presence. The same pure brilliancy radiated from Him.The love and safety I felt in His presence made me never want to leave. All I could do was fall on my face weeping, saying thank you over and over. Then I heard these words from Jesus, “Pam, it’s time for you to go back.” I began to weep and say please don’t make me go back. I feel so loved and safe here. Then He said again, ‘Pam, it’s time for you to go back but I want you to think about all those who do not know.’”
    For twenty years this has burned inside of me. Please help me to understand what He is saying to me if you discern anything. I’ve experienced many dreams and visions and long to be around those who could interpret but when I read the words you wrote “those who do not know” I decided God has opened up the door for me to reach out and that is what I’m doing.
    May God continue to bless you and use you, His vessel, for His glory.
    Pamela Bland

    1. Pamela – What a powerfully wonderful dream encounter you had! All I can say is that, Yes, He has called you and gifted you to intercede for the lost and be a light in the dark. How that looks I don’t know, but rest assured His grace is there for you. As I shared in the article, “look who is directly in front of you” and pray for them. You don’t need to search. They are right there. Just start. Keep loving Him and loving others. Follow His heart inside of you and He will establish your steps. Blessings to you!

      1. Thank you for replying and your encouragement. I will continue to press on and run the race He has called me to.

  2. My heart had been moved by this dream. I know there is but one Spirit. I’m
    Called to the ministry of Intercession and my passion is for the lost. God’s will be done, thy kingdom come in the earth as it is in Heaven in Jesus Name

  3. I saw young men in their white shirts and black pants walking, assumed they were on a mission trip for their organization. I said to my adult daughter, “how could they not know the deception in this day of communication?” My daughter said, “how could they know if they have never been told?”

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