“I see the chaos, the darkness, and the uprising of evil on the earth. Not only do I see it, but I am allowing it. I hear your prayers and am answering them. But, before the fullness of My presence and glory can be seen, darkness must be fully realized so that all can know the power of My redemption and restoration.
Many do not yet comprehend the depths of wickedness in high places. Many do not fully understand that which is unseen and that which is of the higher realm. Even many of My leaders have doubted the realities of man’s wickedness and have denied My Truth. Without the eyes of My Spirit, flesh judges with partiality, bias, and a man-centered empathy that has no power to transform.
I am revealing the underside of the Beast and all that has been stirring for generations. That which he has conjured and plotted will be manifest for all to see. That which has been devised in the pits of hell will be exposed for what it truly is. No doubt will remain.
Do not despair and do not be anxious. You must remain steadfast in prayer but also look to My Spirit with which to rightly discern what is true and what is false. Your flesh is unable to access the wisdom needed and the foresight necessary to stand against the onslaughts that are yet coming. You must be seated in the high places with Me if you are to have accurate vision and focused strategy.
Things are never as they appear. The great deception has blinded many to that which is happening behind closed doors and in the side halls of justice. The plans I am unfolding go beyond the systems of man and the ways of the earth. For I aim to bring My justice and righteousness which can only be served from My throne. True justice can only come from Me. All else will fail.
I am using man in this redemption process. I am using those whom the world has rejected and the Church has criticized. I am breaking barriers of Religion and Pride and offending those who mock Me. My heart is mercy but my eyes are fire. I am not slow as some consider, but am steering all that is taking place so that all will see Me and know Me, not only as Redeemer, but as Everlasting, from whom all right judgments come.
Stand firm. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in needless battles on the adversary’s battleground or in endless red tape in the court rooms. Make it your aim to enter My throne room, for it is here that your authority is secure and unchallenged. The enemy has no access here.
Do not fight as the world fights. Do not enter into meaningless disputes and arguments that have no end. Stay grounded in the Living Word and move with My Spirit. Things are changing and will continue to swirl and twirl. Only those who walk by My Spirit will stay grounded in the whirlwinds to come.
I am here, and yet to come. I am with you, yet long to be closer still. I am on the move but am drawing you now to be one with Me in order to be one with each other. I do not need an army. I need My Body which is the rising Ekklesia on the earth. It is your oneness of heart and spirit that grants you the authority to speak My Word and break the barriers of resistance. Walk together. Speak together. Pray together.
The UPRISING has begun.”  

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


8 Responses

  1. Without a doubt, I receive this 100% strong and certain Word of the Lord. Hallelujah, Jesus! Lord, You are faithful to give significant confirmation of what You are doing time and time again.
    God bless you, and I thank you, Wanda. Your faithfulness to share what Holy Spirit is speaking blesses and inspires me to come back and stay consistent in sharing and not holding back. Not long ago, He spoke this to me almost exactly. I was struck and stopped in my tracks when He said to me, ‘As dark as it seems, it’s going to get darker…’ and He continued with this word of His justice and the keys of the body…I need to confess I have been discouraged and held back the hard things. I understand, and again repent of that. He has never held back from me. I ask the Lord for His grace and mercy to restart and continue, regardless of the difficulties and the cost. I thank God and pray for you and thank you, again. He who has promised is FAITHFUL. Bless and bless you. The Lord says, The Generals of the Faith are coming together. Come and be a part of what I am doing. Jesus. I am undone by Him today. So be it.

    1. Jill, thank you so much for your confirming words and heartfelt response. Truly, I couldn’t have shared this had I not been in fellowship before the throne. I have had to fight for this, recently. You are not alone! We are all feeling the intensity of the oppressive spiritual regimes at work and must encourage one another to contend for His presence. Blessings!!

  2. May we shine so brightly as the stars in the (blackness) of the universe, holding out the Word of Life to all – that all may come to our Great KING!!!
    Thank you very dearly Wanda for your Faithful Word!

  3. I recognise this as a timely word of the Lord and one also for me. Although the political left is allying itself with evil, there is a danger in seeing this as a left-right battle rather than as a spiritual battle between of the kingdoms of good and evil.

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