For those who are concerned with the increasing hostility against this president and the threats of impeachment, the Lord has a word for us.
I was perusing our local paper this weekend and had just read an article about two elected officials going on a campaign to cheer on the impeachment process. My heart became burdened with the obvious vitriol being raised against President Trump and the aggressive attack against his assignment. Immediately my gaze was taken to a headline right below it:
It was an unusual story about a Yak that escaped its owner’s truck headed to the butcher, only to be struck down by a car hours later. The Lord immediately spoke to my spirit and said, “This is a picture of what will happen to this demonic pursuit of impeachment…”
“For those who incessantly YAK (speak gibberish) about this president and My purposes in this hour, there is coming an appointed time for their demise. They will realize the punishment that awaits them and they will try to avoid the inevitable by running, hiding, or diverting attention elsewhere. In a panic to flee their fate, an unexpected turn of events will STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS and bring an end to their demonic pursuit. There will be no life left in their agenda and the carcass of their rebellious reign will be laid to rest.”

Do not pay attention to the headlines or the seeming momentum in this worthless cause. Their fate already awaits them and there will be no escaping it. Justice in this case will not be brought about by man, but will be served by the Lord Himself, and all will understand the severity of HIS cause.

“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before you. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.” (Deuteronomy 28:7)

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. The Holy Spirit has been telling me exactly the same thing.
    I can see how the Lord speaks through His prophets, and you are one of those who hears correctly.
    Thank you for sharing what the Lord has been telling you.
    If you want to be further encouraged then listen to these prophecies from as early as 2007 and 2014. It confirms what you have prophesied as well.
    This has been very encouraging to me today!

  2. Brilliant! Thank you Lord, thank you for executing justice upon your elected president, President Donald Trump. The wicked agenda of the Liberal establishment brought to nought, amen and amen!
    Let us all stand together for the same Justice to prevail in the UK where the Liberal agenda is to bring down Prime Minister Johnson who is God’s appointed leader tasked by the Lord to bring the UK out of the dreaded European Union on the 31st of Oct. Pray that their schemes and wicked ploys be brought to nought

  3. I felt the Lord say the same then saw a clomment from Iranian officer that they would capture the President. Again realizing the enemy is aware of the defeat but persists. So we seek the Father daily.
    I appreciate the scriptural reminder since our childre
    n are under attack.

  4. Dear Wanda I´ve been following you for almost two years. Your articles are so inspiring, annoited and speak profoundly to me. Concerning to this one about the demonic agenda of impeachment against your president that will be struck down by the Lord, may I ask you to give a word from the Lord for my president, Bolsonaro, here in Brazil. His opposition is huge from the corrupt judges of the Supreme Court, from all the main Media, from the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. They sabotage all President´s plans, pursecute all the membes of his family with false accusations , his ministers suffer opposition and persecution. The church has prayed, the fighting has been fierce… President Bolsonaro cries in his room in the middle of the nights, not to mention 4 surgeries he has undergone after his sttabing before the election to kill him… The church has prayed for him, for his government as never before. He is Lord´s chosen one to change Brazil, he loves Jesus, he against abortion, destruction of the family and our children by the homossexuality domination…. We need a word from the Lord in this anguish moment. Please, pray for him and if the Lord gives you a word, please post it. Love Sandra Ramalho ________________________________

    1. Dear Sandra, my heart aches for you as I feel your pain, your anguish… We live in such horrible times when the opposition to what is good seems so strong and fierce, But, we know what side we are on, we know who wins in the end and we also know that our God reigns supreme, I personally got so excited when I found out about Pres. Bolsonaro election, and let us rejoice in that amazing victory, amen! God has not abandoned His plans for Brazil, He loves Brazil and He will make a way where there seems to be no way…
      No doubt you read my plea in these comments for the UK at this time, it’s a similar scenario. My country Zimbabwe, is worse now then its ever been, people are literally dying of starvation whilst the president and his aides fly around the world spending millions of dollars…

    2. Sandra – Thank you so much for your support, prayers, and encouragement! We stand with our Brazilian brothers and sisters for God’s overriding purposes to be fulfilled, for the Church to be strengthened, and the fear of the Lord to overshadow your nation, to the glory of God.

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