Many of the battles we are facing today, both personal and corporate, are the result of a limitation of Holy Spirit’s presence and power. The politically-correct spirit is the world’s version of a Religious Spirit and it seeks to kill any authentic Spirit-directed initiative or agenda. It uses threats, accusations, and twisted truths to try and disqualify any work of God-ordained reformation or supernatural transformation on the earth.

The Religious Spirit in the Church seeks to discredit anyone or anything that has the mark of supernatural intervention or inspired revelation. It, too, uses manipulation of ideas and distorted realities to confuse people and rob them of true spiritual power. If we can see past the smokescreen and understand heaven’s purposes, we can stand strong in the face of seeming defeat and remain steadfast when things get tough.

1 Corinthians 2:14 states that the flesh cannot access the things of the Spirit because they are foolishness to the natural man. Apart from the Spirit of God, nothing that originates from His Kingdom will make sense! The enemy knows that if we access the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, he will be exposed for what he is – a fraud, a liar, and a charlatan. If he can get us to focus on what we see and hear in the natural, he can stir up doubt, unbelief, and even cynicism against the things of God. If he can keep us from operating and walking in the power of Holy Spirit, he can continue his assault on heaven’s agenda and limit our influence and authority.

I believe our greatest strategy in overcoming this attack against the work of Holy Spirit is to PRAY IN THE SPIRIT. This is the best way to bypass our human reasoning and any demonic interference and go directly to the throne with God’s will.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints. (Ephesians 6:17-18 ESV)

We are being told that the sword is OF THE SPIRIT; therefore, we must pray IN THE SPIRIT when we hold it. The Word of God is not of the flesh. It was born of the Spirit. Therefore, we must put on our spiritual armor and pray in the Spirit in order to disable the demonic assault on the King’s advance. Notice, too, the goal of our prayers – ONE ANOTHER! Rather than warring against the devil, we are supposed to be praying for each other to STAND STRONG and NOT GIVE UP! Rather than getting distracted by all the brush fires he keeps starting, we are supposed to lift one another up to the throne of grace to receive strength, courage, and the boldness needed to not retreat.

I believe I am like many other parents warring for their children and many other believers warring for this nation. The enemy is hitting below the belt and stirring up a ZEAL within the house of the Lord! Rather than giving in to hearsay and deceptive reports, I choose to stay in the Spirit and not yield him any ground. I’m not going to yell because he’s not worth my energy. But, I will raise my voice to heaven and speak the language of the Spirit so that the presence and power of the King will be felt! This is my watch and I will not let this low-level demon rob me of my inheritance or cheat me out of my legacy. I will not back down!

Perhaps things are intense because the enemy is on his last leg. Perhaps it gets the darkest before the morning light. All I know is that we have no other choice but to STAND, not give in, and yield continually to the Spirit of God. We must CONTEND for those who are lost. We must be STEADFAST in our prayers for this nation. We must not give up when the forecast looks cloudy. We must encourage one another and stir one another’s faith for GREATER THINGS. And, we must pursue the presence and power of the Holy Spirit as if our very life depended on it.

Stand strong on the promises of God. Take hold of any prophetic word spoken over you, your family, and this nation, and don’t back down. Worship and build up your spirit so that your spirit-man remains immovable in the face of adversity. Nothing is impossible with God. His Kingdom will never end, and it WILL be established. The enemy may think he is taking ground through his threats and manipulating schemes, but little does he realize how it is stirring up a ZEAL OF THE LORD within the saints to secure our inheritance and take the victor’s spoils.

It’s time to evict the devil from our homes, our communities, and this nation and claim ownership for the King’s domain. Regardless of how he came in, he is trespassing and it’s up to us to throw him out the door.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thanks for the word. It seemed this morning that I had family members who were so tired of the daily nonsense they face at work it is easier to give in and stay home with the “flu” or even a head cold. Now I wonder if they did need to just rest!
    We have been hit hard so it was such encouragement to know our weapon is our “tongue”.
    Have a great weekend..hugs

  2. Yes, so many of us parents waging war on behalf our young adult children these days. Thank you for this encouraging word, Wanda!

  3. God the Father has his arms around your son. I see little Red Riding Hood with her basket of good things on her arm for grandme.
    She is walking in the light even though she is walking through dense woods.
    Her innocence shines and she doesn’t know the danger awaiting. BUT the Father has an Angelic woodcutter that is headed her way and arrives in the nick of time.
    Our Father chooses to use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.
    Bless the Lord who reigns in Wisdom and in Power

  4. Wanda, This is impeccable timing for these words, I couldn’t agree more with what you have stated here in this article. I find hope and conviction in these words as the I listen what the Lord has been speaking and showing me. A lot of what you have stated here we’ve been enduring in this season. The word I get the most is this season is Be Still and know that I am your God (confirmation). The attacks are coming naturally and supernaturally against families, and you are correct if we can see past the smokescreen He will see us through to the victory.  I have been hiding under Psalm 91, even while I’m sleeping I am listening to His word. I found it so comforting last night as I tried this for the first time. I have read it out loud and played it over and over in my mind, last night I looked it up on you tube and it was a gift from Heaven. As I listened to it I just felt everything being lifted off me, I slept for the first time in a long over 7 hours. I can’t tell when I slept like that until last night, I let it resonate within me and found such comfort in the word. I am thankful for these emails and your post. Thank you Jesus for this good and faithful servant!❤️
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  5. I agree with this word about praying in the Spirit which basically, wielding the Word against the enemy, as the Spirit and the Word are one. Use His Word against tbe enemy to slay the plans of the enemy against our kivez and families. He is the spirit of Truth and Life, so when we pray according to His Word, we are speaking Truth and give Life to His will and purposes. The Spirit within us will pray His Word tbrough us if we yield to Him for that purpose. Yielding is key. Am so blessed by your blog and encourage you to endure.

  6. Wanda, that boy was “born of incorruptible seed”. You can put rebellion on it, heroin on it, sins internally or externally and it can’t tamper with the latent power of His Seed. Nothing can!!! “Trained up in the way he should go also” he can’t run ,hide , or ignore the training it’s in muscle memory and in his spirit. That Bread cast upon the waters of his life will return back after a season. Daughter of the Most High God you will see the prodigal return and in his right mind. Promise you we will tarry on this boy and the Holy Hounds of heaven will be searching him out. Pentecostal prayer don’t give up till they do. God’s gonna “put a hook in his jaw and lead him straight to the horns of the altar. “ “Behold the goodness and severity of The Lord.”… your son is Blood bought and Jesus said: “I haven’t lost any that The Father put in My Hands “… Like the dear old song states :What a mighty God we serve. Son if your reading this now you may as well put up the white flag and surrender in Jesus Name because nothing will ever satisfy your spirit like the Precious Son of God who had His Face and Body deformed so He could love you from the foundation of the world.

    1. George – Thank you SO much for your words of encouragement. I needed to hear that:-). Though I believe God’s promise for the end result, it’s hard to walk through the process. Your words touch a deep place in my spirit and I am strengthened. Blessings!

      1. Please lean upon His breast as John did and as you look into His Eyes .He will “ mirror “ what is before The Fathers Heart. Is it not by His nature and beauty to see that the laver “before the altar ” was created by the mirrors/ looking glasses of “ the women assembling “ which assembled at the door of the congregation ( Ex. 38:8). Laver ( Strongs 3595), was something round or excavated by boring to become a chasing dish for coals or a washing bowl. It was a highly polished plate of metal , brass. There is a company of women who are in serious fellowship in the Body of Christ who regularly “ supply that which lacketh “ often overlooked by those in authority. (Ex.40:30-32) states that Where it was set had significance and see Who used it Moses ( Prophet), Aaron ( Priest), and his sons ( Priesthood). Hands and feet were washed : no ministry can be touched with uncleanliness or not following hard in His footprints. The word for mirrors/ lookin glasses is ( Strongs 4759), it speaks of several things and one of them is “ visions”. And every reference to “ the sea of glass” follows Ex. 38:8, in Rev. 4:6&15:2. All prefaced by an invitation Rev.4:1&2: we know who the Door is (John10:9), the call is :”to come up higher” and visions follow. “ Immediately I was in The Spirit”. Thank you Wanda for the Seed He gives you and may you and that great company of prophetic Sisters continue to fall deeply in love with Him and share what you see come out of His precious Heart.

  7. Wanda, standing by faith in the Spirit with you for all things and for your sons return to his foundations. It is a smoke screen, a mirage, a lie from the adversary. It will not stand but we will! Aaron and Hur!

  8. So good and yes I feel like my children are all being taken out by the enemy. I feel as if I have prayed, declared, interceded in everyway I know how. Thank you for this encouragement. AT one point I felt the Holy Spirit told me to sing in the Spirit. I would sit on my kids beds and sing in the spirit. It was if a hush would fill the room (although I was already home alone) and the angels would come.
    ….and I will continue! Plus I am now praying for you and yours also.

    1. You want to know what else that little bugger gets you to believe? He makes you think that your heavenly language is not real and uneffective so you don’t use it.

  9. I stand with you & claim victory over your family. Thank you for your passion & encouragement. I love every article you write! You are an inspiration to me. Thanks again!

  10. I have gone through a battle for my youngest daughter. I didn’t know how to do warfare like I do now, but God delivered her from satan’s strong holds. She is now born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and working for a well known ministry. God is faithful. I will stand with you for the return of your son into the fold once again.

  11. Amen. I believe soo much in praying in the Spirit. I pray in the Spirit for an hr when I first wake up every day and throughout the day. Why, because I was taught to do that. Very few pastors today teach you how to pray in the Spirit Especially in New England. I am thankful that I was taught well from Bro Copeland.
    Praying in the Spirit gives you wusdom, direction and insight.
    Thank you for addressing this Wanda
    Praying for you.

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