Dear friends and followers,
I wanted to take this opportunity to share some personal updates as well as prayer requests as we head into this new year. Though I will be releasing some prophetic insights for 2020 later this week, I wanted to write to those of you who have been faithfully following my blog.
Your words of encouragement and support in recent months – and years – have been extremely meaningful to me and has often given me the confidence to continue writing and producing content. My greatest desire has been to empower and equip believers to be not only effective intercessors, but Kingdom representatives with legitimate spiritual authority to bring supernatural transformation to the earth. Your continued engagement and interaction with my words and articles indicate that the Lord is, indeed, using this blog to accomplish His purposes. Thank you for your interest and support!
2020 is a critical year and one in which I have been given some specific mandates from the Lord as a writer, intercessor, and prophetic voice to the Church. New opportunities have been presented to me and it will require more prayer support, more focused attention, and increased wisdom in stewarding all that is before me. I would greatly value and appreciate your prayers and support as I prepare for what is ahead:
MOVING FROM SWORD TO SCEPTER – Book release on February 18
Moving From Sword to Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God is more than a book – it’s an in-depth leadership manual and detailed prayer guide to help establish the House of the Mountain of the Lord in this next decade. Please pray that word would spread about this resource and that it would accomplish its intended purpose. For those who follow my blog, I will be offering a special pre-release offer in late January. I will be sending further details about this book in coming weeks with a preview of the content and outline of all the chapters. Be watching for this and encourage others to follow this blog to receive exclusive offers not available elsewhere.
To enhance the teaching and training in my book, I have produced a companion 12-session video series that will be a great tool for small group study. Each video covers a chapter in the book and is 15-20 minutes long. I share background information and personal application for each chapter and lead you in applying the principles in both prayer and practice. Please pray for the  production and marketing of this resource. Pray that prayer and study groups across the nation (and other nations!) would get a vision for using this tool.
I am beginning to receive invitations to speak in other communities as well as be interviewed on various television and cable programs. I was recently in Florida taping for The Prophetic Edge with Larry Sparks (publisher for Destiny Image) which will be aired sometime next year. It was an incredible experience and opportunity to connect with numerous other prophetic voices in the nation. I am also being considered for several other highly visible programs familiar to many in the Charismatic stream. Please pray for wisdom in accepting these invitations. Pray that the Lord would have the final say in where I go and who I connect with. Though visibility is good in terms of marketing, it is of greater importance to me to be in perfect alignment with the Father’s purposes.
I have been extremely blessed to work with IFA over the past few years. The ministry’s platform has increased exponentially this past year and we see continued growth in this next year as the election comes closer. Some of you found my blog because of IFA (and vice versa) and there has been mutual benefit all around. (For those not yet following IFA, I write 3 articles a week for “The Church Engaged” portion of our weekly email alerts.  You can join our free Mailing List by clicking on Join Our List HERE). I am often pulled, however, in trying to balance my writing responsibilities for them in addition to writing for this blog and keeping up with my growing Facebook pages.  Pray that I might stay within God’s boundaries of grace in this next season and not write out of either obligation or personal ambition. Success can be a monster to steward. Pray that I might have the wisdom to know when to “go” and when to “stop” – and that my focus would be clear.
In order to make my growing library of resources available and easily accessed, I am in the process of updating this blog site. My youngest son is a social media marketing entrepreneur and is designing a new site that will enable me to offer books, videos, and other upcoming resources directly from me. It will also make it much easier to access the many free materials I already offer, in addition to many of the YouTube videos I’ve made over the years.  I am on a deadline, however, with my current WordPress subscription coming to an end in this next week. Pray that the new site can be finalized in this next week or two! (In case we miss a deadline and this site goes offline for a few days, it will only be temporary – stay posted!)
In the past, I have avoided asking for financial support on any of my writing platforms. The fact is, there has been little expense in maintaining this blog and producing the content. However, that is rapidly changing. The new blog site will require higher monthly fees and thus far, I have invested close to $8,000 in writing my book and producing the new video series. Though I am extremely grateful to the Lord for enabling my husband and I to do this without going into debt, I am praying to recoup this fairly quickly so I can continue to invest in future projects and expand our reach. I also believe the Lord wants me to travel more this next year and it will require financial provision, as well. I only suggest this since several people have inquired lately and I believe the Lord has laid it on several hearts to give in this way. There is absolutely no expectation or obligation – only as the Lord prompts!
My new blog site will make it easy to give in this way, but until it is up and running, I wanted to give you a way to contribute if you feel so led. For now, you can go to our church website and give a one-time tax-exempt gift online: CROSSROADS COMMUNITY CHURCH. (Look on the right-hand side of the page for the “Quick Give” option). If you prefer to send a check, you can contact our church office for details (540-722-4370).
Some of you might have picked up from one of my recent blogs, my prayer burden for one of my sons who is not currently walking with the Lord. This has been a constant weight in my spirit and ongoing challenge to my own faith. Though I stand firm in the Lord’s purposes and plans for him, it takes intentional effort to focus my energies elsewhere. Please pray that I might walk in peace of heart and mind in order to keep my eyes fixed on the race set before me. I know many of you can relate to this struggle for our sons and daughters. I choose to thank God for this battle, knowing that He will use all of it for His glory and my sons intended blessing.
Lastly, I want to acknowledge the incredible blessing and favor of the Lord that has been evident on my life this past year. I am seeing some personal prophetic words from ten years ago come to fruition in recent months. I am amazed at the convergence of times and seasons and how the Lord makes a way where I previously saw none. I am continually humbled at His promotion and stirred by His constant presence. In some ways my flesh is tired and ready to go on a long vacation. But my spirit is being surprised and inspired by all that lies ahead.
There is much yet to do in “making His Bride ready” and I pray that I can be up to the task in doing my part. Thank you, again, for your support, prayers, and ongoing engagement. I pray we will see greater fruit in this coming year and be in greater wonder and awe as heaven draws closer to earth and His Kingdom comes.
In gratitude and love,

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you, Wanda, for all you are doing…all the Lord is doing through you. He blesses me greatly through you and your writings. I pray for you daily and appreciate all your hard work, willingness, being the sweet fragrance of Christ in pouring into us what the Lord is saying and showing you. I count it a privilege to be on your Knee Team in praying for all that is ahead for you as you press on in doing His work! The Lord bless you and keep you as He pours through you! blessings in Him, cindy

  2. I am thankful for all that you do in obedience to our Lord Jesus on behalf of His Bride, the Church. It is an honor to partner with you in prayer. I am believing for great favor, wisdom, and provision in all that concerns you in His Plan. Blessings ❤️

  3. Hi Wanda! Happy New Year and I’m excited about what God is doing for you in the future. Thank you for what you do for us. I’m going to go to your website and make a small donation because I definitely believe in what you’re doing.

    I am in full-time ministry and live totally by faith financially so I know how that feels but this is what I believe the Lord is saying to you:

    Do not shy away or be embarrassed or hold back if God is leading you to ask for support. The Bible is very clear about His ministers being taken care of. My mentor told me once that I was cheating people when I did not teach them about giving. Obviously, God will take care of your needs because you believe Him, but if he’s leading you to ask and receive, then do it boldly and in the receiving spirit of the Lord. You give a lot of wisdom to the body on a deep level. I pray God will fill your financial needs to overflowing in perfect peace and rest!

    If you didn’t need to hear this, no problem. Just be blessed!


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  4. Thank you for the increase in my work of praying without ceasing as I glean from your fields.
    Regarding the times with Love’s banner going before

  5. I felt the Spirit say to share the grief my daughter shared over the loss of any concern, from her point of view, over “CHRISTIANS” and the church. She has a deaf son? Who has Behavior issues but also has a gifted daughter. Neither are accepted by the church nor much of society. It’s more than easy to even say, “if God loved me, us, then this wouldn’t have happened. Or, why doesn’t He heal, deliver, restore.” So you Christian’s are full of deceit. Don’t talk to me about Good when every day is a struggle.
    Its painful to hear the bitterness. Yet there are 70,000 handicapped children in our county that receive no support spiritually.
    I personally am anticipating this year of the Third Great Awakening for ALL

  6. Wanda, I am excited about all the Lord has planned for you in the coming year. You have blessed so many of us with your teachings, humility and encouragement to continue praying and believing. Thanks for all you do for the Body of Christ. Thank you for who you are, an example of excellence devoted to the Lord, not marketing. May He continue to expand your audience and influence. I will be praying for you. Love, Patty

  7. I have recently come to know you in your writings and appreciate your wisdom, love clarity and humility. I understand the personal prayers and pray for strength for you in Him. Thank you. As One.

  8. Thank you Wanda for your transparency and humility in sharing with us your prayers for us yo be joining with you..we’re believing for all you have asked us to intercede on your behalf..I have been so blessed by your writing and look forward to the new book – Moving from Sword to Scepter..just the name gave me hope as we endeavor to be obedient to Holy Spirit in 2020 as ever before ..thank you again..Joyce

  9. When I signed up for your news letter I wasn’t fast enough to add you to my contacts. would you please give me this info so I can add to my contacts?

    Thank you 😊
    Cathy Johnson

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