As this new year begins, I want to share not just a prophetic word, but a charge given by the Spirit of God to the Church. This charge is one in which we must pray and partner with the Lord if it is to come to pass. It is not automatic, nor is it without cost. As with most prophetic words given, WE are the ones that will determine the outcome and the fruit of that which the Lord shows us. WE are the ones that must obey His voice and follow His lead if we are to fulfill the promise and see His word established.

This charge I give you first came to me over two years ago in a powerful dream and has been growing in my spirit with increasing intensity. I believe it is a charge that will require time to fulfill. That is why I believe it is a charge for this next decade and not just this next year. Even so, this coming year of 2020 has significant potential to ignite a move of the Spirit that will propel us forward and empower us to fulfill this charge from heaven over the next decade.

In recent months the Holy Spirit has continually shown me the numbers “222” in various forms. Though numerous prophetic voices, including myself, have previously addressed these numbers and spoken of alignment and particular corresponding Scriptures, this last month the Lord brought back the primary passage He highlighted to me two years ago, Isaiah 2:2.

It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains and shall be lifted up above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it.

In this coming election year, though the mountain of government will be critical to the success of fulfilling our ultimate commission on the earth, we must specifically focus our prayers and energies on establishing the MOUNTAIN OF THE HOUSE OF THE LORD above all other mountains. It is only from THIS place in the spirit where the rising Ekklesia of God will have legitimate Kingdom rule and authority to direct heaven’s purposes on the earth. It is only from THIS place where we will find the unity of heart and mind needed to rule AS ONE. It is only from THIS place where we will have access to supernatural insight, heavenly wisdom, and the needed protection from demonic principalities and powers. The Mountain of the Lord is above all other mountains. It is on this mountain where God’s House rests – and His house is a House of Prayer.

The night vision I had over two years ago gave a detailed and parabolic understanding of the Lord’s charge concerning this mountain. Though I describe this more thoroughly in my upcoming book, “Moving from the Sword to the Scepter” (releasing February 18), I was shown the Lion of Judah standing before this mountain stripped of His mane, looking into a fountain that was dry. The place was desolate because Man had driven the Lion away, causing there to be a drought of Living Water, void of the Fear of the Lord.

Though the mountain was solid rock, a passageway was soon opened by One who was made of the same substance of the mountain. Through this opening I was brought deep within its core. Four goblets were thrown to each corner of this hidden place and I knew it was a place of COMMUNION, and a CONVERGENCE of times and seasons. I was given a hymnal from which to sing and began to sing in an unknown language. I was then met by another One from this mountain. He was Spirit and fluid, leading us in this worship that could only be accessed by a higher realm. I realized Man was standing beside me, trying to sing along, but could not join in due to his flesh. The worship and communion here were only for those who followed the Spirit and had surrendered any claim to power or fleshly ambition .
As I stood in this place and engaged in this communion of the Spirit, I knew I was hidden from the enemy outside, inaccessible to the darkness and surrounding evils. I knew this place was preparing us for what was beyond. It was only in this place that we could find the depth of unity and the wisdom of Spirit that would enable us to overcome that which was threatening this place of ultimate rule and authority. Our communion and worship were filling us with everything we needed to deal with the threats, bring the Lion back, and establish the King’s rightful reign.

Though there is yet much to be explored in this revelation, I believe the Lord is reminding us of THIS mountain and the absolute necessity to establish HIS HOUSE before attempting to take any other. Especially as the election draws closer and more attention is focused on the mountain of government, we must first establish God’s government which is beyond any political party, national platform, or godly candidate. Kingdom rule is a spiritual reality that is only available to those who have learned to rule from the Mountain of the Lord and engage in the worship and communion of the Spirit. We must take seriously this charge and not presume God’s intentions.

As calls go out this year to pray, we must certainly respond and take part. But even more importantly, we must do so together. We must repent for our rebellion against the Lion and man’s defiance to His presence. We must repent for allowing the Fountain of the Lord to go dry and the Fear of the Lord to be absent (see Proverbs 14:27). We must declare that there is only ONE WAY into the presence of the Lord and that is through the Solid Rock who made the way possible. We must determine to be led of the Spirit and not the flesh, regardless of our human reasoning. And, as we become one with The Rock, we must be reconciled to one another so that our worship is full, and our communion is complete.

Though this is a spiritual reality, we will see the tangible fruit if we persist. That which is done in the secret place through corporate alignment and agreement will cause this entire mountain to be lifted high above all the other mountains and NATIONS will come to it, looking for answers.

ISAIAH 2:2 is the charge for 2020 and beyond. Listen to the Spirit of the Lord and align your own heart and actions to come into this mountain and find your place in the crevices of His presence. Go beyond your own understanding and activate the language of the Spirit to declare forth His purposes. Determine to establish this place of prayer and call for the Lion’s return. As we do so together, there will be a seismic shift in the atmosphere and all the earth will know it. The river will flow once again and the roar of the Lion will signal the return of the King.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Today, the Lord spoke to my husband and I about establishing a house of prayer on our property. We went to this part of the property and dedicated it to the Lord for his purposes for now and future generations to come. I agree that now is the time, for the house of God will be known as a house of prayer for all Nations.

  2. HOW?
    How do you do that? To create House of Prayer on your property?
    What steps? What needs to be done inside of our own beings first? How do we dedicate and then follow through with the next step ( steps)?

  3. The Lord spoke to me 3 years ago that He wanted a house of prayer and worship established in the Johnstown, PA region, but it was not to be led by a specific church or person. I continued praying for further clarification. This past spring, He showed me that it wasn’t a physical house, but that the Body, His church, is to enter into praise and worship 24 hours a day.

  4. OH MY!! I have been asking the LORD in prayer and Spirit as He placed in my heart in the Summer of 2018 to bring a Revival over to my area. So I have been searching and asking people/ministers around here to use their property or help but to no avail. Until it hit me…the LORD has opened my eyes to search for my own land to use for His purposes! I was looking at flat or mountain top and asking the LORD, “where will He have me do this?”
    And as I am reading your article today…you Clearly, in bold & all caps stated THE MOUNTAIN OF THE HOUSE OF THE LORD! Amazing!!!
    I am going to pursue. Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit of God. I believe this is indeed a confirmation. Please keep me in prayer because I would LOVE to use this land SPECIFICALLY for inviting ministers from other places to come and speak!

    1. Amen, Cindy! May the Lord bless you as you seek His face for strategic timing, placement, and protocol. My new book addresses this further and will give you even more help and practical application:-).

      1. Oh great. Thank you Wanda for that tip on your book. I will get a hold of one as soon as possible. If you can give me a direct link to the book I will be glad to do so immediately.
        Thank you again!

        1. Nevermind, I clicked on your link up top for the book and Preordered! 🙂
          I will also keep you in Prayer for 2020 as the Lord leads.
          May HE bless you and keep you!

  5. I have printed and am in prayer and fasting am in consideration all that you have written as I believe the Lord would have me present it at our Community Prayer Watch. Quite a revelation, this word. The dry fountain grieved me deeply, yet I can see it, as well as the absence of the Fear of the Lord. My hope and prayer for our area is “…as we become one with The Rock, we must be reconciled to one another so that our worship is full, and our communion is complete.”
    I look forward to your book.

  6. Amen, Great Woman of God.
    Much confirmation in this message for myself. We have to stay in Tune, in alignment with God, moving upward with Gods Leading. Expecting to see great shifts in our communities and our nation.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings in Overflow
    Spirit of Shalom be upon you
    Elizabeth Roddam-Schearf

  7. Wanda, as I read this word I saw bark being peeled of of branches of a tree. Long thin strips were being pulled off and left exposed for all to see. I believe strongly that this year/ season is one of The Husbandmans pulling away the hard brittle dried out bark to show the beauty of the branch. I believe He wants to free/pull off that which is not according to His fashion or intent not so much soul ties but whats been put upon us by the flesh our own doing and religious systems. As He delivers He exposes the beauty. For we are His workmanship ( Greek for poetry) created in Him before the foundation of the world. As He lays bare He will clothe anew in righteousness created in His image after His likeness. I’m looking forward to this and to the fulfillment of your word which I esteem. George K.

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