Lessons from Trump’s Team: The Art of Presenting our Case

In watching Trump’s defense team this past Saturday, I’m struck with how closely it resembles a believers’ prayer life when dealing with a spiritual attack – especially a spirit of Accusation. How they are approaching this case and presenting evidence is an interesting parallel to how we as believers should deal with accusations, threats, and any other demonic attack of the enemy.

First of all, we must remember that the devil always takes the truth and twists it. He is a generalist and never points to anything specific that is legitimate or true. Rather, he speaks in veiled thoughts and feelings, presuming our guilt without ever examining the facts. The goal is to immediately condemn us and remove any cause for questioning his lies. That’s essentially what the House Democrats have done in presenting their “case” against President Trump.

The Truth, on the other hand, is specific, targeted, and concise. It puts things in context and sets things straight. Truth presents it’s case by reminding the court of what has already been written in the books. Drawing from that which has already been recorded as trustworthy, ethical, and legally binding, the Truth will always defend its case from a higher law and a higher truth, thus extinguishing the lies and nullifying any presumed guilt.

That’s exactly what Trump’s legal defense team is doing. Reminding the Senate of legally-binding House rules (which have been violated), constitutional due process (which has not taken place), and what the law states is fair and just in such a trial (which has been sidestepped), they are carefully and methodically exposing the deception and dismantling the arguments – one by one. Rather than reacting emotionally to assaults on character or threats of a hostile take-over, they are presenting their case with substantiated facts backed by valid documentation, reliable witnesses, and first-hand testimony. There is an almost tangible sense of clarity and confidence as they present their case, knowing that they have done their homework and have a clear conscience back by the Truth.

This is a beautiful picture of how we should “present our cases” in prayer and overturn the devils’ lies when under attack. When we come with a clear conscience, we can come with the same confidence, knowing that we are backed by heaven and the One who wrote the rules in the first place. We call upon the record and remind the court of what’s already been written in the Book. We recall past testimonies that have been issued on our behalf; prophetic words that have already been spoken and affirmed. And we appeal for justice according to the promises and purposes of God that have been forever documented in His Covenant (much like our Constitution). When we have presented a case in this matter, we can be assured – the truth will ALWAYS win.

Put me in remembrance; let us argue together; set forth your case, that you may be proved right. (Isaiah 43:26 ESV)

I’m continuing to pray for this defense team as they make their case. We are seeing spiritual principles played out on the world stage. Though the devil continues to blind his conspirators to what true justice looks like, I’m praying that those with eyes to see will recognize the lies, embrace the truth, and quickly conclude, “Case Dismissed!”

Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely. (Proverbs 28:5)

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