FREE PREVIEW of Chapter One: “THE CHURCH REVEALED – The Unexpected Trump Phenomenon”

This first chapter in “Moving from Sword to Scepter” lays the framework for why this training manual is so needed in this coming year. (Blog followers, this is a different preview from the one sent over the weekend!) The leadership within our government and within the Church is in desperate need of transformation. This can only happen when we get in agreement concerning the spiritual cancer that is killing us and the radical treatment that will be needed to restore us back to God’s original intent.

Government was God’s idea and until we come into unity about what that’s supposed to look like and how we are to function within it, we will continue to squabble over the wrong things and run in circles chasing our own tails. Many in the Church have yet to acknowledge the wickedness at work in the high places of our government and many more are blindly championing the wrong values out of their own personal wounds and disappointments in leadership.

Our spiritual authority to “rule in the midst of our enemies” (see Psalm 110:1-2) will only be legitimate when we agree on the right things and rise together as one united Body. As the Church, we must set the standard and set the pace. We are the only ones who can bring any lasting reformation to the eroded and corrupt systems of the world. We are the ones uniquely called, qualified, and authorized to bring the deliverance needed to the nations who are being taken hostage by anti-Christ forces.

I want to give you this first chapter so you can catch the vision for heaven’s message in the book. I hope you consider not only reading it for yourself, but going through it with a small group. Later this week, I will be sending you a free copy of SESSION 1 of the accompanying VIDEO SERIES. These twelve 20-minute sessions highlight each chapter and allow you as a small group to study and process this material together. With Prayer Guides at the end of each chapter, you can also pray through the points and begin to establish YOUR territory for Kingdom purposes.

My apologies to my blog followers – I accidentally sent you CHAPTER THREE over the weekend! But, my mistake is now your blessing as you have TWO free chapters of the book! Please read this Free Preview of CHAPTER ONE and pass it on to others!


I will be offering this book starting one week from today – MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10. For my international followers, you can purchase the Kindle version on February 18 (Amazon) and Paperback on February 21 through Amazon UK.

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