While watching the final vote in the Impeachment trial, the Fear of the Lord came upon me and I heard this message from heaven’s court:

That which was rendered today has been recorded on high. Those who spoke their judgments against My choice have sealed their own fate. Their verbal assent has rendered them guilty of rebellion and insurrection and the consequences will be of their own doing.

Know that in this day, the words you speak carry weight in the spirit and draw their own power. By your judgments you will be writing your own future and determining that which comes to you.

For one who spoke today, the spirit of Saul revealed itself. The man that many believed to be My hopes for this country in 2012 is now seen for his true nature. His verdict against the president of his own party now reveals the bitter root deep within his heart. Though he believes his intentions to be noble, his heart has been misdirected by his own insecurities and false religion. This is why I gave you four more years until I could bring another whose heart was made ready.

Just as David was a man of war set in place to establish My Kingdom reign, so is this one who now sits in the Oval Office. Though his path was rocky and his methods crude, his heart has been formed and his character even now being molded. Battling dark powers far worse than David ever saw, I am teaching him, and you, to rule in the midst of your enemies.

I say to discern wisely and render my decisions through prayers and intercession concerning the platforms of man that have been found wanting. The judgments of men are shallow, but My judgments are pure, full of wisdom and good fruit, bringing life and hope to all who live by them.

Even as the storms continue to rage and the waves seek to take you under, know that I have given you the authority needed to rise above them and stand with heaven. Declare the Throne’s edicts and be My ambassadors of true justice.

This is YOUR time. The fullness of My time has not yet come. YOU have been given all you need. I say to rise up and take your seats in heavenly places.

The Ekklesia of God is now in session.

God is using everything that is taking place to stir us, the Church, to action; both in our prayers as well as our engagement. In Isaiah 9:7, the prophet told us that the zeal of the Lord would be the driving force behind God’s government increasing on the earth. That which the enemy is doing should compel us to take our place as the Ekklesia of God and declare Kingdom authority “…with justice and righteousness from this time forth and forevermore.”

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