Even as the world shrinks back in fear from the Coronavirus, we as believers can model something different. Is our faith mere talk or does it have power? Wisdom teaches us appropriate protocols, but the power of Christ within us should demonstrate a life that has resurrection authority. Or is that just a sideline doctrine that has no substance?

Heaven is watching the Church to see how we will respond to this threat. There may be far greater threats in the days ahead and we must be ready. Our theological talking points will bear little weight if not backed by evidence of a supernatural God with authority over EVERY foe.

It is interesting that the word “corona” is a Latin word meaning “crown!” Could it be that this virus is actually an attack on our call to rule and reign with Christ!? We are described in Hebrews 2:7-8 as being crowned with glory and honor, putting EVERYTHING IN SUBJECTION underneath our feet! Are we doing that? Are we taking a stand as royal heirs of a supernatural Kingdom or are we wavering with the world?  

Our faith is being put to the test. Will God’s people be any different than the world? Will we rise up in health and hope to offer another solution to this threat? Will we testify to the goodness and grace of a healing God? Will our lives reflect a faith that is alive and active? Or will we join in the chorus of complaints and contradictions?

We are to be set apart for a reason. The world can offer only so much. In the end, it is only the power of Christ that can free us from the toxin of fear and the damage of disease. It is the people of God that have been commissioned as a royal priesthood to offer the ultimate solution to what ails us. I pray we are up to it.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Saints especially ministers (whom funding is low)
    and evangelists (whom are good in reaching out)
    should pray about being involved in food delivery.
    Two reasons:
    Food delivery is booming because people are staying
    home if they want restaurant foods. You are
    bounded to get a job easily. Just do not expect
    much more than minimum wage.
    The people whom want delivery are the most fearful
    of Coronvirus and most opened to hear the gospel.
    Let them see the peace of God in your hearts.
    Partner with prayer warriors to reach out to the

  2. There are many of us who work in food retail that have been passing along small wisdoms and being of practical good use with our cheer and friendly dispositions. We intend to carry on as we are not gifted with working from home …

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