On Friday, March 13, I woke up with the word, “RIOT FOR THE LORD!”

The word struck me as extreme and I hesitated to embrace it until I looked up the word “riot.” Though commonly understood as a “violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd,” the Lord was highlighting another usage. A riot is also “an impressively large or varied display of something.” In other words, it is the intense passion and conviction of a group of people that ultimately deems something a “riot.”

In Matthew 11:12 (ESV), Jesus stated that “…the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence (has been coming violently), and the violent take it by force.” In the context of the coronavirus threat, I believe the Lord is calling the Church to rise up in this hour with a “VIOLENT FAITH” that stops the enemy in his tracks. The “disturbance” we are creating through our passionate praise and our faith-backed prayers has power to destroy the works of the devil!

This past Sunday in our own small congregation, there arose a passionate zeal of the Lord in our worship that stirred our faith and confidence in God’s overriding purposes. A righteous indignation grew as we beheld His glory and confronted this curse which seeks a foothold in our nation. I believe this is what believers must continue to do if we are to see the tide turn. Regardless of our proximity to one another in the natural, our combined faith in God and oneness of heart and mind will be our primary vaccine against this demonic disease and our greatest weapon in nullifying its effects.

The second word, I received this morning (March 16). It is a reminder of God’s purposes beyond the coronavirus and the journey we now face towards a greater goal:


“This shaking is a stripping; a course correction for those who are called Mine. As My people are stripped of that which their flesh has depended on and looked to for comfort, so will I clothe them with heaven’s provision and presence. This stripping is not unto nakedness and shame, but unto throwing off that which has hindered your faith and trust in a supernatural God.”

“You have been covering yourselves with clothes made of the earth, sewn with dust, and void of power. You have begun to look to the earth for your protection and safety instead of Me. I long to clothe you with My Spirit from which heaven’s power and presence can flow. I am stripping My people of those comforts and conveniences that have become stumbling blocks, hindrances, and obstacles to My glory and power. Do not fear this stripping or resist the uncovering, for as the true nature of man is revealed, so will I reveal Myself through those whose lives have been laid bare.”

“The governments of the world and demons from hell may manipulate this stripping for their own purposes, but I tell you I have My own, and it is My purpose that will prevail if you yield to it. Do not debate the source or contemplate the plots for I use ALL things for My purposes when your hearts are yielded to mine. Do not allow the need for answers to rob you of the treasure hidden in the wilderness.

Do you think My arm is short or My vision blurred? Am I fumbling the ball from the deceptive plays of My enemies? I tell you I laugh! Little do they realize how I am using every demonic scheme from their playbook to embolden a people that will RISE UP and reveal heaven! For it is My pleasure to prepare a people that are filled with power from on high that no power of hell can vanquish or sickness from the pit can overturn. It is My people who I am CLOTHING IN THE STRIPPING to manifest another Kingdom and another realm that can only be accessed by the Spirit of God.”

“It is the Mountain of the House of the Lord that I am establishing in this hour! It is MY House that is being built up in the inner courts of your homes and dwellings.  Seize this opportunity and use it to build up your faith, your worship, and your communion in the Spirit. For out of it, I am clothing My people in garments of praise and presence and restoring the true Fear of the Lord that will displace every other fear.”

“Praise Me in the stripping, for that which has been covering you in comfort and convenience must be laid aside to reveal an inner WELLSPRING of LIFE that earth can never produce but heaven will never deny.”

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. We are moving forward and we who seek the WORD of the Lord will have Peace, knowing we have the assurance of Jesus with us, fear is wide spread, I have been Praying for Peace as we so need it, I myself am confident to face whatever comes my way, through Jesus all things are acomplished, the Sword to Scepter is an amazing book really enjoying reading it. God Bless Wanda.

  2. Amen and again I say AMEN. Let His will be done. Indeed all things work for the good of those who love Him.

  3. Thank you for sharing this confirming and encouraging word from Him. He said at the end of the age, His Angels would separate wheat and tares. That process is now beginning.

  4. Yes! These words are so timely, and right in line with what I hear the Lord speaking. This is a word He gave me yesterday while several of us were in prayer for the corona virus situation at the Nevada House of Prayer in Reno. March 16, 2020
    I’m calling my bride to come away with me for one month. The social distancing that is being called for is a reflection of what I’m calling forth for my bride for the next month. Set aside this coming month, March 16 – April 16th as a time to come into the bridal chamber and isolate yourself with Me, My beloved. This is the month of Passover. As the Angel of Death passed over all who would sequester themselves in their homes and put the blood of a lamb on the door posts and lintel, so I’m calling you to sequester yourself with Me until the Passover feast has ended (sundown on April 16th). If you will do this, you will come forth in the fullness and maturity of all that I intend for you. As the Israelites left Egypt the next morning and headed into the desert, so when you come out from this sequestering the world will be a different place than you have known before. As the Israelites walked out of the known into the unknown, so will you go forth. But they did not go forth empty handed. As the Egyptians sent the Israelites out with untold riches, gold and silver because of the favor God had given them, so the Lord is saying to his bride, come and plunder Me. Take all that I have. I freely give you the riches of My Kingdom for your adornment and the wealth of My Spirit to carry out all that I have ordained for you to do upon the earth in the coming days. When you leave my chamber you will walk in the fullness of the seven fold Spirit of God. You are the middle lamp in the menorah, the one through whom My Spirit flows, carrying the oil of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Power, Knowledge, and the Fear of the Lord! In this new world you will be the light on the hill that cannot be hidden! The world will need you as never before. You must be prepared to meet that need! You will be My glory carriers!
    *Exodus 12

    1. Interesting that PASSOVER is coming up.
      We are connected to an earlier event in Egypt that actually happened.
      And we are called to re-enact it albeit with good reason because of Wuhan virus.
      Praise the I AM and his timing.


  5. We also need to be praying that the despicable works of the evil ones, who abuse, sacrifice/ murder innocent children for their satanic rituals will be made known and justice will prevail.

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