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“I’m tired of politicians predicting my future!”

I shared this word on my Facebook page the other day and have received hundreds of comments from around the nation. Perhaps you can relate? We need to be praying for one another to stay “in faith” and not allow the voices of the day drown out God’s redemptive purposes in this crisis!

The Virginia governor declared yesterday that this pandemic is going to last not weeks, but months. He also declared that, due to the statistics everywhere else, we would most likely see a huge increase of depressions, alcoholism, and domestic violence as a result of how sick we’re going to get. Speaking in somber tones, there was no room for optimistic hope, only preparation for inevitable pain.

Then today I listen to New York’s governor citing the dramatic increase of the virus in his state and the deathly pattern he believes is being set for everyone else. Convinced that their traumatic experience is going to be repeated in every other city and state, he declares, “We are your future!”

Well, I refuse to listen to their predictions of impending calamity. These are men void of faith and the fear of the Lord. Though I don’t deny the painful realities experienced elsewhere, I will not allow their distressed prognosis to rob me of hope for something better. I will not entertain any predictions that water down my faith or drain me of my peace. I‘ve had a growing sense of breakthrough coming within just a few weeks and the media’s determination to drag us ever so slowly and painfully through the worst case scenarios is getting annoying.

The left is already attacking President Trump for suggesting today that this crisis might be over by Easter. Realizing the greater toll that long-term economic loss will have on Americans, Trump is doing all he can to get life back to normal as quickly as possible. He will always put the health and well-being of citizens first, but our President sees things from a higher perspective and refuses to let statistics determine our future.

The truth is, I believe Trump is actually highly prophetic and doesn’t even know it. He has often made bold declarations concerning the future while everyone else is listening to a different drum beat. But, he’s often right. I personally believe his prediction is inspired. I believe he operates in a gift of faith that many can’t even recognize.

He may not even know what he walks in, but President Trump is eternally optimistic, and right now, I’d rather embrace his prophetic hopes for our breakthrough than listen to the pathetic predictions of faithless men.

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Wanda Alger

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7 Responses

  1. Amen and Amen! Thank you for your word! Many, many, many prophetic words have been given and are being given with many messages, but also loud and clear is that the end is “sooner than we think!” I trust God and how He is speaking not only through the prophetic word, but how He is speaking through our President!

  2. I agree that President Trump does have prophetic under tones and when the left hears what he says attack even harder. but God has much more for him to do the virus is just the beginning for this year and God will get the victory.

  3. I too, have been aware of the prophetic working in and through our President. I agree he probably does not realize he has such a gift but neither did I realize the gift in me for many years even though I have been a believer in Christ since age 6. We need to prayerfully cover President Trump and ask God that this wonderful gift would be used to bless, edify, and encourage. Blessings, Wanda – I appreciate you!

  4. Yes and amen! This am, seeing some Scriptures about justice I realized that justice is a key value to our President. It figures into each decision he makes. One more thing to thank God about!

  5. Amen give Glory to God our Savior and He has everything in control, as always HIS plans are PERFECT Praise the Lord, as far as Politicians predicting our future I refuse to listen to it as we Have The Highest our Creator who will be sitting on His Throne, God Bless. and I believe President Trump is speaking Prophetic word’s of Peace and the love of God.

  6. Amen! Ps. Wanda you are so right, let’s be careful of what we listen to, making sure we only subject ourselves to what is edifying our spirit man, especially at a time like this when Satan is so fooling the world through the spirit of fear, bind that foul thing from coming against your life in Jesus Name!

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