Each day that passes feels more and more surreal. Though prophets and intercessors have always known “something big” was on the horizon, most have been caught off guard by the chain of events in recent weeks. We’ve gone from being relatively “normal” to being under house arrest (for all intents and purposes) in a very short time. Every day brings new realities that tell us we’ll probably never be the same again.

In the last few days, the Lord has taken me back to several dreams I had seven years ago. I actually started my blog in 2013 due to a season of intense dreams concerning the nation and the Church. With no national connections at that time or known prayer network close by, I simply began recording these dreams in hopes that someday they would make sense. Though few details were provided concerning any specific time frame, date, or event, it was clear that heaven was calling us to PREPARE FOR OUR FUTURE. Whether that time is now – I’ll let you decide…

(From “These Are the Days” – May 21, 2013)

My very first blog article was based on an intense dream where my husband, along with other pastors in our community, were being questioned by the authorities. It was a time of great testing and upheaval and the faith community was under a microscope:

“…they were lined up being inspected. When I came to my husband, Bobby, a pastor, he was drunk in the Spirit. He had been praying and worshiping and seemed overcome by God’s presence… as he continued to pray in the Spirit, the authorities saw that he was praying for the community. His prayer and worship seemed to be focused on serving others and seeking the Lord on their behalf… They were taken by this demonstration of God’s presence and let him go.”

“As we went to our house, I saw messages written all over the front. It was the WORD of God – black print on white paper – embedded into the door, entrance and front of the house. Bobby acknowledged its value and began to speak it. I saw another message underneath it. It was concealed but I knew it was there. It was a message about the blood of the Lamb, written on the doorpost. I fell down and began to weep and intercede. I was overcome by the power of it.”

As the dream continued, I was shown houses of worship where people had come together out of great concern for one another. Worship was no longer an option or personal pastime – it was a lifeline for survival. It was clear that circumstances had driven the Church “underground” (from house to house) in order to find strength and oneness of heart. I also noted how critical it was that pastors live in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit with a heart to serve their communities and not just grow their ministries. Their freedom and livelihood would depend on it.

(From “Are You Prepared for What’s Coming?” – July 31, 2013)

In this article I shared two different dreams, with the second one being extremely jolting. I was on a huge ship with other watchmen when, all the sudden, huge metal claws sunk their teeth into the ship and literally turned it upside down, throwing it back into the sea on its head.

“…though guards were posted to watch over the ship, something even larger and more powerful than the ship was able to sink its claws into it and lift it up out of the water. It happened so quickly that no one was ready for it. I had the feeling of being turned upside down and then thrown back into the water.  I woke up preparing to drown.”

“This nation is not the safe and secure anchor we once thought it was. Whatever is coming, the Lord is showing us the need to get ready, both personally and corporately as the Church… We may think we are “unsinkable” as a nation (the huge ship) but there are forces at work in the unseen realm that are working very diligently – and secretly – to overwhelm and overthrow us. We must pray in the Spirit in order to build up our faith as well as deepen our prayer life to detect the enemy’s advances and schemes.”

Though I didn’t write it in the original article, I wrote in my dream journal that the claws were like heavy yellow anchors – almost like tarnished gold. I now believe it was a reference to man-centered financial control or power. I also wrote that “…this enemy was smart and knew exactly when to strike.” I remember waking up feeling so small and helpless in the face of such power. Even so, I knew God was alerting us to prepare…

“Regardless of what change is coming, be it economic, political or even ground warfare, we must be prepared for it. When the ship does get turned upside down, there will be countless people looking for safety and refuge.  We must become a Church that learns to rest in His presence, humbling ourselves before His throne and living in the absolute confidence of His protection and His victory over every dark force. The world will ultimately depend on it.”

(From “Church is About to Change – Dramatically!“, March 24, 2014)

This is one of my most memorable dreams because I literally felt the wind swirl around me. I was in a huge cathedral-type structure sitting with some others preparing for a meeting when, suddenly, the entire church turns into a transformer! Yes, just like the movie.

“I looked upwards and saw overhanging arches in the ceiling begin to come apart and change direction. All around the upper corners I saw sections of the wall and ceiling come apart in clean and distinct fashion as if on cue. They were changing the entire shape of the structure and reconfiguring the essence of the building…My chair began to suddenly move upwards as if on a hydraulic lift. I had to hang on as my speed increased rapidly and I continued to hear the clicking and clanging noises of the transformation all around me. As I continued upwards I saw the building around me move downwards as I saw floor after floor pass beside me as it continued to shift and move…it felt like an enormous Ferris wheel ride!”

The overwhelming message was that the Church was going to undergo a sudden and dramatic transformation. This would not be a gradual process, but a “suddenly.” Religion as we have known it would change overnight! Indeed, corporate worship as we have known it has now changed dramatically and we are being forced to consider what it is we’re truly made of – apart from our buildings and platforms. We are being turned inside-out and upside-down in order to reveal our true purpose as God’s transformative agents.

Whether these dreams are pointing to our current situation or referencing things yet to come, God’s purposes are still the same. He has known these storms are coming. He has been preparing us for the tsunamis, the upheavals, and the take-overs. He has been equipping us to be His storm-troopers in order to confront the waves, the crashes, and the overhauls. It is all unto the greater goal of manifesting the King’s glory on the earth, with us as living demonstrations.

In the midst of the storms, God has been providing the keys to our success. It is our time in the secret place, our walk in the Spirit, and our faith in His Word that will not only get us through but bring us into a new era of Kingdom authority as sons and daughters. His protection and power have never been up for dispute. It is we, His people, who simply must start to walk in them.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


6 Responses

  1. The Lord shared this: You are looking at a “new normal”. It matters not what your income or social status is. Only those who are willing to “Follow ME” will be able to adjust to a world unrelated to that which you knew in the past.”
    HE has also shown me past experiences where we survived earthquake and lack of familiar things, but were abundantly cared for. Lack in this one instance was not having my favorite brand of coffee and complaining. I was required to repent and see how foolish that and similar issues had been.
    A “new normal” isn’t anything to be frightened about when we know it is NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

  2. Thank you so much, Wanda, for sharing!
    Your blogs and emails are a blessing and strategic for prayer. Thank you!

  3. Wow!!!! Yes does all of that speak to where we are now and of what is coming.
    Thank you Wanda for sharing and preparing us…the saints…THE EKKLESIA!
    Much love and I’ve been continuing to pray for you.
    Be blessed indeed

  4. Thank you, Wanda, for your emails and updates. I’m an American living in England (32 years) and currently work for one of the cathedrals here. My husband had a similar dream
    to your last one listed …except the pillars and the roof of the cathedral caved in with an almighty crash and a great river of water ( Holy Spirit wave) gushed forth from the high alter and basically, ‘took over’ the destruction. He managed to run out of the cathedral and observed this destruction. We are retiring in Aug. ‘20 and will be leaving the C of E church and it’s liberalism. Our hearts ache as we have devoted over 30 years to this institution. God bless you and say a little prayer for us….where we are to go and what we are to do. God has His plan …we just need to recognise it and be obedient. x

  5. Your dreams sound like what is happening today with all the changes in the church and our nation. Lord grant us Your strength and Your wisdom and Your understanding so we can all move in faith, even great faith for the future of the church and the nation.

  6. On 12-26,18 as I was dreaming, I heard my boss call me on the radio very distinctly, “Come back, we are going to start preparing for a 9.0 earthquake.” I decided from the details in the dream that it was regarding large churches that were about to be shaken up. I thought, this could be a good thing, and maybe God’s way of removing corruption… those mega churches that are out for profits and gains which choose to corrupt God’s word to achieve and maintain their status.

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